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hi everyone my name is David and welcome
to inclusive classroom strategies
this is a three credit class through the
terrible University and I'm glad to be
your instructor
my name is David eroded I do have a PhD
from the University of wisconsin-madison
in educational leadership and policy
analysis where I studied high-stakes
decision-making across the number of
industries I thought with the turbo for
14 years and love it it's a great place
so I'm glad that you're here I have
significantly updated this class so I
think you're going to enjoy it a lot of
very contemporary materials what I'm
doing right now this is an introduction
to class so what I want you to do is go
in to Moodle open the class up early
that's not started tell January
sixteenth but you can go in you can test
drive it in downloads on the materials
download the syllabus check things out
I asked you don't pulse though until the
16 on the sixteenth I need you to post
it's a requirement to show that you have
access the class is very important for
financial aid you will go in the class
you only see you know like the first the
first week of class it's set up that way
after the first week that I open up the
second week and open up the third week
but then the first second week they
still stay there and eventually once we
get toward the end no I'll kind of open
up like last three all at once so let me
tell you how the glassworks you do have
a number of discussion posts that you'll
be making and I want you to be you know
critical and those you can challenge me
you can challenge statements made by
your peers we have a big class 15 in the
so you know go ahead and do that you
know be respectful i will access the
class typically daily the best way to
contact me is first you know if it's
short just text me but I'm not speedy
with the text so the other way that
would be to email me or if there's
something we need to talk to on the
phone we could set that up for skype or
something like that but typically
noodles pretty intuitive so once you get
in the turbos a number of wonderful
tutorials you can get it and find what
you need through class so again once you
get into the class you will have a
discussion threads that you'll be doing
throughout the class you do have ea1
book that you're required to to purchase
that's in the syllabus right away go and
find the syllabus download that and
understand what is what your
expectations will be for the class
completely asynchronous these will be
doing nothing in in real time I've
instructed for 14 years for the turtle
face the face blended and any
synchronous little bit about me so I
have a wife Debbie two daughters became
Mackenzie that we have three cats again
love instruction for turbo was a special
education director for 12 years
currently serve as a speech language
therapists / their department
chairperson /a safety coordinator role
with the Wisconsin Center for the blind
and visually impaired absolutely
wonderful place to work
that's a quarter mile long campus so
think about that has dorms as swimming
pool indoor track but when you're
working on security how facility like
that there's a there's a whole lot
consider especially you know students
who are visually
hat faculty or visually impaired but
that we do a phenomenal job where people
work with so what I want you to get out
of this class we're going to explore a
lot of a lot of different ideas that
have to do with including stub diverse
learners and we'll focus on things like
Universal Design for Learning the book
that you're required to use for this
class has a lot of narrative stories in
it which will will will personally get
to you know know a lot of people do have
a number of videos that that I'll share
also the discussion threads will become
very rich i'll be doing what's called
fireside chats which is very similar to
what i'm doing right now and in those
chats I'll do shoutouts now we have 15
students so in smaller classes i can do
shoutouts if it's you know seven eight
students typically include everyone so I
do a shout-out i might include you know
three four five students if you're not
please don't feel slighted by that that
meant to be cited it just means uh you
know I look to include you at a
different time but if I find something
that someone has posted that it was
especially treating or that sparked
additional post on the thread or someone
emails me a question says would you
please talk more about this i'll go
ahead and do that so about every week
i'll post a video like this usually
about 30-40 minutes long and people can
watch that now if you're not much in
watching videos you can always there's
converters online free converters
youtube to mp3 you can download this as
an mp3 and listen to it in your car you
can do that would be absolutely fine
so but looking at this class we're going
again look at a lot of universal design
for learning will talk about things like
co-teaching I'm going to have you do a
project at the end it's going to be the
bill porter plan where you're going to
be watching a short 2020 special done a
number of years ago on the anvil Porter
was door-to-door salesman with cerebral
palsy in the portland oregon area you
will imagine bill as whatever you know
capacity you're working at the school so
if your title one teacher if your high
school social studies teacher
third-grade teacher whatever not
currently a teacher you're going to put
yourself into role of where you
eventually see yourself teaching and
then imagine that you've been you know
talk to buy your principal it and you're
one of the people in charge then to help
build acclimate to the school so you can
be talking about things like disability
awareness you know physical environment
for bill making sure that peers and
staff for educated for example the most
people several policy of normal
intelligence you know assistive
technology things like that it's pretty
well laid out but I mean they'll be and
that's written in kind of a story format
so it's a fun way to write you know it
can be written like you know today I was
notified by my principle that we have a
new student starting in two weeks name
is Bill Porter so I felt I in informing
building so I will pause the i have
worked with us to with cerebral palsy a
long time here is I'm going to go about
learning more about CP delta take it
from there
so yeah it's it's really a neat
assignment to to kind of under undertake
so again in an intro to this class it's
open early so you can go and get
familiar with Moodle because some people
have not taken online classes before and
Moodle did over the christmas break had
an update so nothing really significant
change but just you know to go on in
it might have a little bit of different
field on the layout but everything's you
know pretty similar to what it was i'm
going to update the great book you know
probably every like you know three weeks
so i will post in the announcements
that's where you always want to check is
in the announcements all posts and say
they updated the gradebook as of you
know through this date so going in and
check and make sure everything looks
good so if you don't see your great post
it right after you know something is do
you know don't freak out about it when I
do return for example like the bill
porter plan i print those off
I grade them by hand scan them back in
return them to you so you know I do put
a lot of time a lot of time into that so
hopefully you'll be getting a lot of
feedback for me but again with 15
students you know if everybody makes you
know you know five poles today you know
we're looking at at 75 you know pulse
American be able to respond to know too
that many posts so if you're if you make
a post and i responded don't feel bad
mhm so this is where we could use the I
don't know that Paul's mental of this
thing losing my voice bit but so yeah
don't feel don't feel you know bad about
that if I haven't responded doesn't mean
that i haven't read your your post and
you know if if you do see a score going
and I have
comment doesn't mean that i thought i
have read it just means that i am you
know making responses but again we do
have 15 students in class which is a
very big class so that any one day we
can we can easily generate you know
70-plus post so be active pollsters
that's that's the big thing be
successful in classes get in there in
and post so if your peers post response
to a discussion question jump in there
afterwards and make a post you know also
feel free to share materials that is
great a lot of people do that just make
sure it's nothing that your district
wouldn't want you to share but a lot of
times districts will generate things and
districts to tend to share things with
other districts so if it's a form that
you use you know to help with see here's
sights on you know pinterest that help
for universal design for learning for
you know students with sensory needs or
boom please share that please do that so
again my name is david i'm excited to
teach this class 626 I've instructed 14
years for the turbo any questions again
giving a text short otherwise send me an
email and i'll get back to the class
should be pretty easy to follow I
thought this won a number of times again
it done a pretty significant update to
it a lot of new materials in this time
if you happen to find a link that's not
let me know i'll check everything but
you know how links tend to go down or if
there's some discrepancy between the
syllabus and actually what's in Moodle
let me know once in a weird while Moodle
will pull something from a previous
class you know like a date
I don't know why that happens and but
the system is reliable and it usually is
to do it like what a great would be or
anything like that but some might say
this says it's due on July night and all
that that should be so but if you notice
anything kind of walking like that let
me know especially after the update here
that I can go in and make sure that
everything is lined up between the two I
do i do check it out a run through these
things quite a bit but again it's the
strangest thing because you can get a
class completely up and running and two
days later like you know some links can
can go down you know because they've
been changed externally somewhere some
have to find some new things so and what
I wanted want you to do two in this
class is you know you don't have to
agree with with what i say i'm trying to
expose you to different positions and
and hopefully evoke some critical
responses from you we will eventually
talk about mainstreaming inclusion
tolerance and acceptance of terms that i
think are very very different needs
trimming and inclusion are used very
interchangeably when they shouldn't and
then tolerance and acceptance are
significantly different and we have
these programs called teach tolerance
which I i personally am NOT a teach
tolerance person aight i think we're
better than that that we should teach
acceptance i'll tell you why when we'll
get into that more but when we talk
about inclusive strategies this will be
very important for you when you exit
this course to be able to fluidly define
mainstreaming inclusion tolerance and
acceptance and those are those are big
those are big things so i also have a
couple things I do is I serve as expert
legal witness throughout the united
states in special education cases that I
don't do it in Wisconsin but what I'll
do sometimes i will share things you
know with you two if they have you know
to do with inclusion just as little
pointers of things that I've learned
from ok
that might have been involved in that
did have an inclusion no type component
but you know just not anything I can
share with you from kind of those
anecdotal stories i will go through the
fireside chats and I do look forward to
learning from all of you and that's
always the best part because you rich
this this class so much i also i create
a folder during every class and it's
it's things that students share with me
and I try to bring a lot of that forward
into the next class i just got done
teaching a course and incorporate you
know probably eight or nine things from
different students you know that went
into this class as a close here make
sure you read through the syllabus and
you know you understand what the
expectations are once we get to that
bill porter plan which is toward the end
which is toward the end I release that
this class does move kind of fast though
but the reason I mean people usually do
really well on that if they don't do
well what they do is they write a paper
that just does not match the rubric they
just kind of freelance it and that's
costly so make sure that you're checking
out the Rue break ahead of time and you
know that's that's there for you but
people then you know just it in the
rubric isn't sophisticated you know it
it's gonna be very black-and-white in
what used to be there but that's that's
where people typically you know what
lose points as they just don't follow
the rubric for assignments so be active
welcome to 626 I got the course open
early for yes you can get comfort with
Moodle and with the course again little
more of the course will appear as time
goes on so don't look at it saying oh my
goodness where is everything and any
questions let me know otherwise make
sure that January sixteenth you are
posting your introduction to the class i
posted mine already
so you can get an idea you don't have to
post a bunch of
did and feel free to post the family
you know of a pet from a
vacation whatever you want to do you
know so we can make a little more
personal a little more context know
through the class too
so again thank you for choosing the
turbo i love the university i really i
really do I've taught for some different
places but they're there really is no no
other institution like like terrible
definitely has the priorities in the
right places had those priorities in the
right place for under years so I'm glad
to be here
glad to be your instructor any questions
let me know so look forward to the next
few weeks with you here in inclusive
classroom strategies again my name is
David and welcome to class

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Welcome! My name is David Perrodin, PhD, and I will be the instructor for Viterbo University's Inclusive Classroom Strategies course that begins on January 16, 2017. Please watch this introduction video to understand the course expectations and format.