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hi guys I'm just busy in this
series of videos showing you how
to use a macintosh computer
in this particular video I'm
going to show you the very basic
an easy way to connect to the
so obviously the unit is
something that we use every day
it's a necessity and if it was
destroyed or if you broke the
Internet by protecting Google
into Google
then pretty much the world
economy would fall apart so
don't type Google into Google
do it anyway I'm
if you want to access the
internet all you have to do is
turn on your computer and I once
you have either ethernet plug
plugged into your computer which
is a
look like has a very distinct
shape than in the back in your
Mac you to plug right into
on you're on your own when it
comes to connecting giving the
setup your modem and your and
your router things like that
Obama comes your Mac you go to
System Preferences right here
and you click on network
normally these things should
automatically connect themselves
so if you connected to the and
he's an accord in the
ourselves completely set up then
it'll simply show a little green
button right here and stay
connected status connected now
the thing that makes %ah max so
efficient when it comes to enter
as you don't necessarily need a
if you are getting a wireless
connection which is called the
airport your DSL modem or router
should be sitting on a wireless
connection and should be looking
for it now
it says that is connected you
can turn the airport on of right
and you can choose what are the
different networks that's
usually the password protected
if they are password-protected
alas for past 30 taken in as
long as cracks presenter you're
but there's another way to
access this guy right here
which looks like basically kinda
like sound waves or something
like that you click on that
and you get a bunch of options
there easier Newton
nears networks so let's tank
with a different network this
week in
catch you on it
you can see that it is
thing right here normally ask
for password but i
I'm I have access never before
try 10 access
trap everyone asks for password
I'm not sure the batteries but
as I do itself go back to the 1i
was that before hollow
now its asking for passwords on
type it in think that
see if it works no
given still showing word like to
use when it comes to processing
you can do it well
it's taking too long turned off
and I'm gonna stick to my
internet connection
normally that primary internet
browser that you initially get
when you open a Mac is
back on safari if you don't see
it here go ahead
and open up in New Finder window
go to applications
and find Safari did
is right there double click on
that it opens up a window
and the invention start right up
and tacked on another web site
you're ruining my video internet
their ego sewing a classic
type in my name and the internet
is working nicely
it really is that simple when it
comes to setting up the internet
if you have any troubleshooting
I will do it for watching video
should definitely contact
on your local Apple retailers
are they can help you out with
any internet usually it's very
simple to setup I mean super
easy that's
what max r4 so if you have any
questions regarding Mac or Apple
in general
please send me an email to
request Moda com thanks for
watching guys please be sure to
rate comment and subscribe

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In this video, Mahalo technology expert Justin Zagri explains how to connect your Snow Leopard system to the internet.

Connecting to the Internet

You can connect your Mac to the internet via an ethernet cable or a wireless signal. The settings for both methods of connection can be found in the network settings. 1. Go to System Preferences. 2. Click on Network. 3. The Network window will display your connections in the left sidebar. Select the method that you want to use.
Ethernet: The Network window will tell you the status of your ethernet connection. 

Wireless: View the wireless signal under the AirPort section. It will let you view the connection status and a list of wireless networks nearby. 
4. If you're using the AirPort, select the wireless network you want to join. It may require you to enter a password before connecting. 5. You can also access the network settings by clicking on the air wave icon in the top right bar. This will display the list of wireless networks nearby and allow you to choose one. 6. Once your internet connection is set up, you can open a browser and start searching the web.

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