Subtitles for Thank You from Caltech - 2012

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your support stimulates
exploration private philanthropy
provides the funding for the
researchers have equipment that
fuels innovative high-risk
research thank you for finding
this beautiful chemistry
laboratory it's incredibly
exciting and stimulating
fun environment to be uplifting
both from his team's it for
your generosity has allowed us
to track New Scientist
researchers thank you for
supporting graduate fellows
as far ship is a lot me too
pursue transformative research
in energy
your support accelerates
discovery fineman prize is a
that teaching is important to
the Institute and reminded the
teachings important to me
your generosity enables the very
best and brightest to receive a
world-class education here at
thank you for supporting tell
take students like me a conform
really small town
we do you have a high school
best part about coming to
be able to interact world-class
faculty from top officer
last summer I was the search did
it search dance for summer
Undergraduate Research
in the Paris mild thank you for
supporting my summer research
throughout this surf I was able
to see how researchers work with
other researchers
I'm from South Korea and I
always want to at the best
education math and science
your support magnifies impact
your gift fun centers
with transformational
life-changing potential
thank you for supporting caltech
research I am
enormously grateful to the war
foundation for their support of
center for cellular signaling
it's a very special place
and the enthusiasm has been
extraordinary it's all about
it's all about making a real
difference in terms of
research you feel the innovation
the activity the brilliance of
the people here
it's in the air it's in the
it's in the buildings Celtic
thank you
for supporting caltech
thank you for supporting caltech
thank you caltech would not be
number one without your support
thank you I'm

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