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guys definitely be sensual
and we all know that learning in
religion tough so today I want
to talk to you about the faeces
we learn a new language
now there are a number of
methods do we use to try to
learn a new language but the
reality is
not all methods are equal in
fact that most methods like
traditional classroom learning
are rather ineffective now I'm
sure not to the popular methods
and when I found may surprise
you my personal favorite is
actually a new language learning
software called rocket languages
if you don't wanna hear me
ramble on about it and you just
watching after self
the link is in the description
now the surgery come I tension
because it claimed
to reduce the language burning
time but the fifty percent
so I was rather impressive and
decide to give it a try and
after number months
I can see why they make that
claim another
three big reasons why I like the
software first I like it because
it gets you talking the language
facts and not just random words
a complete
and relevant sentences progress
is a logical fashion from
introductions and worked his way
to work complex topics such as
shopping he recovers imploding
second I like it because
actually retain the information
now I'm not entirely sure why
this is
but I certainly remember more
than I do using other methods
it might have something to do
with the quiz at the end of each
lesson to help reinforce them
but again I'm not entirely sure
finally I like it because it's
well i think is most people quit
trying to learn any language
because they find it extremely
dull or boring
however that is not the case
with the rocket may could suffer
lessons are short enough to keep
warm in Bay and the fact there
are such relevant conversations
really helps things do
at the Games are also if you see
things up by its
to be honest I don't use them
all that much so there you have
now everybody learns differently
so I heard you just try
different things and she works
for you
but this is what I found to be
the most effective way for
and the fact that they're
actually way cheaper than
everybody else
doesn't hurt either so for
everyone checking out I have a
good link to the
360 trailer description so if
you're really interested I would
just went right out
sobil amassing if it requires a
credit card for the six-day
any answers now well thanks for
watching more to come
and good luck with your language

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