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alright everyone looks like most people
here so we're going to begin the webinar
right now so we are very excited to have
Ernest fence on the line aka Ernie
he's going to tell everyone about
creating a practice so efficient that is
virtually runs by itself so early first
off I want to thank you so much for
being with us today
you're welcome thanks for having court
and that the third things off i'll just
give everyone a little girl up i go
about up they'd be my name is that
they've become the CEO here practiced
answer before we ever need attorney
Ernie spent 20 years actually doing
commercial litigation in a big New
Orleans firm along the way you learn the
key to pay for this lawyer inning which
in turn inspired him to start a ninja
efficient fellow practice and now at the
founder of small from boot camp calm he
shows other lawyers how to put their
practices on autopilot just like he did
as well
earnings also recognized internationally
and an author and he also runs a website
called paperless so Ernie
starts off by talking a little bit more
about yourself
okay well I practice law for many years
as you said I did it in a large firm on
i'll talk a little bit about that when i
get to how I transition and how
technology technology played a role in
that these are some of the books that
I've written over the years and you know
I'll tell people who are interested in
books how they can get them if they are
interested in them but what I really
want to talk about today is something
that I think can help everybody is on
this webinar who listens to it later as
recording especially those lawyers in
small firms because that's really where
the rubber meets the road as far as you
know technology goes and so this talk i
call law firm autopilot because i do
think that there's a lot of automation
that lawyers can take advantage of its
already sitting there inside their
computers and that's what we've talked
about today so that
said you know this sum is talk flies
dollars but it's going to be
particularly beneficial and relevant to
lawyers and small firms because those
are the folks that you have the most
control over how they want to practice
law they don't have to have a committee
meeting to decide what they want to do
they can just kind of do it and so being
a small firm has a lot of advantages i
know because i was in a big firm and
that was in a smaller firm so the thing
about small firms is you know it's
wonderful because you have autonomy and
control but it's also challenging
because you don't necessarily have all
the resources that big firms have and
well you can take advantage of
technology technology is also for many
small firms one of the main sources of
the challenge right and so we're going
to talk about that and you know that I
think one thing that happens with some
lawyers as they think that because
technology is challenging and
frustrating it's their fault that they
can you know solve this problem and it
is not their fault because you know
whoever taught you how to use this
technology kind of appeared on the
horizon quickly they don't teach you in
law school then while the learning
teaching practice law school so
definitely not going to teach you how to
use technology but even silly programs
can't really feel that huge gap because
technology appeared so quickly it's it's
changing so quickly and so it is a
challenge but we're gonna upload is on
the Sun webinar today tackle that
challenge and basically what you're
saying you you know with the typical
solo practice for small problem doesn't
have the resources of a big-time you're
pretty much doing everything yourself in
solo so you need to be competitive by
automating as much as possible get more
done faster using tools already have
today correct
yeah exactly exactly and then they
shouldn't feel intimidated and i had the
same problem so i guess you know this is
where I tell my story because i think it
helps illustrate how I didn't have some
magic bullet
you know I was not a technologist I was
a philosophy major and you know I had to
learn this stuff like everybody else too
and it was kind of accidental for me and
basically what happened was you know
when I went to law school I thought I
want to be like Perry Mason or Matlock
and maybe the solo scrappy lawyer guy
and you know be simple and efficient but
I was coming out of Law School in 1985
and I did really well in law school
which is nice and so because the legal
economics were wonderful back and
they're all these firms were growing and
everything is wonderful you know if you
did well in law school firms were beaten
the door down to hire you and pay you a
lot of money and so that was great
migration law school and you're always
being firms were procedures and so forth
and but they weren't you know that
wasn't I didn't want to practice in a
big firm but I didn't want to do the
kind of work that big firms did and so
the temptation of money was one day in
the temptation of you know working for
prestigious firm was nice but the real
icing on the cake for me as far as the
decision was I really don't know how to
start a firm you know that they also
know that law school and so I said well
