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hi everyone
this is our
this video is going to teach
how to get a web host account
with goal
Delhi dot com if you haven't
already done so
go ahead and get a free account
with GoDaddy dot com
and you should have done that
back in the
register domain section alright
so when login to your go daddy:
dot com account
and then quit on the hosting
link at the top
once you've done that you will
be presented with the
3 where polls accounts
options here you have the
economy the deluxe
and the ultimate I recommend the
deluxe and for good reason
if you compare the economy the
lots in altman
you can see that there's one
dollar difference between the
and Lux in a2 don't give birth
difference between the
ultimate and beadlocks the
a where post account I don't
recommend that unless you are
absolutely certain
that you can have just one
domain just one website
and that's it as you can see
here with this will post account
you're only allowed to hold one
domain all one
a website on you get unlimited
bandwith you get a 100 gigabytes
of hard drive space which is
unless your gonna be streaming
and uploading videos which
consume lots about disk space
you get the 10 my sequel
and 100 email addresses under
deluxe were post account which
is up five dollars and cents per
you get the unlimited
web sites which means that you
can have as many domain names as
you want
anything holds them under this
one account I do this myself
I you get unlimited bandwith you
unlimited disk space hiya 25 my
simple data bases in five
100 email addresses so this is a
very this is the best value
I recommend to all that this is
what you wanna get and that way
you have some skill ability
for the future the old men the
workforce account is one that
we're if you're a large business
a corporation and you're
concerned with the security
%uh your website data
for example if your bank or
credit union or a large
corporation where
securing your company's data is
important to you
then this is the where post
account that you want to select
and as you can see here it's
very similar to the looks
a webhost account with the
exception that you get unlimited
databases yet more email
and you get something call
premium DNS and a
SSLC certificate SSL certificate
is simply another layer of
if we average user our website a
owner you don't need this or the
premium DNS
I've been with our Go Daddy now
for most the
six years and I always choose
deluxe account and our mind I
have our own 32
domains and around the mall
under this one account
and and I have no issues at all
alright so
as assume that you want the
deluxe account and then you
click on the Add to Cart button
and %uh the next page you will
be presented with
a your plan which is already
peace but before you use that
beat the
deluxe where post account
because you can have multiple
web sites on multiple domains
hosted on it
down X is not be your term the
term is
a simply how do you wanna pay
for this wanna pay by the month
going to do about a month you
will be billed by the year only
billed every two years or more
it's up to you
so which one do is pull down at
this button right here annual
has martians year if you elect
to pay for you wholesale account
a the month in other words what
your credit card build each
in the amount up eight dollars
99 cents then you select this
what i thought id let you do is
out shoes to 24-month or
options because that we all have
to worry about it
either way about been have my
debit card or credit card
on build every month is billed
every two years to build every
three years what you want to
every four years or five years
it's up to you let's assume that
you want the
to be billed every year so
you're gonna be
charge to five dollars 99 cents
a month
times 12 which equals a year the
BU annual
be cease like that and then next
you have to choose your
operating system
body bolt Go Daddy select the
operating system which explains
my website that
whether you choose limits or
Windows has nothing to do with
your computer
of people get confused about
that because medium many
mcintosh owners now people out
there who also uses the Linux or
Unix based operating systems
and they think that all I have
to choose limits
you choose minutes because
limits is faster too much faster
the Whipple's providers servers
the operating system here that
is talking about has nothing to
do with your computer it has
everything to do with the
operating system that's running
on be Go Daddy surfers I don't
recommend using Windows because
Windows is slow
it's prone to viruses and get
calls all kinds of problems
are most people choose landings
so I recommend choose the
minutes operating system
in the Queen Creek continue
next the go there isn't over
Schobel for free domain
that's fine for now you didn't
that this later
wouldn't choose one later if you
want to do that so right now
I don't want my freedom and you
are saying that you know ever
want you to be saying you don't
want to do it right now
went quick I don't want my free
domain bypass this
and then you'll be checked at
taken to your preview your
order paid just this gives you
an opportunity to make sure that
this is what you want
you selected the let's Linux
package it's a one year term
which means you'll be billed
this amount of money right here
every year
and at this point you given the
option again to search for the
free domain
alright now once you you sure
this is what you want
he wouldn't pick on people see
the checkout button I won't be
there right now because I'm
gonna buy this
but once you click on their
proceed to checkout button then
you been taken to another page
it gives you the option to pay
for you airport account via your
credit card debit card your
checking account or
the Pay Pal and that's it you
receive email from godaddy dot
telling you that everything's
all set up to give your
and everything and you'll be all
set to go
will even give you a little
starter web site all in that
process takes about
all 30 minutes to an hour and
sometimes maybe less
Go Daddy they are very very fast
and you're all set
now you have your domain name in
hand you now have a web host
so your third step now is to go
ahead and build a website
and that will be the subject
have the next
discussion on are John Harris
dot com
building your website I think
you'll be pleasantly pleased to
see how
easy here's to build a website
and we would do that
within body like a this is our
john harris
at Arjun here Starcom thank you
for listening

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This video presentation walks you through the process of choosing and getting a web host account.