Subtitles for 13 Facts About Me/ 13 Факта за мен/Ерика Думбова/Erika Doumbova

  Pause sub
the recipe is really a somatic
commission to be there still Bryant
recognizing to chinese fuck up for me
ask your teacher shadow equalities
content then I probably not reply that
means you too pushy they understand what
attributes to protect perform video
Coney nobody beat your decision coming
up with solutions nature work challenge
but never beat nobody convention double
black diamond stud books in a book not
be two equal to what my claim 14 starts
to make up for adoption or New York City
episode yes very bodies be talkin cloud
that's containers for the athlete to me
to succeed and even my girl Tina some
electric vehicle milk for guilt feeling
and not you
shimano p1 now beach with this little
menu that's appealing opportunity
Assateague peanut butter myself after
many for being focused on the piano
miles would be limited to 20 back w noes
to yeses
not after you too demanding ya ready to
ski very ya know if you get down to some
magic French got to be as a problem back
there must be John look Jason do teacher
ski Bobby don't give me probably busy
with a present
nobody to ski yes sweetim selected to be
true no blue polo chest mikado to
varanasi Prosecco waitress tamil sujatha
no podia anime was elegant wanna meet
cha vochinch nagoya some randos cochina
a solution to see mono VD to me muah
miss you want me to me a prob Bob amiga
la muchacha a coma
no possible way gravity gratis en la
espera para nokia christmas
ba-ba-ba-boom yami no matsuei technical
down and skipper when I really what
gadget but this is where in the Sun ya
got some sense of what's going on the
next best episode of unique way to go
man go to make it they will give me
2,000 yeah you might want to think about
the weather
so do the cable bulgaria ask your
footage for the Mako found your divorce
to put static somewhat more than a book
maybe any situation will change the
novel SWAT kisses what cheeky actually
local gap your grandmother asked me to
me to look asti me propose asking a
sitcom even ghulami for Pia god bless
you should do for crystianna better
without asking wrap it really is gonna
pleased that we're preparing stuff and I
watched the budget while but you're
buying up that no way back to fire
people got to be the patrols officially
the worst QB jump reminding me to walk
in the park
soonish divine Michael of the fact that
he's come for a smaller than watching
the public silk and I got me prepared to
want to Nicomedia after the creator's
Christie was remember Delino can crack
it is you perform absolutely ridiculous
and black person singing carols with it
is going to perform
maybe which one you gonna go in a pic
you can do because I don't get you know
he got a question for money to me guys
would be to grab your adventures you
come home but I composedly schools you
better songs tomorrow never thought I'd
just for example
oh you got to wait does this equal to
change the domain of all the people with
the be forgotten while he was not much
more decadent get back w my best friend
p at the barbershop seat will be anthony
appreciate the dough and yeah we did it
you know what your crystal
the water ships equipment they often go
in yet we can finish the black community
this is the development back the box
summer going down tonight

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