Subtitles for 2012 SEMA VPG Auto MV-1 Mobility Vehicle DOT certified ADA compliant

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گهڻن يوٽيوب آء هتي آهيان ان
em تي SEMA 2012 ع
هڪ mobility گاڏي 1 du د ص autos جي. نوائي
ان جو هڪ مڪمل اچان-نئين گاڏي آهي ته آمريڪا ۾ هتي ڪرائي جي آهي
پوء ان کي هڪ خوني جي گاڏي نه آهي ته ان کي ڇهه مسافرن کي مٿي ڏسجي ٿي ويندو
سڀني جي اچو ته ضرورت
ناه ڄنگهن جي پاسن کان رسائي پوء ان کي هڪ خوني ته نه آهي
جن جي پوئتان ٿين، ۽ بمپر يا ڪا شيء وڃائڻ
جي رام لڪايو شيء شاٽ وانگر منزل جيڪڏھن اوھان کي پسند ڪيو آهي
اسان اهڙو ڪجه جي موڙ جي هڪ مڪمل Demo ۾ اچڻ ۽ مان حاصل ڪري رهيا آهيو
به اوچائي منزل اوچائي ها جي رنيجرز مختصر ٿا ڏين تيار جي خاتمي
هڪ رابطي يا توهان ان کي منعقد ڪرڻ جي ضرورت ٿا ته قلم ماڊل تي دارومدار
پوء وانگر cleats لاء اوھان کي ان ڪرايون ڇاڪاڻ ته توهان صرف ان کي ڪو ايذاء نه ٿا چاهيون آهن
ھن ۾ ڪائنات جو حق اسان جي هڪ رابطي توهان جي ذاتي سان ڪندا
اهو اڳ ۾ ئي ان ڪم جي
ها مون کي خيال
هن هڪ آهي
واو به پاسي ريل ته مٿي اچي چڪو آهي
ان ھميشه لاء روانو ٿيو آهي پوء کيس اوچائي ۽ منزل جي اوچائي حقيقت ۾ حصو محسوس
هڪ ڀيرو ٻيهر هن جي mv-1 هتي آهي ۽ ڏسي منهنجي 2012 ع vpg autos جي ڪيو. نوائي
ان کي هڪ گذرڻ موٽر وغيره جي پر اهي مڪمل سڄي نئين chassis آهيو پوء ان کي محفوظ آهي
۽ وصال جي منظوري ڏني ته جيڪڏھن اوھين جي اندر جو جائزو ڪر پوء اوھان کي اڃا ان کان وڌيڪ آهي
ڪافي جهازن
توهان ته خلا يا ته ڪمري ۾ اوھان کي ڪافي ڪمري جي ڀيٽ ۾ وڌيڪ آهي ويندس ڪڏهن به وڃائي سين
مسافرن لاء ۽ ڏٺل هڪ سئو سيڪڙو ڄنگهن پهچ

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Mobility Transportation with a Purpose
The MV-1 is created with the sole purpose of supporting the mobility community and designed from the ground up based on input received from wheelchair users and service providers. It is the only original equipment manufacturer vehicle that meets ADA guidelines.Accessibility
The MV-1 is the vehicle that wheelchair users have been waiting for.
Integrated deployable ramp with a short or long form option
Extra wide 36" x 56" access door that exceeds ADA guidelines and allows for easy entry
Best-in-class interior room seating 6 occupants, with optional jump-seat
Wheelchair passenger can ride shotgun, creating a new riding experienceDurability

Built like a truck, yet rides like a car.
A body-on-frame design provides the ultimate driving experience. With fully boxed and tubed cross-members that provide additional frame stiffness and durability, the MV-1 features a Front Short Long Arm suspension for tight turning and rack and pinion steering, de Dion rear suspension with steel-leaf springs and air shocks and a Ford 4.6 V8 engine, one of the highest volume engines ever made.

Green Option
With the MV-1, it's easy being green.
The MV-1 is the only vehicle in its class with an available OEM engineered and assembled Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling system option. With a 290 mile range and 29.1 square ft cargo volume space, it's ideal for fleet operations.
The MV-1 is the safest decision you'll ever make.
For your protection, safety features are integrated throughout the MV-1, starting with the anti-slip surface that covers the ramp and interior floor to give wheelchairs and scooters increased grip. While on the road, the MV-1 has Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to keep your ride steady. With passive and active safety features, it offers unprecedented peace of mind for mobility vehicle passengers and drivers. The MV-1 meets all applicable U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS).