Subtitles for Inventory Control Session at Super Barcode Training Camp

  Pause sub
how was the us
played by so always
your house measure while the
well review real simple thing
with I
stuff shows up style
please million this little up
here other 23
la LAA for the some help
a there
the not a word I
a place or
some my friends are the ones I
another lololol
here okay side
along the
like that mister is doctor
for me over we course harmonies
I the 1i will also a
production at work I'll got
good morning I'm wild bill
and Irene withdrawal
with lol for slower going on
here this is the man the show
I all and
I with markets K
either wholly or partly the last
this while solely I'll
with the whole room I
problem I I need to get some
you already have some
all and I'll happening
working-class lovely a
we start bill
it will believe you Brazil
I then as it with the nicest
process so stuffy hello world
you're right he said the that
were in her room
call the this loom
that works all the more a it
worse yes mister o'rourke
these I this a
a lot more produce is over here
a really up
really up
traveling I the ladies are
actions yeah I a la jolla is
go to lunch I yeah haha
a I work
I absolutely thrilled
I love with their worries the
the whole thing probably also or
I yeah tolliver and underneath
them all day who he is what he's
working on a home
said yeah and also know
for in mind
I I you know hello
this the world completed least
a lot of gold
we're gonna I leases of
it may be released in the house
wanna your release in now
loopholes I'll
thinking that production over in
another lot with the
so often we talk about yeah
are ruined
then back to work in process and
about this were is I was at home
sally was know what's going on
I'll it for this
a manufacturing worn on wall
or I right yeah
the like the old I go over
and this thing
we did we did you rupees
included with well with that
despite the wild bill that would
on the DS was the last night but
it wasn't long
I running know how long the
where's that whole that were
haha I actually possible
that were the fall that we're
all old believe
whose world right
prior so of a while
dollars well we're I will solve
this problem in the board I we
we have if we need more and do
we have any
this I'll with little
I with the animals by
the bus stop locations so I have
they have
loll his eyes full reside
like the old I a little
will be pesticides the city I
that I'll warehouse
were standard I al
we or this problem the I results
here maybe we hello his mall
location maybe
sized where standard package my
about weld wheels I for
Louis little less I as well
20 not on
all his own mind
these arce I belittles the cell
away I'll last way someone
you I'm in your email
the wind
is going well gold over you and
sale I
I a running out
a running out
I yeah
a or we'll I'll
we wouldn't normally this this
day with
I going back maybe well what is
our average
leave is producing room in the
back what is our apples
this I were I'm solely
we'll or I the incredible
to wall also see the hill
morally back to the
palm the information
I are world was really the about
world number little all that
every time
krueger's visible on the ever on
wallows lot over job route
wallows lot over the job route
overall day with your day as
yes day
users walls
I he will
is this these
I laws follow I lost
the pillow love these really
important world
I just love these obviously
I raises and is just because
I've got
I a law great I
a law great I
200 over here I hours of sleep
with your life absolutely we
love gold
low for well we have local
the cheese what he's being I
their a property this
the usual with I girl
your I
for let me know like this we
should be in the world
the lower house lot about modern
leave the
resetting them
hand I so the
over Seattle
per something that always little
Liam were the process
what we do this is the world
that blessed with this label
following all over the world
where the lol with word
aloe the bill we were afraid and
with a stripper pole we want our
the season long
a I'll all the world I
I'll all the world I
so that
merchandise comes through the
you well that we're live losses
I I it is NJ now
I it is NJ now
so is the you I
the sea were alive I'll or I
or sell is a weird is out of a
where it is I V stands out is
she says hi 40 legal at was
she says hi 40 legal at all was
girl a happy less a horribly
all up he had as
the they will sell okay lol
looks like this is frightening
is something we're manufacturing
were to lose likely all I
backward I you just have to see
it in a moment we'll get an
email saying
this all these well we've got
or is it lows of and the labor
in the bush people more
word remarkable
about billions i wanna talk
about what
the we do we saw little
the route weekend
you don't think that's weird we
think it's worth
but we think I solutions
all all I with some not all
row I'm not talking about ross
based on the specific model
you a
you currently will
blah blah blah I you got a row
were I you gotta sell yeah
the world got tableau I don't
I right love you
be valid the the eighty years
get on the internet eugenol I
%uh that all low
software stores all while or all
Louis I'll we think that
I'll I'll lolzz
what we do because the
browser-based we want to browse
that as is just about the
workers is
all over it
with a little more the week
goldie all all along with you
Honeywell love this is what you
choose got one
small 600 the mall
got home without a problem we've
got home
way to go
you we have only Cahill
they had the
i little brown this on wall
around I
a israel is the only
israel is the only
yes the I'll see what goes into
three hours
Google hermosillo someone
someone with great
a what's girl a hole after you're
what's girl a hole after you're
not up here
the believer in the hotel a
lol all the way back you know
its is with me for all
K the
design with a satellite you I
the here real I understand
all around this I really do a
or we will not
yes did you hear about us
selling service
a lot a was the meeting
we will well
we'll being like the you
I people I'm models I
calls we want everybody in the
what happened
%uh home
yes real I
nothing that we will low as we
ringleader that opened %uh is
called need to be on a while you
I I we shall with us all
I we shall with us all
yeah yeah I mean yeah only in
you got a sack nation I
you just gotta have house we
just held
warehouses bother way
this is my baby we have you
all small also Matthew the dude
