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my name is jeremy schneider i am
president of National claim managers
incorporated this is a video we prepared
that is meant to expose the corruption
associated with the relationship between
insurance companies and structural
engineers this corrupt relationship is
nothing less than organized crime and
needs to be stopped
hope you enjoy the video
doing today my name is jeremy schneider
i am with national claim managers
incorporated we are the public adjusting
firm who is handling this claim
nice to meet you my name is cheating
twice i'm with Conan engineering firm we
were sent here by the insurer to
determine if this property has held
damage or not before we get started and
go over everything
would you mind if I ask you a few
questions it won't take long
no I have no problem with that but i am
not sure how many of your questions I
can answer we both know that my only
real job here is to write a report that
left the insurer justified 29 this claim
so they can hide behind my report and
avoid taking responsibility
well it's good to hear that you fully
understand your role in this entire
process let me start with my first
question now have you read the
policyholders insurance policy know as a
structural engineering firm we are not
licensed to go over insurance policies
we never look at the policies nor do we
know what they say we do not ask
questions okay next question do you know
the definition of damage as it is
defined in the insurance policy
like I said before I have no idea what
the insurance policy says so I do not
have any ideas how it defines damage
covered under it did the insurer give
you any criteria to look for when
defining damage as would or would not be
covered under the policy
did they tell you what to look for no
the insurer will not tell us what to
look for other than asking this is a
property of Hell damage in our opinion
i'm just giving my opinion on what I see
next a very simple question what is your
definition of hail damage roof is
damaged by hell if the hell breaks the
matting and cracks through the shingle
is only damaged if it's functional life
is shortened because of health impacts
who taught you how to look for and
define hail damage i've been doing this
for a long time I know what hail damage
looks like also i went to the two day
plus that makes me an expert and I am
have certified his hands definition of
damage or your I've been doing it a long
time experience definition listed as the
definition of damage in the insurance
policy again I don't know what is
covered under the policy
I don't know what definition of damage
the insurer uses to approve deny claims
I just give my opinion of what I think
do you ever have your mind made up in
advance about weather damage exists on
the property before you ever even show
up at the property i take insult with
that question of course i don't make up
my mind before i arrived at the property
i give my honest opinion every time
after I inspect the property out of ten
claim inspections that the insurer pays
you for and sends you on how many would
you say you find hail damage on that's a
very hard question the insurer usually
only sends me on the ones that it's
adjusters think of no damage so I have
to say I agree with the make to nine out
of 10 times do you realize that the
insurers are intentionally not providing
you with criteria to look for and they
are using your opinion as a way to steal
money from their insured look my job is
to do an inspection and give an opinion
what the insurance company does with
that of pain has nothing to do with me
that is up to them I do not deny claims
do you realize that by taking the
insurers mind to give an opinion that is
not based on criteria in the policy
knowing that they are using that opinion
to steal from their insured you two are
committing fraud and stealing money
right out of the pocket of the insured
I'm not stealing money from anyone i
simply work for a company that was built
by taking payments from insurance
companies all over the country so that
we will go out to properties and write
reports that say that eight to nine out
of ten times the properties to inspect
in our pains do not have hail damage
then the insurer uses those opinions to
save billions have dollars in claim
payouts it's a very simple contact the
insurers pace millions to save them
billions and no one is responsible
because we blame each other how is your
opinion of whether or not damaged exists
relevant in any way to this claim if a
you haven't read the policy be you are
not defining damage as it is defined in
the policy see your opinion or the
opinion of hag is not relevant to the
d you are being paid by an insurance
company who is using your opinion as a
reason to deny a valid claim in which
your opinion is not based on the
criteria of the claim
II the more claims that you helped the
insurer fraudulent leaden I the more
claims they give you and the more money
your company makes I'm just a small fish
in a big pond
I don't make the rules I just come out
and give an opinion and the insurer can
do with it what they will it's so far
above me
do you realize that you're a criminal
and people are going to be coming for
you do you realize that your
relationship with the insurers nothing
less than organized crime that steals
billions of dollars from insured
policyholders all across the u.s. it is
going to come to an end you will no
longer assistance dealing from people at
their weakest point I'm not taking any
more of this truth I have a job to do
I'm done with the questions i'll talk to
you in a few minutes mr. Snyder alright
cheatham it was good talking to you i'll
let you get to your work i'll chat with
you in a little while thanks for
watching our video we really hope you
liked it if you filed an insurance claim
within the past three years call us
today at eight 841 claim for a free
claim review

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This video is meant to expose the corruption associated with the insurance company, structural engineer relationship. Insurance companies all across the country use structural engineers as a tool to deny valid claims and steal billions of dollars from insured policy holders. Here are the questions you should ask every single engineer on every single claim. Time to stop the organized crime!

National Claim Managers Inc. will document and handle your insurance claim from start to finish and maximize your final settlement amount. We are only paid if your claim is approved and because we work on a percentage of the claim, our fee is almost always offset but our increase in the total claim amount. Give us a call at (888)41-CLAIM, go on lie to our website at, or join our Facebook group at