I'm gonna go work at a big firm you'll
get good money and prestige and it was
great you know like I had a nice office
you know with the task and fancy stuff
this is not my actual who it is and as
you know and then firm was in a tall
building and they had all kinds of smart
people paralegals and secretaries in
knew exactly what to do and they were at
my disposal and the cases that i worked
on really exciting so life was really
great and then until it wasn't when I
became miserable because after a while I
realized and you have to practice law
you can imagine my cases but I I was
trapped in this world because basically
I had cases that were paper intensive
and when you have paper intensive cases
you need you know boxes to put them in
file cabinet system in office space to
manage the file cabinets and people to
shuffle the paper around and that meant
I wasn't gonna be able to leave a small
made a large firm and start a small firm
i was going to leave a large firm and
start slightly smaller but still
complicated and convoluted and I didn't
want that
except the one day a friend of mine you
know who's in the copy service-business
showed me how to scan documents and he
said look I'm gonna do this for you for
free on the base have a mascara because
i want you to see how this is going to
improve your life and I said fine with
how longer with um this was in 2000 2000
2001 I think maybe someone here can
target computer started to get more into
the workforce baby
yeah and so I had this case it was going
to come up for trial and 30 days because
it was a fast-tracked ero case and I
said you got a copy of this document we
need the stuff copy said okay final copy
documents but i'm also going to scan
like I told you and I'm gonna do it for
free so you can see how this works
dad on and then he showed me how it
works i said oh this is cool i can just
sit at my computer hit next page next
page next page and quickly review these
documents which I needed to review
myself because there wasn't time to
offload that to a paralegal and i was
able to really fast really efficiently
and then the mind-blowing thing that
happened next was when I said well this
is one document that we need to find
really quickly and we know somebody
wrote this and I don't have time to go
next page next page I'm steering boxes
out and see if i can find it that way in
sedona you accept let me show you what
this thing are ya he's like please tell
me about this yard I wasn't paying
attention he said let me show you what
the studs I said okay and he typed in
the keywords with the guys name and
instantly there appeared not only the
document was looking for about two other
ones who were equally relevant and then
my mind was blown i said okay i see what
I need to do here i need to make every
case from now on
paperless and OCR it's i can search for
things and do it more efficiently and so
that was when i began my quest to do
this and I did it over a long period of
time and had to figure out on my own
mostly on my own the weather lowest
we're doing it but not many
and so I'm grand yeah so my message net
is the word is you know you don't need
to figure it all out
other people have figured this out you
just need to slipstream to use a race
car analogy behind the people have
already figured it out
and they've connected the dots and just
you know look at what the dots were that
they connected and leverage what they
did and that's what i've been doing ever
since and that's what i recommend other
people do because it's efficient and
it's less stressful and sell me out i'll
be the first section 16 with OCR a lot
of people were no you're not gonna throw
like a lot of parents that we expect you
wouldn't know probably the OCR or
optical character recognition what that
basically means that once you scan a
document in from the scanner to your
computer it automatically recognizes the
text on the paper and it converts it to
text on your computer so it's searchable
so you can do you know control left or
find a mac and you could search for any
keyword or any name or anywhere you're
looking for the whole document will find
it right away
that's what he was talking about that
i'm searching for anything of value the
pages and it's pretty much more like I
think it's amazing that this was your
doing 15 years ago and I'm still today a
lot of attorney general's office you
know the reason that you see why um not
just think too i think lawyers are busy
and when they have free time they don't
necessarily want to use that free time
to you know getting frustrated with
technology but if somebody can show them
really quickly how they can benefit they
they're interested now and and all right
so it's really it's really just add and
so the OCR thing is one part of it and
paperless and as we'll talk about
because we're going to talk about what
the progress you know the progression is
but the big thing about being papers
besides being able to find information
really quickly which is a huge benefit
is the idea that you can automate
processes once their digital it's very
inexpensive and I have a graphic here
using gears because it's very hard to
represent what happens inside of a
