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we told you about snow and ice hitting
more than a dozen states this weekend
the threat to drivers on the roads the
big worry black ice the powerless
feeling when your car start to skid off
the highway
ABC's Lindsay Davis shows us how to
steer clear of the trouble is the season
for slipping sliding over and spinning
each year there more than a quarter of a
million crashes due to snow and sleet
the most dangerous factor
what's called the heating killer black
ice this thin transparent film forms
when the temperature of the pavement is
colder than the air above it and while
it's not always easy to spot there are
some ways to look out for it and avoid
dangerous spin-out mark cox a winter
driving coach demonstrated for us there
are two types of skids a front-wheel
skid in a rear wheel skit a front-wheel
skit is when you turn the steering wheel
and the car doesn't turn in that case
take your foot off the brake and off the
gas and just allow the car to coast
through the corner as you decrease your
steering a little bit in a rear wheel
skid the car tends to spend that's when
we apply the thing we've always heard
about steering into the skid and at the
same time accelerate gently if you do
hit a patch of black ice
keep in mind it will take at least twice
as long for your car to come to a
complete stop
so words of caution this time of year
slow down
Lindsay Davis ABC News New York they are
calling it ice Friday the freezing
storms stretching 2,000 miles from the
heartland to the east coast 124 million
Americans across 16 states in its grip
and look at what some families are
facing this weekend cars no match for
the slick icy highways neighbors
pitching in to help out power lines
dangerously caked in ice and so are the
car windows sidewalks turned into
skating rinks and roads icy enough for
sleds are extreme weather team is in the
storm zone tonight at ABC
listen Tommy starts us off from the
heart of the storm in Arkansas black ice
wide eyes they're calling ice Friday
stretching some 2,000 miles across the
middle of the country turning roads in
Illinois into ice rinks with massive
blowing snow shutting down more than a
dozen airports across seven states and
killing at least six people in northern
Arkansas today a man was killed when an
IC tree came falling down on his home
and this was the ice versus a power line
in fayetteville the ice one there are
flashes back in the city the driver of
this little rock bus nearly lost it on a
slick Road families stuck at home or in
their cars stuck on the roads has to be
bad if the medical school closes justin
Roberts says this shouldn't be happening
in the south
he had no gloves or glutes and was using
an old license plate to scrape the ice
off his car they did warn us ahead of
time or when it hits it hits and I guess
nobody's really ready for when it
actually comes this is what families are
up against cities without the resources
to clear the streets all day long and we
saw one lonely snowplow over in Texas
the weight of the ice and snow brought
down the roof of this marina they
cancelled the dallas marathon our Mike
better is there and says thousands of
families are still in the dark a
seven-hour I storm left more than
200,000 homes in dallas without power
the culprit a thick coat of ice on lens
they snapped and brought down power
lines all around the metroplex tonight
utility crews brought in from other
states before the storm are working
overtime to remove the fallen branches
and repair the lines these freezing
temperatures aren't going anywhere
anytime soon so this is going to stick
around for a bit the worst of the storm
now heading north and east greeting the
residence of the Ohio River Valley
Diane alright Steven and tell me out of
the cold tonight and Steve just said
thousands of power lines across the
country layered a nice
even one inch can be dangerous for an
outage ABC's whether editor ginger Zee
right here is tracking the power forest
ginger and that's why it's so important
for us to talk about that Ohio Valley
the area's getting it first tonight and
for the early morning Saturday I want to
first just lay that out for you so from
DC to New York it should stay mostly
rain but just north along that pink line
that's who has to watch out and this is
what we're talking about powerline wise
day and when you see a power line 300
feet is all it takes right 300 feet long
and then you get an inch of ice on it
that will add 2,200 pounds to the power
line and it snaps that's not the end of
our problem because even if the power
line makes it through the ice falls off
when you start to thought and it can
snap back like a rubber band the next
question are we done after that he said
it's going to stay cold and it will but
we've got another storm out west and let
me show you what's going to happen snow
and ice for areas that are not used to
it certainly this early look at north of
Sacramento two-and-a-half inches of snow
reading over 6
this could be historic snow for them so
we're gonna be watching this new storm
come on shore this weekend right it is
amazing what one inch of ice can do
thanks so much ginger and our team of
course we'll be tracking the fast-moving
storm all weekend long

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ace-stinging sleet fell Friday in Memphis and surrounding areas, leading to potentially hazardous road conditions and warnings of power outages caused by ice accumulation on electrical lines and trees.

The National Weather Service said winter storm warnings and advisories and an ice storm warning were in effect for northern Mississippi and West Tennessee on Friday. Meteorologist John Moore said a layer of ice as thick as three-tenths of an inch could accumulate on roads, bridges and highways — including the Interstate 40 corridor — making driving perilous.

Freezing rain and stinging winds slammed the Southwest Friday and made a strangely blank landscape out of normally sun-drenched North Texas: mostly empty highways covered in a sometimes impassable frost, closed schools and businesses, and millions of residents hunkered down for icy conditions expected to last through the weekend.

Earlier this week, many in Texas were basking in spring-like temperatures that hit the 80s. But by Thursday, Texas was facing the same wintry blast that has slammed much of the U.S., bringing frigid temperatures, ice and snow.

The weather forced the cancellation of Sunday's Dallas Marathon, which was expected to draw 25,000 runners, some of whom had trained for months. A quarter of a million customers in North Texas were left without power, and many businesses told employees to stay home to avoid the slick roads.

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