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maybe you dreamed of being here for you
love being here but maybe now you want
to work here if you're thinking about a
career and arts administration we can
help you with the first steps
we're going to start by helping you
tailor your resume for a position in
arts administration your first thought
might be to format your resume in
chronological order but for this kind of
position you should really create a
skills-based resume take your most
relevant experiences unless those furs
so something like an art space
internship or a work study assignment
will go on the top of the list below
that you can list other working then the
work may not have been the interbase but
it will show some of your additional
skills if you had any leadership
positions in school clubs you want to
include those two where you put your
academic information is up to you
it can go before or after your work
just make sure you include the dates
you're in school you want to include
bullet points of each job volunteer
position for internship you've listed
just a few points outlining your
responsibilities for example my
responsibilities as the development
intern here at MTC included manning the
patron hotline and doing donor research
when you're applying for a position in
the artistic office like casting or
literary it's alright to include your
artistic experience you can let your
acting or directing work
just make sure it's not the main focus
remember this is an administrative
position if you want to tell them more
about your artistic experience you can
send in a separate artistic resume
it's alright to want the style of your
resume to stand out but make sure it's
easy to read and make sure there are no
titles or spelling states
finally save the resume as a PDF that
will help preserve the format i hope
these tips have been helpful be sure to
check out the rest of the videos in this

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If you're applying for an internship in arts administration, you should definitely watch this video for tips on writing an effective résumé.

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