Subtitles for Rupak Kler - Senior Account Assistant @ Warner Music

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the with my bro
I wake with the marketing side
of the label so i
talk to them and we ate a lot
with the labeling day-to-day
basis about how
they are not spending within a
second project to initially said
our budget for the artist
and from that will move forward
and focus on a regular basis
to make sure that we're in line
and hit on girls society in my
and about two years ago has
weakened financial planning team
therefore Parlophone
and I was working on both a no
side on market in and
enemies into this role Atlantic
which is more marked in specific
say three most important skills
would be having a great
aspect with the labeled you need
to be able to you talk about
finance to non-financial people
and get their whole sided across
to have you on
Youth Initiative cuz it
sometimes you really put on your
and you have to be able to just
make decisions to say which ones
the best one to take right now
have some kind of financial
background Spurs could you need
to be able to you
understand the exiles and
systems in the program's
and summit technical language
it's great fun environment to be
in everyone's like minded in the
personal tesis fall into place
evil a really friendly
atmosphere in the company
I would say the best mimicry is
a file will be joining Atlantic
still got a great last day a lot
a lot it's not a big fan of so
it's great to work on stuff that
you actually
not I'm like the people that you
know all is that you actually
have a passion for you want to
see them succeed
this only once again using and
she now it's a know what exactly
you want to do
cuz a lot different light
departments which even I didn't
know about until I joined
so just investigate and see
exactly where the 12 way can
sink so brands
or finance will be in the
creative side of things

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We sat down with Rupak to learn all about her role as a Senior Account Assistant at record label Warner - and how you can land a job like hers!