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here here's something that I
that I got to say about that
Whitney Houston interview and
this is also parting part of us
getting to know each other
um probably one of the reasons
that I identify so much with
Whitney is because I am an ex
cocaine offender america uh I
spent 10 years sneaking and
doing and and lying and
betraying and what I was looking
for from whitney with ownership
and I didn't see it
so for me no matter what she
said in that interview she
didn't own her habit
she's still blaming Bobby and
the world five sorry
and this is just my opinion but
I know there are millions of
addicts and ex-addicts and was
always still you know I guess
have that lure you know we never
call us x it's been over 10
years at this point for me I
and um
it's not something I'm ashamed
of because it's part of what
makes me who I am today maybe
that's why I asked you about the
wigs and the weaves and let it
all hang out even more so
because there's nothing worse
than doing drugs and cocaine
with my choice of drug and on
Oprah she was describing putting
coke in in we'd like making a
PS it's called a ruler i smoke
them you smoke them the wu-tang
clan and smoked up and whitney
whitney might still be she's but
she was like a highbrow
ex-offender like oh no crack
well I've smoked crack
I've cooked coke I've snapped it
and I am sober as the day is
long and more so than anything I
am very thankful for sobriety
and i own it and that pic with
me i love you and I wish you
well I'm glad that you know your
back but I was as as it as an
ex-offender you didn't own it
and I was really disappointed

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Wendy Williams talks about Whitney Houston's interview with Oprah and breaks down when she talked about her past drug abuse.

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