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asmar nests skin distes corp
smart views corp is a system of sudan regret at my people
bisnes smart corp is an initiative born in Mexico for the purpose of
generate a change in the country's economy
It is a system of mutual aid in the development and business creation mark
corp dress not only offers a capitalization system without debt
but also the support of a group of experts and professionals in the field
Business cinemas bly cut mark consists of three pillars
business training and constant eta experts in each area
Sales human resources management
international trade marks and patents etc.
these trainings can get the internet at live conferences
liliana Wednesday is in Spanish English
business incubator
You can access the incubator smart pix cescor
for development of business plans corporate image
business projects etc.
all these at very affordable prices
no debt capitalization
this capitalization without debts houses backed a mathematical system
a database
the capitalization system without debt is based on the right we have
to give what belongs to us
and receive what other people do not want to give
we organize through an automated online system
to help them financially in a legal way with this decision
Feed responsible for integrating with a team of helpers this was smart
thus achieving no debt financing and capitalization
smart view is short is aimed primarily
mikel or
small and medium entrepreneurs entrepreneurs
men and women wanting to sustainable global development
we organized a group of intelligent business support
so you can
capitalize you invest in your own business
commonly referred to liabilities or debts
strengthen your business
forming a network of business contacts
learn and invest
ojén were multiple sources of income
smart dress membership corp
It has a cost of $ 100 per year
to join the team you commit to three actions
support share
and receive
once you become a member of smart seen by
puppets and betting system with 300 euros to 150 euros lodges with the
I invite you person and 150 euros posadas with someone you allocate system
later we will see how the system gives these assignments
these supports as those between directly to the bank account of these people
po pep to your account to 4 similar system in case it is a foreign
smart dress corp
do not drive and receive these supports
because the bank account and no cash
simply because the proof for a way to show that
We perform this support
then now that supported this if sharing
shares the opportunity vita two people to be integrated into the system
if you want to invite more for to do so but the system only requires
share with two to work
and support you
and shared
and we lack the last action and more we all love
to receive
There are two ways to receive support
to share
receive support of 150 euros per person the
incident opportunity you see your team
by assignment
perceive support from 150 to 300 and 600 euros
five new people to integrate your team
that way it is like the casino system to a person when you signed up you
This way you will be assigned same unlimited multiples of 5
NTU network
We will explain in detail
you will volvés member for smart vicens
pay your $ 100 annual intuition and commit to supporting
and receive
so it supports 150 euros deposit account bank
I invite you person
and posadas with 150 euro deposits bank account of the person
you assign system
inviting you share the number one part of the system
and this in turn supports 150 euros to the person who invited you
which in this case is you
so you get hundreds euros Imelda some people have exteriors
we loved him placing your development capitalization
1 also supports 150 euros to the person assigned by the system
the commitment is to share with two people so you Deras your second
the 'number two' supports 150 euros to the person who you
which again are you
and it supports 150 euros to the person assigned by the system
yours in this moment you regain your investment because you received your two support
150 euros per entity i number one to number 2
the minute you had liquidity support system
and you recover your investment so what follows it's gain
anyone who felt their opposites perform system shares with two
Minimum people because their commitment to membership by small vicens
but also because it is the way to recover your investment
so anyone who joins the system invite matita mind couto 2
and in this way it developed turre team
Now we go to the part where resides allocation
for every five people without having your group
you receive support for allocation
let's see the graph
you half the number one shares with his two guests and you guests
No. 2 share one
if we
you have five people in your team
so this person Number 5 supports 150 euros to the person
he invited
It is number 2
and supports 150 euros
the person who assigned the system that's you
so you receive support from 150 euros again
turre continue to grow automatically and each multiple the 5th
you can type resignation
the person in your network that are not multiple of five is to say the
white circles
inviting you support people who in turn will form multiples of five and
multiples of five ie yellow pentagons
support you by assignment based on a final rule that says that every time
you receive six share supports 1
with whom
with the same person is but the system from the beginning
that is to say
every time you receive six support of 150 euros
you share one of 300 euros
6 hundred fifty
are you share 900 300 and stay 600 euros
yellow pentagons are your multiple five also go
complying with this rule so that when they reach six support
150 euros will have to share with the person or not she but the system
you are you so
you start to receive support from 300 euros
again when you reside in June support of 300 euros you share one of 600
that is to say
300 are
1800 share were cough
and you stay with 1200 euros
samarios again pentagon will also comply with that rule
because when they reach six support of 300 euros will have to
share one with the person assigned by the system that's you
so you start receiving support from 600 euros
and again
when you get to 6 support of 600 euros
you share 1, but this time only 600 ie
600 are 3 000 600
and you're left with three thousand euros
these supports by assignment can get them in different order
this can happen in the course of this week or on the same day
depending on how your network is developed
It is important to know that the system asks you to perform these supports
over a period of 48 working hours
what if you do not want further support on this data can not support
within these 48 hours
the system freezes you
ie if you do not support
not receive
so ask your pentagons yellow jumping
to support who you did not do
you choose to perform the corresponding support you but the pentagon
skeeter kneeled
and do not return to your network
bisnes smart corp
It is a system
but you do not have to understand to do
you have to do to understand it
we parted leaving you with this observation
in the world there are three kinds of people
which we make things happen
which they are seeing that things are happening
and you never know that things are happening
you are already aware that this is happening so only them
It is to be part of the other two
what is there to do
to take action
make things happen together
thanks for your attention

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