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now they're going called an island for a
change in the abortion or many women
currently traveled to England for
termination last month thousands took
apart in rally lobbying for more choice
let's look at some of the numbers
involved more than 3,400 women traveled
from the Republic of Ireland as you can
see for an abortion in England or Wales
in 2015 that's more than nine women
every single day further 833 were from
Northern Ireland where abortion is also
illegal at this time over a five-year
period more than 5,000 women fought
abortion pills on mine so should island
consider relaxing its abortion laws as a
result joining us now to discuss this
from Dublin is columnist for The Irish
Times and O'Malley and also from Belfast
prologue campaigner Bernadette's my
energy both thank you for joining us on
Sky use this afternoon Bernadette to you
first of all if I may under what
circumstances would abortion ever be
acceptable to you well and it's very
clear that in Ireland North insights and
unborn child is protected and loved
policy and practice and as a campaigner
I believe that every life should be
protected the unborn child and the
mother and because we have personhood
legislation here in Ireland women are
safer here than they are and the rest of
the UK and there is clear evidence where
abortion is legal women suffer at
psychiatric and effects and in many
cases physical effects we don't want to
see that here in Northern Ireland women
are put to Aaron and women are protected
here we don't see a high levels of
maternal deaths and 5pc the opposite in
other parts of the world where abortion
is legal so we want to ensure that every
mother is protected and every unborn
child continues to be protected with a
personhood Lord's Prayer on that motive
i may under what circumstances would
abortion be acceptable to you or would
it never be acceptable
there is no medical need to perform
abortion and all medical care and
intervention is always available to
women who enjoy yer and
Medical medical difficulties in
pregnancy so you know it's not just my
opinion is very fact she look there is
no need for abortion and practice for
more now let me bring it on that if I
may know there's no never any medical
need for abortion
well no I don't think that's true and in
terms of the things that I'm burned out
with seitan baraboo are being safer or
women suffering psychiatric effects from
abortion we also know that there no
basis in science in fact for those
statements Ireland has absolutely to
Coney abortion laws and these need to
change immediately since 1983 when the
Eighth Amendment was introduced to
garish constitution-making ireland the
only democratic country in the Western
world to the constitutional bond
abortion over a hundred and sixty
thousand women have traveled to the UK
so Ireland Irish women do have abortions
we just have them somewhere else because
for too long the Irish government has
wanted to sweep this under the carpet
now we're talking by really basic
reproductive rights here the baseline
for women's rice the baseline for bodily
autonomy and while there are ideological
and religious objections to abortion
what is unacceptable is leveraging those
objections to discriminate against
women's rights ok what about the rights
of the unborn child
well the unborn child right now is
protected in the irish Constitution on
an equal footing with a mother so that's
equation the life of the features with a
woman and an i do believe that's
unacceptable it undermines women's
rights it denys's our right to choose
and what you're seeing right now in
Ireland is women suffering because of
this law the stress that they have to
ensure the expense and that they have to
endure for traveling for basic medical
care and to Britain and and also know
that the fact that you know woman of
childbearing age and items how to say on
this and it's high time that we had a
referendum to remove that a moment you
know these are really basic things
I disagree with you totally in fact the
vast majority of people three islands
are opposed to abortion I think that's
been made very clear and 2013 with
60,000 people throughout Ireland meet
their views very clear in a massive
rally for life just before the data
station has changed and it's very
similar here at the North violence vast
majority of okay ladies and visit
because you didn't listen ladies ladies
if we talking over each other nobody can
hear what anybody say only your turn go
and we'll just take grown-up about that
again is incorrect consistent findings
showed that the majority of Irish people
are in favor of progress and abortion
law of repealing the I commandments
which is the constitutional ban on
abortion so Bernadette can cite these
things but they're not actually correct
there's an entire generation a large
with my husband read it took the rap
with our case we can okay
later they'll hold on a minute because
that we missed what you said then
because you were talking over now you
can tell us
oh yes well it's very clear that the
numbers of women traveling to the UK for
abortion threat Ireland has been in fact
decreasing and the and the laws that and