computer with automation because it's
all electronic but you know the
mechanical metaphor it works for people
who need to understand what if you do
one thing one gear spins it spends
another gear will in the digital world
you can set up things to happen
automatically very quickly and almost
lightning speed and it's cheap it's fast
and it's a little challenging to figure
out how
automate things but it's not so much
because of the computers but rather
because it's so powerful that you know
you really have to wrap your head around
what you can do and what the best
practices are and things like that and
you don't need to really do it you can
hire people to do it for you but you do
need to understand that you would rather
be automating things than doing them by
hand or having people that work for you
to them by hand because humans make
mistakes because they get bored they get
distracted with computers to the same
thing over and over really fast they
never make a mistake right after
operators and that's so automation is
the key and you know you don't need to
get frustrated it's possible to do it
keys are you know tapping into things
like online the web on and so that's
what I did you know I had leverage the
I started a blog and cut this coloring
the attorney that got a lot of attention
and it was at that point when i realized
that i could attract clients
automatically through the web at you
know for low-cost basically forty
dollars for the website i used back then
I knew that I could go out on my own
because I could automate things i could
dispense with the need for filing
I could practice out of my house if I
wanted to and have the same kind of work
work for the same kind of clients and
that's when I started my own firm and
you know along the way as motivated to
keep things simple because i didn't want
complexity in my life if I could avoid
it and that meant getting rid of paper
which of course when I went up against
big firms and they were very patronizing
and dismissive the paper that they
managed in their cases but meanwhile i
go to court with my laptop and I could
find things really quickly and so you
know I not only would beat them in court
but I just really hate them because they
were constantly running around and their
clients or the judge was looking at them
like why are you so inefficient and
disorganized when you have all these
people and here's this little guy with a
laptop who's just quietly sitting there
like you know the doc but you don't see
anything paddling underneath but on top
of the surface looks cool so on you know
the more I did it the more I realized
how powerful it was and you know
basically the process to go to turn it
back to not what I'm doing or what I did
but rather how did the folks on this
webinar do it in the process if you want
to break it down and three steps you
know one you digitize everything that is
in paper form and keep things that are
in digital form in digital form and then
you automate as much as possible and
figure out how to streamline your work
clothes and when you figure out what you
can automate then some things you have
to delegate but you can outsource those
two virtual assistants with their people
that work within your firm remotely or
people you hire one off on a part-time
basis because they have special skills
that you need either for a limited time
or just on a limited time on an ongoing
basis on that's the formula units had
that's what the modern law firm looks
like digitize automate outsourced and on
that mean I break it down to detect
principles 10 of them that I think are
the ones you can use to wrap your head
around how you do all of this and if you
want i can just go through those
principles now
yeah I question for you so you think
automation is obviously we're going to
shows now do you think that nowadays a
lot of these bigger firms are are doing
the things you're talking about this
PowerPoint or don't know i think it's
hard for me to wrap my head around that
I you know I always bet against humans
rapidly adopting new efficient ways of
doing things especially if they're in
larger groups of humans where they have
to have committees and subcommittees and
you know so that's a cynical statement
from somebody worked in a large law firm
where people have the best of intentions
but you know committee's work against
intentions and rich and barriers to
things being adopted efficiently which
is why i said if you're a small firm you
can adapt this stuff quickly your
challenges you need you need to do it in
a way isn't disruptive but if you follow
the right path and get the right
assistance to help you connect the dots
then you can do it way for more
efficiently than large firms got it and
large firms actually outsourcing think
you can be with you that i love yeah
they do
outsource some things I mean they
outsource their bookkeeping sometimes
but i think you know they're more
reticent about outsourcing people
because you know the people part of the
equation is here they take money but
then I want to turn this into it
yeah I wanted so do we got here
yes let's talk about the ten principles
so one technology is obviously really
important in today's world if you're
