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how are you work your sixties it
will resume before this
I worked in the bone marrow
transplant Department here
I'm a coordinator for the
Department of Clinical
what do you like best about your
job that his I just like working
for the department in general
I have worked with different
clinics over the years and a
one thing that's interesting but
working for the neurosurgery
department is that guys
%uh neurosurgeons in our
department don't believe take
this much is a
career as it is lifestyle you
are here all the time night when
I figured morning here
when I leave a night you guys
are still either in the middle
of the procedure doing something
it's weird because it doesn't
feel some of his work is it
feels like just trying to keep
up the good things in life
as they like working with the
patient is still a lot of people
who are either friends over
in pain and typically my roles
you guys do the surgery is the
nurses atop the patience to us
part for signing communication
for a lot of patience I'll
we get to conduct their five few
things just to talk to them just
to make you feel more
comfortable so what time sir
important things that you guys
are doing that the patients
aren't even aware of it
they I'll be able to communicate
to them yes we
we definitely are working we up
understand what you're going
through for trying really hard
to do this they
is if they don't hear that
sometimes they don't think it's
happening answered
and I would have
see doctor botch to but at the
same time but it's also those
things where
very she's she's funny a but
she's definitely serious in
terms of life
if she feels that you were in
the a barrier to her patients
progress at all
are you that a run you better
get out of the way because you
let you know
and the I love it's a kinda like
you don't like feeling somebody
got in the way of patient
privacy or patient care at all
and if
did there's a barrier the gets
through it and sit around itself
so this patient doctor in ca2+
up %uh the issue is
is she's very complex has like
the the finish is going on 30
she's very also very nice
dissidents issues she would call
and she immediately correctness
was Billy Coleman at other in
like that %ah
when she see him once in like
she is a hong accompanied on the
clinic give me a hug and I'm not
augur so is late
but it was very it was very
sweet to know that she cares
last year since the graduation
photo everything into it was
a little bit something I did
that that was sure that was

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Matt Yeager clinical care coordinator in the department of neurosurgery at the University of Minnesota. Describes what it is like to be a care coordinator helping patients daily.