I think it's been 20
all lo que hopefully I get these
a radio yeah
I alan was long as hell
nicely really believe we'll
those with brown eyes people old
inside the hole
people were all around
the morning I'll lies raising
hell we were on a browser-based
inside film or go out to the
choice all start looking at lapd
your phone calls this
all over the host lives with
this another almost all vital
she's won the first title
usually the speedo
we want
I'll you with all world news
with Diane
school that's another I'll well
we're all happy with it doesn't
really striking out
or the the loading but you know
we got this
tells us the last year hope you
all his cases were in the
over I
we call hey
we only have to settle this
Wallace William
for you comes right uses
a lot that's all we believe
a lot that's all we believe loopholes
yeah subtilis and
her you got any place that your
analysis and you've got a load
of crap even though
goals I'll
without knowing all
that makes generation model
police that
all in raises the walrus
the he was all the
simultaneously like you
morning a the
a this morning
recall real simultaneously as FF
legal information from the
health system with israel's
ray william Lewis Mark A
I no clue thank you goal
tomorrow that he'd be more about
so he got to the house Brazil
dollar at West heard with ticket
you want to live there
needed cells liable yes
following didn't worry this is
your guide to legally
pass out a lot all
bowled really well
the message relax
that shop
so this is something that you
know like to get into
a schools the whole formed
we've got some this morning that
platform this yeah
I'll be standing up
a is lows need humor you know
is lows need humor you know
probably the best thing about
them a experience
is I'll a self-awareness
of this one I
was we K my I know how the laser
I colors well
I leasing that mean that they're
is no perfect all we not alone
cell year that was off work
we'll sellers of
because workers all this her saw
her last
officielle his look is gonna
change what you do in the world
we've got a lot done we expect
you say a do question
at all but I do like love the
I charged he's got a lot of I want
charged he's got a lot of I want
so we spend our life
that so we spend our life
clothing I
these messages okay six-month
we're loading I'll
a please flowers all I mean is
that we
graders others on a while whose
debut single ladies
databases Feliz I and
always the last few years old
I was the race
got world this is an ideal is
else's alas
a lazy yes waste is counties
here love it
symbols are a repeatedly factory
plastic baggies
last last this they love it
probably is the government
loading in whom they will his
one was that there was a problem
with that
fish you know what about visual
blood we got a little
own yours yeah all well
many buses you really do stand
were bad
a for tomorrow
we don't have one I will get his
else's we'd only are you know we
they will Stadium the with we
a we'll them
re here they're taking does long
in this game
always in the lowlands the
its own rules the real
so with her through her all
everybody's was a when they will
after we'd rather well
Jaamac the details that is
on the same win rate
store laying or the while that
they didn't load
stay in the hotel
I Wallace schools in my closet
I then they start whole for hey
then they start whole for hey
its lowest I'll
monitors I actors
his I that description
his I all that description
got away with as the looks like
leave my eyes that officer
balances they will looks like
we're in the model
Liz all stainless all
every I'll send now what happens
to moscow I we have all problems
a little one forgot this
is less bad stuff where
at home low arousal
anywhere in the world lately
label to the cost with Lisa
possible long
a without in that number
on the horses the lasso rules
that Molly use all the other
serial number
that local his his fellow
witnesses I okay no case
it was
through probably build
big deal world they got a couple
there called Lord
we've got a little while at
line menu marbles
we'll have become 0 got wrong
about bullying
included all accounts school
it's alright his old
the No yeah
menu I'll we I
with little or no
practices with are paper
I you well we pushed the date
you well we pushed the date
automatically ever a always
others is
that buses little as possible
a we believe that lol I for
we believe that lol I for
morals companies a you
police were a lot of
old where the way they should
with that role of Wollongong
sale along with my soul this
grabbed the wrong one
boss we track a long jump
as yes yelling yes
I world we were in the hall
triangulation store silo
so no way
I single rules I
cool only know where their job
the from now and we lack for the
they bring a silver ruled out
any no
worth it polls held
got his all
I another is able that we don't
another is able that we don't
lose model
I low level
I middle done with
middle done with
this car love
taxes link
stars island were thrown away
thank you he's got live
yellow thinking
cause make some
should be I thanks a lot of
course you
love No
do that we had
where that I I don't know what
we'll see I
no I only your mind
or the or were with well up
is the m house you
is the mall house you
listens to you
local I'm they said hello scales
I home way below
home way below
for a while well low
the battle pass and males
this realization all
place and they stand okay
style I of
I'll 1i
out now
shop police yeah
these armed
dunno what's been happening
a from that all of away
from that all of away
suppliers it also world
factoring today
or shit
see the wheels all with least
are all who all is
manufacturing that
right weekend
I was
state this this process this is
making story Facebook early
place this is the line
that's what we do best we'll
I he
t weekend you
the weekend you
you know those shows
case studies on our way I
little while I love about you
law of gravity all I I have
reveals oh yeah all that
the yeah we start with a brutal
long before
all worry
we well I all started the back
withhold there he's a
ma I'm people what they need
I'll that I'll you in
a right about where you had a
revolution the deal I you guys
have a great day
with its

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Flow Software's Stacy Tate teaches the session on Inventory Control and Work in Process (WIP) at the 2nd Annual Super Barcode Training Camp by System ID. He covers the benefits of an automated inventory system and best practices.