Subtitles for Rep. Eric Burlison on Repealing Personal Property Taxes

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higher state representative air
pearls remember that bill that
you received in the mail from
County for y personal
County for your personal
property taxes County Senior
ask you for tax money on the
vehicles and other personal
property that you've already pay
taxes on this bill hits the
working poor
the hardest Springfield any
other person Missouri
owning a vehicle is required for
in the state it's required to
get a job
to get to and from your place at
work where you get to it from
the grocery store
and that's why it hits the
working poor the hardest
that's why I have filed House
bill 335 this bill
will take the personal property
and repeal those personal
property taxes under vehicles
and other personal property
and instead roll those taxes
other tax collection agencies
that we already have for example
currently in Greene County the
average personal property tax
is approximately five percent
the assessed valuation if this
bill passes
and it goes to the voters and
the voters decide whether they
want to repeal
the personal property tax and
how they're going to repeal
it can be repealed by increased
1 percent in real property taxes
an increase in approximately one
percent is sales tax
there are several reasons why
we're doing this firstly
taxing personal property
has a negative effect on
economic growth and here's why
personal property is that fine
economics capital goods or
factors of production
factors of production are
equipment that businesses or
individuals use
and order to produce vehicles
livestock they help reduce
and West right what drives our
economy forward.
these items produced goods that
are not themselves
conceived but produce other
items that I think it's
that's why it's never a good
for government tax items
that produce other goods we do
you're reducing that growth love
your country
so we need to you
the taxi consumable goods and
not so much
capital goods or personal
property taxes
secondly personal property tax
collection depends on the
honesty if the individuals that
are filling up force
which creates all kinds of room
for errors
mistakes and heat and frost we
need to look no further
in Christian County where the
county assessor recent the
former county assessor
made quite a few mistakes ever
alone in
filling out her assessment for
it I think she's
saying those mistakes today
it's a grossly inefficient
collection process
in both the assessment and the
collection process
and if the tax the personal
property tax for a bit
and and shifted to sales tax
4 property taxes taxes that are
currently existing as
as well that we could eliminate
tax collection bureaucracy and
those savings
could then be apply and give it
to you
the schools the local schools
and fire districts
the very reason why our tech
collecting these texts to begin
and fourthly it isn't unethical
I believe it is unethical to ask
people to pay taxes
on something but they are to pay
taxes if you have
any questions about this bill
335 or any of the other bills
that were found this year
please contact my office my
local phone number is 417
597 36 35 you can also email me
Eric dot Burleson it
house dot low .co I look forward
to hearing from you
and any of your comments he may
have thank you for your time

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