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ok let's get hey what's up cooking with
Devin we're gonna do cooking with Devin
today's this is brought to you by extra
virgin olive oil
this video's the every time you buy an
olive oil they give the they're gonna
give one baby back
so let's so let's get those babies back
that's enough of all that jazz let's
let's go make some cooking
all right here we are at the cooking
station so you might have be asking
yourself a couple questions right now
like Who am I or what is dead i'm going
to be cooking today
well I can answer one of those questions
so today we're going to make cereal
this is a pretty simple pretty simple
for me at least recipe on all you're
gonna need is milk cereal and a bolt
what the fuck up and a bowl
no that's not fun why is it mom mom
people and a bowl so now you have
everything the first thing you're going
to want to do is open your cereal if you
need help with this you might want to
ask a parent I got it
and done it should look something like
now comes the hard part so sometimes i
like to put on my glasses for this milk
here's one carefully pour it over the
ok so this happens sometimes it's not
that big of a deal accidents happens you
know you gotta get some napkins and
clean it up
so if you can get it all in because you
can just go again try don't don't you
stop stop stop
ok that's we did it it's done it should
look something like that and then all
you use a spoon
that's my gosh that's the end of this
alright guys so that's not in this video
if you liked it leave a thumbs up if you
don't like it just such I hope you enjoy

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