Pause sub
the let me take a moment to tell
you about another DMV
victory that I recently had this
was with Zack Zack was
driving and was involved in a
single-vehicle accident
Jack actually spun out on the
side of the road
in his some shrubs and the tree
he was a little shaken up but he
wasn't hurt
the police responded to the
scene and began a DUI
and found this act was impaired
for purposes of driving
both because I've alcohol
consumption and because he had
drugs in his system
at the Department of Motor
Vehicles we demanded a hearing
and we did that hearing in
person contesting
that the DMV did not have enough
evidence to prove
that Zack was impaired for
purposes of driving
and that his license should be
suspended through that hearing
process were able to show the
Department of Motor Vehicles
that at that time the accident
took place
Zack was not impaired by alcohol
and in this particular situation
to drugs
were not a factor based on what
we were able to show the
Department of Motor Vehicles
hearing officer
in Zack's case even though there
was a single-vehicle accident
and he had alcohol and drugs in
his system I DM the suspension
was not appropriate
and we were able to get the DMV
to throw the case out
or what's called set aside the
and give Zac his license back
and he was able to drive
so in a case where you think it
is really really bad
when you actually get into it
and you have someone who does
this on a daily basis
pick the case apart there is
of course any attorney is not
gonna be able to make a
guarantee on an outcome
but I've had a lot of success at
the DMV in the past
and I probably will be able to
help you through the DMV process
if you have questions about your
case are you like a consultation
please contact me you can reach
me 897 100
D Y 809 70 03
84 thinking

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DUI Defense Attorney Mark Rosenfeld relates the case study of DMV hearing for client Zach in the state of California and describes the intricacies and obstacles involved in obtaining a favorable resolution for the DMV hearings in the state of California

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