Pause sub
ok I think this is pretty cool so I've
been talking about how charged about can
be like one of the most ridiculous
supports in pokemon we have charged bug
next to a visible i love seeing some
godlike evolutionary combo potential
sweep shenanigans I mean we're getting
damaged off that battery and maybe we
can get enough support of a bill like
capabilities as well because String Shot
actually reduces a country speed of both
opponents in half
it's a minus 24 boats I mean it visible
get the right amount of speed support
off of us it could just win with it
we're gonna see what set is running here
i mean i can't believe i messed up on my
charge bug god cuz who's supposed to
know that string shot actually drops
both opponents by to craziness right
we're going to see what happens so mega
Salomon's and metagross we got double
pseudo legendary to the max right there
hows visible in charge of going to
survive and that's gonna be a stone edge
loose stone age getting protected right
there then head but that will hit the
charge but how about say they better
respect the charge bug even if it's just
a little
there's the take it is there's the
String Shot it's gonna happen guys
that's crazy so yeah like charity
functions Pat thank you like it i saw
the defensively 06 will be heavy or lite
better than visible and then all man
it's still crazy though so we see a
little bit of damage the Thunderbolt
honest elements will be enough to take
it out my form that's a fickle damage
that's why you need to get on your trick
room that's why you need to give it some
kind of speed support and then into the
thunder wave just in case
wow ok so that's going to be mad amounts
being dropped right there into still
valley is it just going to the same
thing over and over again so I mean you
protect string shot and there's really
no reason not to
so that's crazy right there we're going
to see what kind of damage we can get
across the multi attacked all the
opponent predicted it though hitting the
charge bug charge bugs vibes that super
vetted metagross gets paralyzed and
there's the thunder wave
on still to this valley as well all
right what do we have right now with the
pickle is this where you how does like I
don't know you can get away with right
now so charge about going to protect
other things this way to go for the
discharge out of its gonna be enough
damage but it's still pretty solid and
visible with that Thunderbolt so
Thunderbolt onto still valley to protect
wasn't anticipating something from the
medicals likes valley just picks up the
Viggle how good is the prediction right
now is in headbutt oz and headbutt did
target on to the victim all I mean I
don't know that showing how weeks values
or how takee charger bug is because that
was a fire type 1 as we go into the top
you Coco and there's pre marina as well
so I mean pre marina it does the same
thing for it charged a bug is the best
support guys this is not okay okay i'm
shifting this one back this is the last
bad fridays for the week this is
everything I've ever wanted to see in my
life there's a dazzling gleam charge bug
it doesn't get that second strings off
but that's what I mean like it you use
pre marina marina once it gets its
liquid voice hidden ability will be able
to do all kinds of things but we still
go coz move as well so we get to nuke
something we get the speed reduction we
get the damage i guess this is just
going to be meant to take out the topic
oh pretty quickly or something
there's the oceanic operetta what are we
going to owe ya like that's right it's
got the signatures move and it wants to
go for like ridiculous amount of damage
i think that is like water cools he
moves everything like that gentle push
until your opponent dies and then you
can you sing the bubble until it
explodes your opponent's that's gonna
tópico going down taking about right
I mean what else was tópico supposed to
do because like yeah it doesn't out
speed and take out the charge bug then
it gets slow down anyway by the string
shot and then whatever other Pokemon
come in primary culprit protected that
turn so maybe also just like using a
reverse protection prediction there's
the telepathy with the rank roo also
doing and doing the work that we can use
that that damage right there
this is so cool and into the instructor
and then they get you have church room
you have speed reduction the sparkling
Aria with telepathy this team has so
much cool synergy not enough to take out
the medicals because it is above average
tanky i will say that also i think the
split damage applies if it's hitting an
ally the meteor match though that's
gonna be huge damage on the purina let's
see what a Wrangler can do to fight for
itself by meeting that that many girls
isn't going anywhere
it has the Shadow Ball so it's also
wow this team just like that the bones
team was stacked right there was a
charger bug doing work all by goodness I
i want to see more and we have more
submissions guys I have no idea what the
opponent's team is up to we got 30
trapeze into a prop polygraphers got
this is not gonna be like Z hypnosis
poliwrath and then going for speed
boosting to then be competitive with the
older abuse
who even knows but so stila and veremos
are not going to like going up against
this charge book vehicle combo is making
a little faster though I want what's
that speed range I I didn't check that
like when you cut the phone speed in
half will be couple have enough to go
for it i'm going to start looking that
up as we see just now you go for the
