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hello and welcome to this install the
college funding Solutions video library
my name is coy how i'm the managing
director of college funding solutions
incorporated in this chapter we will be
discussing entrance exams you will learn
about the four-test why it's important
to test when is the best time to test an
effective testing strategies
although most colleges require either
the SATA or a CT as a prerequisite for
admission there are actually four sets
of college preparatory test the PSAT the
acct the s80 and the s82 subject test
let's first talk about the PSAT the PSAT
is a program which is co-sponsored by
the college board and national merit
scholarship corporation the PSAT is a
preparatory test for the s80 is
typically taken during the students high
school sophomore or junior year the PSAT
not only serves practice but it also
helps determine your eligibility for the
national merit scholarship program
students who tests during their junior
year and score high become candidates
for this award the acct is using
accepted by virtually all colleges and
universities the questions on the actr
curriculum-based meaning that they are
directly related to what the student has
learned in high school colleges and
universities not only use a CT scores to
determine eligibility for admission but
also for placement and applicable
freshman year courses private sector
scholarship sponsors may also consider a
CT scores in determining their winners
results of the ACP are typically sent to
the student about four weeks after the
test day you may take the acct more than
testing during your junior year and then
again as a senior is a good strategy
most students will improve their scores
with each successive test
the s80 is actually made of two
different test each design of the
separate result mind the s80 is a
reasoning an aptitude test in the s82 is
made up of a series of subject based
test to determine a student's knowledge
and our skill level in that particular
subject the s80 reasoning test is a
measure of the students critical
thinking skills the s80 assesses how
well you analyze and solve problems like
the acct you may wish to take the SATs
during your high school junior year and
then again as a senior again students
who test multiple times almost always
for better the s82 subject tests are
approximately one hour long and
primarily multiple choice test that
demonstrate a students mastery of a
particular academic subject scores not
only demonstrate achievement and
academic abilities but also serve as a
predictor of future performance many
colleges require one or more of the s82
subject test for admission colleges may
also use s82 scores to determine a
student's course selection and
replacement for their freshman year
there are currently 20 Subject Tests
divided into five categories check with
the colleges where you will be applying
or have already applied for admission to
determine their requirements for s82
subject test if possible
it's generally best to take an s82
Subject Tests directly after you've
completed a corresponding high school
course both the s80 and s82 scores are
sent directly to the student
approximately three weeks after the
original test day scores may also be
sent directly to the colleges and
scholarships sponsor upon request to
recap the PSAT is a preparatory test for
the s80 and is typically taken during
the students high school sophomore and
junior year remember
testing during your junior make you
eligible for the National Merit
Scholarship the s80 and a CTR both
designed to help measure the students
aptitude for college-level work they
also help the college's determine the
students achievements in a variety of
subjects the SI tiene CTR used by the
institution still further evaluate this
active students s82 subject tests are
given in particular areas and are used
by a number of colleges to determine
admission eligibility as well as course
selection and placement nearly every
college university requires prospective
students to submit scores from one or
both of the s80 and our acct test
testing multiple times it's probably the
best way to maximize your scores
typically only the best score or an
improved score is submitted to the
colleges in addition to increase your
score testing multiple times
demonstrates a strong desire to succeed
colleges also look very favorably on
this display of commitment and
determination and often reward this
dedication with admissions and even more
importantly with funding thank you for
taking the time to view this
presentation CFS clients make contact
our office for additional details on
entrance exams including our
personalized online test prep course

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