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well the first thing you need to
look at is why you need a better
data center design
roughly 80 for seven percent
data centers for bill prior to
2001 and it's a very important
for the enterprise to maintain
this investment in addition
seventy percent of these data
are and major native expansions
a server growth
storage growth things like that
efficient data center design
could save
upwards of $20 billion kilowatt
hours per year by 2015
to put that into perspective
it's worth about $2 billion
dollars in an electricity costs
equating roughly 1.8 million
American homes another benefit
is the fact you could
potentially differ
the need to build 2300 megawatts
a generating capacity
what this does is avoid 3.4
million metric tons of co2
and that's roughly plan to
675,000 cars on the road
again to put these things into
perspective power per cubic
meters increasing to axe with
hardware miniaturization density
I think one of the more
interesting points here is a
typical costs within the data
center itself
55 percent roughly this is spent
on power and cooling
of forty-five percent is spent
on server load or computing
operations in this is a bit
backwards were better practice
will be
to reduce the power and cooling
to roughly 35 percent
I think one other more
interesting trends and I'm
seeing out there in the market
is the fact that IT managers a
bit are beginning to define data
centers in terms of total
and sort of total number servers
so now it's important to look at
some other design details around
data center design
just two high-level goals which
a relatively obvious resiliency
in energy efficiency
if you look at high-level
efficiency opportunities is
really three options
you've got power distribution
conversions you got served load
computing operations
you got cooling equipment 3 the
bathroom a big issues
high-level facilities issues
include looking at kinda from an
outside in perspective
essentially what that means is
you're looking at the site for
the facility layout
first or others look at it from
an inside-out perspective
focusing on IT infrastructure
prior to the facility layout
cooling is a major issue I if
you look at
legacy perimeter calling for
example you can call to 3
iraq today's power demand is now
10 to 30 kilowatts
Iraq so you have to put in some
type of new cooling
so what people are doing is
moving to enroll calling
or things like liquid cooling
which is somewhat of a cold
water radiator power rack
some additional design details
are you know
something very simple such as
basic airflow management better
are you got raised floor in data
centers they want to make sure
the airflow gets to the
perforated tiles
you wanna manager hot and cold
while designing contain hot and
cold air within the missiles
and things like blanking panels
to eliminate hot air from going
into the call our house
digitisation is another issue
now the power supplies are
digital devices you can have an
asset map and better
Asset Management on right-sizing
your UPS or on an optimal power
supplies is a key
so 100 kilowatts is the
requirement you should put in a
100 kilowatt
supply that can scale for SES
for example putting in a 200
spy and the the benefit here you
can double fish in sea
are some other things you can do
to improve electrical
some things that I a the
facilities managers IT managers
are looking at it is rebate and
certificate programs that are
being adopted by major utilities
a little further out there
looking at alternative power
sources such as hydro wind in
fuel cells
and even some data centers are
looking at considering
I was talking with a very large
arm investment bank on Wall
and they're very strict with
their data and
what they're looking at doing is
potentially outsourcing less
critical or tier 2 and tier 3
to an external data center while
managing internal tier 1
within their own data center so
outs or outsourcing again is
movement will pricey happening

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What impact does green IT have on data center design?

Rick Thompson, VP Research and Operations for Greentech Media, explains why you need a new data center design, offers some design guidelines, and explains when to outsource design tasks -- as well as when not to.