that are what we're listening to here is
very clearly there is no will to change
the law because what they're calling for
in Ireland is to repeal the person with
legislation to repeal dadt 161 offense
against the person night here I think
time and time again the people in
northern ireland have spoken
we've made it very clear that we do not
want to see feel discrimination we want
to see children with disabilities
protected better services for women
better care for women are you may be
here in three difficult pregnancy better
crisis pregnancy centers in place we
don't want to see women have to suffer
the detrimental effects of abortion and
the fire can see that many women who
travel to England come back very hurt
and we want to ensure that those women
and their own horn children continue to
be prepared protected ok that's just not
really true mean I understand the
furniture might have an ideological
religious opposition to abortion but
we're talking about basic healthcare
that Irish women are denied and we need
to repeal the Eighth Amendment we need
safe and legal abortion in Ireland and
british women need to stand with arch
women as well they also need to realize
that in Northern Ireland abortion is not
accessible to two women who were part of
the UK and so this really needs to
change and an onion no Bernadette as
part of a group protests exide abortion
clinics that holds up grotesque pictures
of fetuses and so on that kind of thing
is unacceptable we're trying to have a
civil debate here we're trying to
progress something that consistent
polling has showed that Irish people
want addressed
ok but don't you think I'm gonna let me
ask you about what you think about the
fact that the UK allows women from
island to come over here to have their
abortions do you think that should be
about i think that and the UK shouldn't
have to Ireland where we protect mother
and child and in fact a country that
protects children very clearly as a
healthier cup at country and
economically we're better off because we
have more children in fact since it's
not a secret agenda though if I could
ask you on my question that i believe
that the UK should have the same
legislation as Ireland we should be
protecting both mother and child we can
see the effects that abortion has honor
women we can see in the UK 200 size of
babies and are killed every day through
abortion Ireland does not want to see
and this abortion on this scale we want
to ensure that both mother and child are
protected and let me just pick up one
abortion is not healthcare abortion
destroys the life of a vulnerable on
board Chad and it destroys women as well
their type of civilized to be about how
abortion affects women
ok the effects that has psychological
effects and let's be very clear about it
there's no medical necessity
ok not need to have a person in ireland
in fact we don't have to have abortion
in the UK
ok I care and love for your father i'm
sure that you will want to come back on
well I think it's quite worrying
that someone would say that a woman's
right to healthcare and right to bodily
autonomy should be rolled back on in the
united kingdom which brad has just
you know women are criminalized in
Ireland for having abortions there was a
young woman tried recently in Belfast
and given a suspended sentence just
because she act had access to abortion
pills and housemates tell the police
it's not really that kind of society we
want to be living in denying women
healthcare denying women their choice
denying women body autonomy it's
unacceptable you know these are really
basic things is a growing in ireland
from especially young women who are
really demanding this we're not going to
take it anymore
the debate is happening in our
Parliament today which seems to suggest
that there won't be a referendum an
abortion till early 2018 by which time
at least six guys and Irish women will
have made that very lonely journey to
the UK to access the portion that's not
where grown-ups here we're better than
not we can protect our women we can
respect our women and we can give
abortion rights for women in Ireland
it's high time
ok Bennett final point from you very
clearly and our other and contributor
does not care about women because
abortion destroys women and it's vitally
important that we continue to protect
the most vulnerable and provide better
services for our women and Ireland north
and size and basically that's what I'd
be working to ensure that this
referendum represents the views of the
vast majority of people in Ireland
you're totally opposed to any change in
volume ok and final thought from you
know that you don't care about the
health of women of course I care about
the health of women and that's why i am
and many of my peers and so many people
in Ireland are standing up for women's
rights and actually asking that our
voices be heard the women who have
abortions that their voices be heard and
that we stop forcing people to carry
pregnancies that they are not choosing
even though cases affect people
abnormalities rape or incest is
unacceptable ladies were out of time
thank you for joining us on Sky use this
afternoon thanks a lot

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