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food the medical students from
various parts of the wounded
begun did you need to the
medical profession when do
formerly an early movie in the
National American University
College of Medicine
smartly attired in their white
Gautam that was cool
reciting the hypocritical the
thirty money was attended by
prominent citizens in the
including municipal have got to
keep Monday evening federal
speakers spoke volumes about the
school during the momentous
you have to tell me you know the
years getting those
busy and that is that the ghetto
minimum seven years although all
seventy years to all the time
to make lazy to make okay here
it easy
and me you and nice
reputed perspective about us in
the community
the president of the lieutenant
division thought too early to
consider the apparent
he says the school is the
reputable institution
babies are doing this morning
beautiful how does
the government was so much
locally so much support you
and the people of course are
more than
welcoming and more need and you
evidence me out going to almost
all day
million tonight that I his
barry's me with a comfortable
this is 10 his evil side is in
the media
mean if the heads up the keys
Monday he expresses government
support for the school
moon that the people in San you
very very very welcome
and very time welcome on the
on behalf of my government me
well completed
we welcome education to a
and we are the government its
our response Mitchell
these institutions a very high
standard gooden
homestand good a number of
students were recognized for
their outstanding achievements
for the vast away last master
the award goes to you and ash
I cashed schemes
he's a great person to great
friend of mine from gradually
video yester headed or a few
video yesterday headed or a few
became a good collective both
and to the that and 02
thank you thank you 160 if you
thought I knew that the
ver eighteens white coat
ceremony was held at came into a
hotel in your fault
death one column or it's the
eighth news-journal full

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Cladded in their white coats and stethoscope, 30 medical students began pursuing their dreams of becoming physicians, when they were formally enrolled at the International American University College Of Medicine (IAUCOM) during its18th White Coat ceremony, held at the Kimatri hotel, last Saturday.

The event which was truly a sight to behold was graced with the presence with officials of the school and prominent individuals in both the private and public sector, including Dr. Keith Mondesir, Minister of Health, Wellness, Family Affairs, National Mobilization, Human Services and Gender Relations.