project if the opponent isn't ready for
's just 's just over right there so
yeah it's going to be protected eating
those hits and then some steel with the
plant or boots targeting the charger bog
but charge bugs thinking is it so tanky
into the string shot so we'll see lot
now going to be super like that's the
first we take out that's gonna be super
vulnerable right there and yeah visible
can have a one of four speed at level 50
in 203 speed and love 100 i think that
if it's if it's tinted on the victim old
yet should get those out speeds right
there and then we get to see visible
life or that's alright and it has i mean
it has ok defenses but that's going to
be the fair mosa with the quiver dance
right there trying to get some that
speed bags will be a good play for the
Formosa but charge above
Thunder Wave going to shut that down now
definitely like if there was any doubt
now it's certainly going to be an
altitude which tells me this is probably
going to be a timid charger blog
we've been cutting down the damage in
doing ridiculous things that what are we
going to do against the circuitry as
well as an electric-type circuitry has
that signal beam that's not going to
work kind of does
ok I wasn't expecting that much by means
of country still has a huge amount of
stats that's gonna be pheromones getting
just absolutely blown up right there big
volcano loosen hit points and then
charge but with the String Shot keeping
that circuitry down
I mean that works with string shot
because next time you can protect our
way of the next Pokemon coming in and
then you just you just blow it up
that's going to be poliwag polygraph and
with a polygraph you can also go for a
discharge on think of all or bug buzzing
what's that other move that it where the
other moves that could be running horses
got the bug paws still going to be an
easy k on the circuitry crit i would say
did not matter because life for high
base power stabbed shenanigans waterfall
though on to victorville from poly wrap
will be a big hit but it won't be big
that's going to be a thunder wave and
then thunderbolt to finish off the poly
wrap and thats that's it that's Gigi
battle over right there
Wow like this team set-up is just so
cool i love the charger plug it it's
when i did that guy was like you know
what it's got good setup potential it's
got good support of potential and then
it just gives any special attack or free
stats and it makes it unstoppable
I mean it doesn't have to be visible
what about that next to his circuitry or
something like that so that's why I want
to go
pokemon showdown really quick and see
what we have so visible one to make sure
I got the numbers right compared to the
fair moza because their weight focus and
from a stupid smogon arm what we have so
max out the speed on a neutral nature
yeah so I was thinking like wasn't
pheromones around a 130 base speed so
let's cut this down below 50 let's see
what the stats into breaking down that's
two or three and then visible if you
double that speed so 185 is not gonna be
enough on same
nature but timid will be enough and then
we saw the 145 and then charge your blog
is still like just putting in so much
work in crazy so it's gonna be really
that's what I mean about the tank it's
like you ever do light into a 95 defense
you have you gonna light into the city
of special-effects so I guess you max
out here points to do something like
I don't remember where i put bull nature
and yeah it becomes perfectly balanced
it's like like the stats for the charge
bug were meant to be like this and then
you have the alveoli and now that means
you effectively a57 hitpoint pokemon
with 249 and then that goes up to 375 is
that comparable to something like the
toxic effects band Yes No charging plug
with that Evie o light is very close to
taking is actually maybe even like
tankier minus the leftover so expect
some leftovers start edging out with
like effective taking this summer from
that healing or something but will black
sludge on expect because there's a
poison-type pokemon but slightly more
hit points so like as tanky before the
leftovers apply and just shows like
eating superfecta fits all day long
right there and then again other pokemon
for this and then we also have surgery
like circuitry is also gonna have an
insane amount of speed to wear
yeah like we we don't eat we could even
put like some help the tank investment
or something into the circuitry get a
ton of damage life-form effectively does
the same thing bc boosting for the
snowballing damage as well it's like
discharge everything I do see that
vehicle gets away with a bit more
because the way that it's going to be
able to go for like the bugs or
I mean signal beam vs bug buzz damage
when we're like this much apart it
actually might make up for it like its
you can do this come with circuitry use
combo with any pokémon that can
one-shot fools be slightly above average
on the tankiness and then just like have
the charger bug do all the work charge
bug is it's amazing and i love it and
it's so cool to see that all of this
actually ended up working out
awesome good stuff like just awesome
good stuff
amazing charge of all works I want to
see more of this guy I want to see more
of the awesomeness that we've seen from
the moon pokebank is going to be out at
the end of the month yes all of this is
looking good guys in joy this week span
fries of guys have a great week have a
great weekend
have a great day please push Tavella
codes thank you very much for watching

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