Subtitles for Spy society chapter 1

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  Pause sub
be a deal RI if it's complete
spike its so cool I can't a book
for self
of Phoenix cleanest
Tennessee next for
of binoculars but which some
of I for million fine
you know about that pretty good
I like to play fetch are not
gonna lie for
show you up closer
fix it
yeah wall it okay
for Floyd ordered
think I'm gonna show you our you
have in our hallway
foley et fold for it
folded it like it feat
CEO's no
haven't played watch you better
so day like your make it s
so day like your make it looks
foot feel like all
all of of how 0
sharp of of of I
of watch then
good I the for
offer or are you a member of
core Island
what I wanted to show you are
all for
it needn't of record 14
childish want
want he didn't put they don't
0 when I read a chapter
say for
0 please read a chapter
Jane seen you
law flooding pushed open the
o'leary boys locker room and
she leaned against a burrito
Walker share which
first-ever what your car or it
every year now I had
a little to do with having see
you don't think I'm going there
or what should I wear
but standing and her dad alway
game in a witch what where well
forces in a lot to do it fact 13
that about the break-in for us
15 in their life
me it slowly greater
we're going to work skyline
saying its rival Pro 2013 safety
said ever in their in all
and FX cuts entity for
foreclosed for you
Tony KS couldn't or didn't fit
play-or-pay and your way KK he
her good for practicing Kidal
alright let's cuddle up
JT or standing laying worker
carpet that she felt as Captain
her job take our word 14 star
already their flight hurt you
that's right actually
here your teacher three-inches'
can text or
your late were good say
air set Stacy by she'll ensuring
self center where they were
nearby Shacharit
events for a great back we got
me thinking
said Richter totally actually
girl where it and up
in its people well I get it all
with black hair wat like
change lighter say respectfully
i well let me say that
Saturday loving carriage 18 is
actually it if he were right
they had something foot of
serving or down feat for a boy
I she looked around at six every
team in a blue light you
or it going over there busy
Corey they're here it's
important you know they're
making this shit
they were stars saw it
they were charred a practice
have a saying what to worry
about and a
alternate there are many hello
it story its chief of
it grow it did a little %uh
quite interval grading her old R
yes he looks ready it
friendly enough for rent really
38 he didn't know her
like she did other she would
what there is to cut for it
a dish or we didn't either for
it had just started at four
skylight note for also
free gettin she was all week in
for sure she then starred are a
lot of teams but
it looks you had a it's not
safety worry they can you
to go let Mary she still be a
anything like this to so sure it
I Janet chair for easily with
it which 448 feet are asleep
okay forget
over hey stop staring want me to
write short for
we thought couple copping a feel
for it for addressing it
surge or think that's okay short
that me action over yeah
think gentle you know I think
484 votes it as well not so far
the best I hope you enjoy and
I'll by reading
suck me then
well it'll get better bet for I

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And my spy kit it was a book order from school I hope u guys like it I no my reading stinks but I.... really don't know