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attorney joe mitchell you're
hired attorney dot com serving
Greater Philadelphia with
personal injury criminal defense
and DUI today let's talk to the
lawyer about criminal law and
the part now there are many
times and you can't actually get
your case expunged because
expungement only are limited to
places where you found the
defendant guilty we're case has
been dismissed recently there
have been some bills put into
into the legislature in
Pennsylvania where expungement
are now being considered for
simple misdemeanors but if you
have general view of a
conviction you have to get a
pardon from the governor of
Pennsylvania and the federal
cases you have to get a pardon
from the present so but i wanna
just talk about Pennsylvania's
state cases in the governor
right now the whole thing that I
want you to know is it's very
possible to get a part of many
times the problem is that takes
a long time you have to be
pretty clean you have to have at
least a 10 year window when the
time of this has happened and
you have to be cleaned the whole
can't get into any trouble and
it's not even 10 years since
it's happened at ten years since
you got off of probation or
whatever it is so and then the
process and so ends up taking
about anywhere between one and
three years so it's not
something you have to be but it
is a process that tourney you
really need an attorney in
something like this because
you're going to have a hearing
is a very complicated
application so if you do have
any questions about harding's
whether you might be eligible
for one please feel free to call
me for a free consultation my
information is on the next piece
of this very happy to give you
free consultation tell you all
about pardons and how I can help
you thanks for listening since
joe mitchell here are returning
dot com

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Philadelphia Attorney, Joe Mitchell explains how you can get a conviction off your record through a Governor's Pardon. Joe Mitchell is the most experienced Criminal and Personal Injury Attorney in Philadelphia. For more information please contact with us now.

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