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thank you for attending this a
short presentation
on the business eTouch CRM
contact management system
it really is an amazing program
I'm gonna try and take you
through this real quickly
want you to realize that this is
by no means
a complete presentation about
this idol do we hope it'll perk
your interest so the to give us
a call
and we can do a short web
conference with you and show you
everything this idol do you
first log into business eTouch
you're in that dashboard page in
from here you have your last 10
contacts open
I any upcoming events or
appointments on your calendar
you can also view emails that
you've sent out two groups can
we have all of our customer
service information over here on
the right we also
having a smartphone app so you
can access all your information
from your smartphone or from a
tablet using this
program from this page you can
click on any contact
and it will open up that
contacts information you could
worker contact right from here
you can see any information that
you have entered an about that
contact and that you can
email them by clicking on the
email address you can see what
group a red
you can schedule an appointment
you can also
a course call them once you've
talked to them you can also
enter in notes here and all the
our date and time stamp from the
Contact Manager
you can also click on the
Contact an open up all of this
to the right of the page so you
can see everything that
you've sold to that contact you
also a course
same as before email call make
add notes whenever you want I'm
gonna go into this
contacts page and from here
want you to know if that from
the custom information area
you can be easily added any
information you want about the
contact as far as whatever you
sold amor anything you wanna
take in this section the custom
information area
is 100 percent customizable so
you can set this up to meet your
is exactly the way you want it
to be
we also save a record have every
appointment you've ever sat with
the contact we get consent trip
emails to the individual contact
week save
every incoming and outgoing
email we can allow you to send
text messages to the contact
and we save a record of every
text message is a permanent
and you can upload any paper
documents you want to a context
we have a full email program as
part of the business the total
and when you send the emails out
from business the touch they are
sent out with your email address
on 'em you do not have to change
your email address
and when you send in the email
from the system
you have the option to choose
any emails that you've already
created in saved in the system
is a birthday card that's been
created you can see we have mail
merge so it's gonna put the
contacts first name in there
and you can put your logo senate
you can insert any kind of
picture you want in the emails
you can attach documents to
emails we have a newsletter
templates you can be easily
created newsletter template and
then that you seen our
letters and articles you can get
a insurance article and to
attach that in the year
very easily we also have a full
library over e-cards
that are all free to you that
you can send out we have thank
you cards reminders
holiday card church cards
birthday congratulations
whatever it is you what we've
got the cards all set and ready
to go for you
another feature a business eat
too much is that
you can its schedule any email
to go out at a future date
and a corset from here you can
send emails to our entire group
or you can do a search for any
contact in the system my
favorite features there are
email program is that it has a
very sophisticated mail merge
so we can mail merge and any
have the contacts information
not just the name address phone
number that sort of thing
but we can also mail merge and
any information from
any field that's been created
the in the system
as you see here we've created a
little tummy letter where we're
putting a policy number into the
email we're putting the
insurance company and we're
putting the premium and
all the information you wanna
put in a letter it'll merge and
automatically from every contact
the one of the really neat
things about this is
is that you can schedule any
email to go out to
any eight field that's in your
system to hear all go to life
policy data and that I could
create this letter you see mail
merge to put the information I
want into it and then I can
schedule this
to go out on the policy date so
the system what
automatically send those out the
same way with a birthday card
you could go and schedule you
could choose birthday
and click schedule to send and
then it will schedule this card
to be emailed out
to every single contact in your
system on their birthday
just based on the date field you
can do that with any louder
using the mail merge
and the date fields really a
great feature in the system
you can create as many groups
that you like and using our move
tool you can move contacts from
one group to another
very easily our campaign feature
will allow you to free schedule
at a predetermined date you can
see here on days from start
got first letter going out on
day 0 two letters going out on
day one
another letter on day 8 10 and 8
a.m. 1:15 45 and so on
so I can take this and then once
had created this I can assign it
to a group
or consign it to an individual
and all these emails will
automatically be scheduled to go
with just a couple clicks of the
mouse we also have an
that will automatically assign a
campaign to New
leads that are uploaded into the
system we can
upload it leads into the system
from an Excel spreadsheet in
this case
i'd have thirty four columns
that I would map out
and upload into the system we
also can upload leads into the
from any lead company we can
also upload the
leads into the system from an
email we give every customer a
leave the email address and
leave your email to this address
their uploaded into the system
we also have a website form
where you can it create
a form to put on your website
and then
when that form is completed and
filled out the system will
automatically upload those leads
whatever group you want and then
a course start the autoresponder
for you as well our calendar
allows you to color code
and it has a month few a week
view or
it gave you and you can see here
as I
change the time appointments
nothing ever gets in the way of
each other it'll always
just move around so that you
ever hide one appointment over
another when you
click on an appointment it opens
up your appointment window
and from here you've got a list
love your appointment scheduled
for that day so you can see what
you have scheduled when you're
going to set an appointment
we can also use at the date the
we have a title whenever you
want to choose in there
you can type anything you want
into the description but then
we can also repeat an
appointment every week every
month every year
we can set a reminder many
different times available for
and we can send that reminder
within the email to you
a text message to you or both
and we can also put a pop up on
your computer screen or all
and if you want to send this
reminder to the contact is well
you put a check mark in this box
and it will automatically send a
text message or an email to the
contact as well
any appointments will always
show up on your pending calendar
but if you mark an appointment
is completed it's still say to
that contacts file
as a permanent record that you
had an appointment with them but
it is not
going to show up on your pending
calendar or on your dashboard
and then of course use your
color coding many people use the
to designate what type of
appointment it is but if you
have more than one person using
the Contact Manager
you can't use color codes for
whose appointment it is
so a lot of different ways to
use the color-coding
the last thing I want to show
you is our mail out greeting
card program
this is a Cadillac program it
sends out first class quality
and we put your hand written
first name signature on every
put it in a colored envelope to
match the card and then
put a commemorative stamp on the
envelope we don't run it through
so this looks like you took the
time to go out by a card
handwrite your signature on it
and then send that out to your
customers we do all that for the
amazingly low prices
have only 275 a card thank you
for attending this quick
presentation on the business
eTouch CRM system I really
encourage you to take a minute
give us a call and let's do a
web conference with you and
really show you
how this amazing system can to
holy changer business
thanks a lot and have a great

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9 minute video of the features offered in BusinessETouchCRM