Subtitles for UAV Communications and Data Links Sample

  Pause sub
moment you are welcome you to
third week are me unmanned
aircraft due course
this week we're gonna knock upon
you gauge in dealings on
commander systems
not group
well what we gone worker R&R BBC
hoover be communication Euribor
in a mad bomber buried
modulation condom online
permount the online right on the
what happened were the movies
you gauge how we deal with that
I want kinder
mom scenarios optimum occur
on talk about the right thing to
do we do to improve the Linux
War II back in yours
OMN and I'm eyeliner
%ah not to lose communications
murdoch Ahmad yeppers your
current on-ground you try to
yanni there might be heard hides
when that we
out the Easter erbil chrome
hear ya Smirnoff dollar
Kaka Barker not birds you trying
to paradise
the good ones
perhaps we will conquer Barker
Rd early
or one pirate control multiple
farmers who controls the
non-transferable even ground
control station your
Union actually
basically we're now
for communications been here
100 gum redo word he had a lot
of good morning
is here are some kinda your
summer cut electrical system
interfering with your clearly
control links
the com on New Yorker some
so what happened when we lose
modeling lot but normally
your new york Raptors non-pilot
you click
continues to decline home I'll
it were summer you re I did not
really controlling
your crap system it would most
likely to continue along
heard me
until Mom controllers would be
work to keep some kind lot
when procedure soul %um you what
you read the
me Sun third for controlling he
bomb in mid-may several record
actions it may just hold until
late because
that word it may go back to last
known location where
United good he Asian or
me why not create programmed
route op pilots
murmuring are upgraded its crude
girl for hibernation
who won
happened we lose on
communications work on your
I'll you lose situation
awareness low key terms the word
pilot think your years %um air
traffic controller
either one really knows not here
air traffic controller normally
you pick a large system that
meander transponder you may be
able to locate it worked on
with my laptop were got his Mb
but in the future we have to be
able to glean important group
while the agents third air
traffic controllers
curl traffic on right now
here for some reason really am a
very long kurti time where we
he Nikon your reader programs
returned your starting point
and %uh nynex could be some %ah
termination procedures
so believe it or not 30 percent
earned your religion
Blvd the he bearing hips gold
he years argued iron
%uh worsen your parents and
grand runner yours or even
some problems with his dime you
really need to understand your
grandmama strain on 2 Bernama
your letter you can actually
make predictions as to whether
or not a good linger
economy your crew members
pirated user monaural would you
do a lot
review asians it standard
is all really want to take a
look yeah
on situation rumors
where nonlinear crap entry not
assume you're not just as we do
it eyelids would
year he jonsman radio we do that
we will not be honored
systems I'll right now worker
he and IR you couldn't reprogram
your not some
world I potluck he procedure
it will not problem
Lugosi's return armory really
sure you re myrlie cute he
wouldn't he
the higher ground control
station or marina only hatch
you can talk to your air traffic
controller cruel ground on a
really through the on me
aircraft system

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