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good afternoon and welcome to
another IRC job cast this
afternoon I'm with paintball be
who is the director for IRC data
people are be I on Big Data
division specializing in sales
and pre-sales down in our London
office hey didn't think
good thank you jonathan so good
you can actually hung doing
river job to talk about here a
sales directors position i
believe i have yet
I cry sales directors position
working for a corporate
performance management software
and right at the client
themselves are a European
headquarters software vendor
okay you have a good operation
in the UK which needs an upward
lift it needs a sales
professional to come and help
manage the sales team is
currently without is that the
sales director of any sort but
it was my understanding it is
it's currently with a managing
director who is essentially a
consulting director he his
background is in consulting and
operations and can see exactly
and whilst he's done a very good
mental job of managing the sales
team so far I've got to a point
in their development where they
need a professional
ok come in and help bring in
some additional process and
bringing some so it's about that
next level . exactly right
ok now the roll itself is
managing six direct reports for
account executives all of whom
carry around a million pound
target and to pre sales
professionals as well
now the role is really as a say
in leading and driving that
sales function on to that next
level of growth and working
alongside the existing marketing
director to help develop a
go-to-market strategy right now
in terms of a background for
this ideally what the client
would like to find is a sales
it's got a proven track record
of managing business focused
software sales teams
so when you say business because
you're referring to what the
soul died in application
software rather than perhaps
more selling at CIA level with
with some kind of lighting
applications yes is excelling in
two heads of lines of business
and selling into selling
solutions that solve a business
problem right
ok post a technical problem
they're quite keen on finding
someone that has a good
what they call a hands-on
management approach what they
mean by this is someone that he
is willing
and looks forward to spending
time out in the field with their
sales team closing deals
mentoring and coaching their
sales team so it's quite a nice
mix of strategy liaison with
marketing but also the still
love from line go out and bring
the deals on board
beat ya to it so it's awesome
all three hats often we see
sales that was like this
something you just cast a look
one last month with a large
corporation that we're dealing
with in reality it was a bit of
a spreadsheet sales manager's
job I thought
yes and that is that holds a lot
of Appeal for some people
where is this is a spreadsheet
of marketing be on the road
yeah bring the strategy great ok
now obviously they're looking
for people that have got quite
good attention to detail because
it's going to be reporting back
into the head at the into the
MVP who is over in here in
Europe's ok
obviously as much as they want
people that have the energy and
the enthusiasm there was a need
to bring a bit protests in a bit
reporting to the job is perfect
now from a salary perspective
the clients really quite open on
salary then they'll pay around
120 140 depending on experience
but thereafter the best person
for the job right and they have
very good healthy in my opinion
ethos towards salesmanship
within the organization and they
really do truly want their
salespeople and sales managers
to earn good money and be
great ok now if you're
interested in this role then
please do get in touch my email
address is Peter . bolt be at
inwood revenue . coat UK we give
me a call on a double 7 double
1349 585 really talk to someone
that big that is
thank you

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The Role
This is a UK Sales Director role working for a pre-IPO, fast growing software vendor in the Corporate Performance Management space. The role will involve the direct management of 6 reports - 4 Enterprise account executives and 2 pre-sales professionals and will be focussed on driving new software sales.
The client is looking for a Sales Director who has a proven track record in managing Business Application sales teams - ideally around the Performance Management space. They are looking for an Ambitious Sales Director who can bring a level of process and control as well as a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the role