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was start by asking a question
how many of you rely on the
scary here alone
yeah that's that's what I
thought the afternoon everyone
my name is Jimmy arwood and I
want you know that my education
matters my success impact your
life who I am and who I become
effects you you see if my
success means somehow that I'm
able to create a new generation
of smartphones iPhones for
people in the UK a means of
affected so this brings us to
this question how do we give
more people the opportunity to
impact others success
well it starts with education
you see the foundation and every
success has this cornerstone
ruden this person's knowledge in
their understanding of the world
and their education but behind
each one of these success
stories where people who
invested in you sacrifice for
them even when they don't know
it is a tremendous quote that
goes it takes a normal human
being the plant a seed perjury
that will someday give shape to
someone they may never meet I
find so powerful about this
quote is just how beautiful it
is this sacrifice for others to
invest in others especially when
you don't know who they are
saying about the firefighters
all the police officers all the
soldiers who dedicate themselves
to us we sacrifice their time
their energy and sometimes even
the lives of people they don't
know I think that's powerful
because even though if we can't
see this at the individual level
we still feel as a society are
still able to live freely as he
can make the same argument for
education when we invest in
young people we see amazing
thing that we see doctors who
say patients we see young
entrepreneurs start businesses
and create jobs
we see aspiring think this rate
the next generation and Malcolm
Gladwell's book outliers he
talks about how success comes
from number one hard work it's
it's just a given that you have
to work hard to succeed but not
everyone who works hard is
widely successful and that's
because success also stems from
opportunity when we give young
people the opportunity of higher
education when we give them the
opportunity of college we give
them the opportunity to succeed
we give them the opportunity to
impact society
continually today we as a
society yer devaluing education
since the Great Recession we
have cut public universities by
thirteen billion dollars at the
state level in Arizona numbers
four hundred and sixty three
million dollars in with every
cut universities that means more
soon set the take out one takes
longer for them appear back and
they can't go out and buy a car
or a house or start business and
create jobs because they're
worried about paying off the
loan even worse we have students
who we lose out on because they
feel they can for the university
but they have to drop out not
because of a lack of ability or
tower ideas but because of the
numbers in their bank account
the compound this problem we
have this American political
system that wants answers now we
went instantaneous results we
want immediate change in the
problem this presents for
education education education is
a long-term benefit we don't get
the CD immediate changes but we
know that when we receive an
education provides shade
and we can blame politicians we
can blame lawmakers and decision
makers but then the day we are
the changemakers we had the
ability to vote yet to be truly
civically engaged we have to do
more than just vote we have to
be willing to the man that
education has made a priority in
this country isn't just placed
on the back burner we have to
fight for the social good while
education is a social good for
myself I find it to be a lot
more personal you see a few
years ago my mother was
diagnosed with the rather
terrible to the dementia
essentially limits her
capabilities and every trying to
weigh yet I find myself I'm
grateful because there have been
so many doctors and so many
researchers who report an hour
after hour of their time to
combat this disease and because
of their success they are able
to ward off the effects of my
mom variable bias I'm my mom was
able to see me graduate high
school my mom was able to me
waist up my basketball shoes in
the final game of my high school
career she's able to see me go
to prom with the prom queen
we are able to share those
experiences together and even
though she can't be here sitting
here today I know she still
feels my sense of excitement as
she still proud of me because a
previous generation invest in
education they empowered the
doctors and the scientists were
working a fight this disease
because they planted a seed that
she grew into a tree and it
provided shade and for me that
shade with time we still have a
responsibility to pay to plant
seeds and education because we
should be content with the way
things are the reason I'm so
passionate about education is
because we still have too many
problems left us all
so don't let anyone ever tell
you you don't have a purpose
because your actions matter your
success makes a difference even
if no one says thank you
even if no one's applauding you
when you finish when you make it
through a hard time when you
overcome difficult circumstances
because when you succeed when
you don't give up you plant a
seed even if you can't see the
tree to the shade that provides
have faith that for someone out
there like me you're providing
time we still have that
see success is interconnected
when you succeed you help me
just as when I succeed I hope
you it's why Obama said yes we
can it's why the ASU charter
states that we are going to
pride ourselves not by who we
exclude but by who we include
because they understand that
education in success is all
interconnected because when we
talk about embracing your vision
we're talking about bracing our
vision so I asked you today to
succeed and in the same way I
asked you to invest in education
because we still have too many
young people once we have too
many young entrepreneurs wanna
go out and start businesses and
create jobs we have too many
young scientists who are put an
end to the diseases like cancer
and dementia we have too many
young people with too many
aspirations to me successes in
front of them not to invest and
then because our success is
interconnected and that's why my
education matters you thank you

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Is there a return on investing in people to attend college, people that you have never known, and probably will never meet or even hear of in your lifetime? Jimmy Arwood, a sophomore at Arizona State University, shares why his education matters directly to you, and why we as a society should give more people the opportunity to attend college.

Jimmy Arwood has been a rising student organizer and activist on behalf of the collegiate community. Not only has he aided the Andrew Goodman Foundation in registering nearly 1,000 voters this past year, but he has also operated his own student organization. Students for Affordable Tuition (SFAT) is a non-partisan campus organization Arwood founded last fall in response to the $99 million in cuts to universities. Currently SFAT spans 3 campuses including Arizona State Universities Downtown Phoenix, Tempe, and the University of Arizona in Tucson.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at