Pause sub
haha here we all saw Scott
Walker as you guys are you sure
you note any and all I am only
going to bars are in here and
wish that I was organized sports
psychology and Amy agency to go
ahead and give a saudi and very
excited to be here with you all
once again in a very excited to
be with economics research units
on society why have here is not
had the privilege to work with
some top athletes coaches
Professional Psychology the last
couple years and i've seen
including nominal amount of a
war in the classrooms outside
the class or owns some you guys
around in general will build
experience against just knocking
out and disappoints you are so
sweet l'objet K
and appreciate your hard work
hatchery soon of course by
Indiana passed the torch on me
the last meeting and came in she
wore as the advisor and I said
what I said ok so a lot of
corners so I'm here comes 40
snowless our experience working
with a cold war what about the
rookies coming back before
cohort so I say congress
all-in-ones Congress to 4404
York City Hall cohort here to
some of the war weariness are
here today in his room and so on
loading informal one is an
online grammys I will gladly
accept your own warm
behalf ok
john bianco is so obvious for
students UK georgetown
university classes she came she
came in the fall of 2014 from
day one she has shown academic
excellence in the classroom even
though she's she's online and
I'll watch her home in the
classroom and every corner seat
is always is me and raises the
faculty and staff psychology and
I said you know why is my home
years she's been crying as she
think she just asked why someone
who's very personal war goes to
mount other than miss it lisa
chapman so just say his why she
has received we had a great deal
more in this is going to call a
great music on you and it's more
excellent execution so that
means more on behalf of the
least chairman she's destroying
they weren't in the classroom
and I know she is going to
represent JFK has no money in
years to come by
I will be lonely yes I will be
available until you get a job in
June 22 or younger men who don't
like OJ please like 10
psychology and I love
competition so as long as I'm
looking in as I'm looking at her
students and I said we got some
competition because only one
that is being joined by ischemic
promises day once you put me two
hundred percent goes well as
well as saw the second more
issues online student goes to
step in to YouTube regulations
and when do you think I'm very
proud of you your peers a party
you could see it's an example
for your online a year 2000 cold
war will you make no regulation
all I ask for Jane jaan
2000 bitsy cohort why alright
let's see what they would do
more students is all about
since the fall quarter this
young lady one year she's very
bold she's very outspoken but
she's a givers feasible and ever
since that that she came it's a
program only seen her and you
I've seen her shoes brand you at
the anniversary and help out I
seem to help
unbounded Foyles book signing
she is also one of the most
students in the classroom and
she does big things outside our
solutions and she's working
full-time in this program which
is very hard to do and the war
because you see she's really
about wellness community sports
psychology program so what's new
Amanda rubble and 1300 rise and
shine for loan specialist fields
are you upto ok it's another
number she's also the classroom
she put in twenty percent and
what she does she's very passing
the ones you know she does she
hails from the midwest kill
montage more competitors but no
doubt about it when it comes to
sports psychology there's a
there's not another giver like
my good buddy and as a best
this dude it is a truly came two
weeks before his team cost of
Chile she was she will choose
one of these kids is an
important appointment by the
time she got a will almost
walking out the door but because
we love will be do we staying
engaged his individual
information and we gave her
hardcore deadline is look we
don't use in our intention and
employers think I'm sorry makes
me you got days five days to get
everything in it she grinded she
got a person statement has yet
to let its recommendation is she
got the transcripts and and lo
and behold passing the last on
the road is walking out the door
and the students showed a lot of
potential in her undergraduate
years at UC Santa Cruz when she
got here when she was she was
she waiting on her goddaughter
rolling in and how we do things
at the masses numbers for
psychology at the end of the
corner I looked at her
performance indices why right
assemblies young lady
this you took it a step army
guys ladies she says you know
what I got a cent sports
psychology program you know what
I'm going to get a man so much
she did what she says
home loan loss we got to the
program I say we go on break I
said but you don't have to do
some grinding and I'm saying
find us a whole different ball
game a lot of work to put in
right when she did and she got
everything here is my go-to dish
this year this idea competition
to get it right program has more
competitive than ever and I'm
here to tell you one of ours is
for psychology I descended into
the sport psychology jujube
program and this award goes to
mr Haynes Council I'm going to
accept this award on her behalf
and then you say you are let's
not saying congratulations on a
call you got a chance to text
you know six so many here I
don't forget about me
owner will we be very proud of
you and I want to cry anymore
car I don't care where you had
your education level Oct to grow
120 and 180 Gibson might give it
your best and you get a chance
right and you currently seeing
you gotta get some championships
James Madison Wis wanted
something out some of the small
kids in the classroom right
george mitchell also known as
you know I am is your phone
lines mission into trying to
become ill skillz coach
psychologist at the University
of Minnesota and you do whatever
you hear from a cash in on a
great ever and we do graduate
you continue to grow and become
experts in your because you're
right now
national competition and you
might get a little between this
is my nails right now
internationally or not the same
to school
in this week we apply for Skype
on your program in goal goal in
overtime guys and keep he is
going I am still predominant
will announce the question i
mean someone based on GPA a more
subjective consciousness on
break Russia's international
condemnation of both is is what
you doing a science classroom is
what I'm in question is which
you do any communion or
psychology so you know you know
in case you haven't heard by now
but there's a concrete or steel
now a professional noble cause
you to your name on there gonna
ask congress is past year old I
conceive you have the Business
Review skills she promised
middle schools you'll have a
hard time to assess there had
been students and he ingested
their money in any questions
congress it or abolish congress
is all on one to some type of
sport psychology in bitch on our
way to school huh
right install is is is based on
academic performance but is
often based on what you enjoy
our site in classroom and you
know like I said as we do more
wars you know more people will
come out you know and maybe
break into crimes in any pain
sconce type within his heel and
I will get a warning is worth

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Shaundi Goins the reigning World Champion Life Strategist Coach, and the Program Advisor for the John F. Kennedy University's MA Sport Psychology Program, giving out awards to his MA Sport Psychology students at the 2016 Town Hall Meeting.

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