becoming a model lawyer and you know we
don't have robot lawyers yet exactly but
they're coming in in one sense and that
is in the software sense there are
already algorithms you know which we can
call robot lawyers that do things
superficially using artificial
intelligence and here you see large firm
Baker hot Hostetler is using this robot
Lord to help with bankruptcy cases this
was an article hole and they have 2016
so you know we used to laugh at this
kind of stuff but now it's actually
starting to happen and we read about the
chat bilayer that the guy i think in
London created young kids like 19 years
old if to use artificial intelligence to
help process parking fines so you know
this we still laugh at the stuff and say
yeah sure that will happen one day but
now it's happening in the big the big
moneymaker for most locations small
firms is how do you get new clients and
you need to pay attention to the fact
that clients are increasingly looking
for lawyers via the internet or after
not starting their search on the
internet they're still doing research to
confirm what they already know where to
get the lawyers that they have window
down their search to the internets way
more points in 2014 this was the break
and in 2016 according to google which
tracks is kind of stuff
sixty-three percent of people looking
for legal services use google search
and thirty-seven percent do something
else so you know your it you need to be
online i guess it's a part of the
equation so that means you know being a
small firm means you have to have
dangerous but you have opportunity and
you need to figure out how to leverage
the opportunities and when you're trying
to leverage technology which is can be
challenging you to accept the fact that
everybody in law now needs to learn how
to leverage technology i mean your own
computers using email your clients
around the web you know you just can't
ignore technology and say no I'm just
going to type on my stuff with
typewriters and and carbon paper and go
back it's not enough death so on the key
to all this to me is and this I can't
repeat this enough times the key to all
this if you have to be aware that when
you're dealing with technology there are
always trade-offs now you know when
you're dealing with life there are
always trade-offs trade-offs are
everywhere if you do one thing you can't
do something else if you do this you
know you could do something else
you know the one thing does it better
than one way and the other does it
better another line so you have to
assess trade-offs and I like to start
this conversation with people outside of
you know complicated technology and give
you a simple analogy that I think people
can relate to
it's not hard to understand which is
like let's say you know you worry about
your bike's getting stolen you buy a new
bike and you save your friend who's
super knowledgeable about bikes because
you know he races and he's you know
computer in the Tour de France or
something like that and say I got this
new bike you know I'm worried about it
being stolen because I'll great yeah I
got a lot of advice for you
so what I'm about to say relates to this
idea that when you're trying to figure
out how to assess the trade-offs you
don't know how these trade-offs work
because you're not super versed in
technology and you say well i'm just
going to rely on my friend who's super
versed in technology and my
recommendation would be you not rely on
your friends who just because they're
super versatile technology but rather
you find trustworthy guides who are
usually tech consultants of some sort
and preferably one who is working with
lots of lawyers like you because they're
going to understand the trade-offs not
just in a hyper technical a but they're
going to understand them with the
empathetic viewpoint of somebody in your
position because they work with people
in your position of time so here's what
happens if you rely on super smart
friend with the bike that thing he's
gonna say oh yeah here what's the best
bike lock he's gonna say get the u-lock
that's the one he uses and it's super
hard to break through and he's not gonna
like the cable lock and the other ones
because he doesn't use that but you
let's say maybe use a you know you want
to lock up two bikes because you and
your significant other or you know kids
or something you want to ride your bikes
together and you know the u-lock isn't
gonna lock two bikes at one time the
cable lock is a necessity but he doesn't
think that way cause he thinks the way
he thinks so you need to think about the
trade-offs as best you can
from your position but then when you
find people to help guide you you need
to understand gonna have a bias to have
a blind spot and I'm I'm just telling
you your tech-savvy friend and I used to
be that tech-savvy friend who gave bad
advice because i just thought about what
i use this is what you should use and
that's not what you want you want
somebody who thinks about your position
and can help you and be apathetic to
your position so that's really important
being systematic when you deal with
technology is important because if
you're going to automate in automation
isn't by necessity systematic but if you
go oh yeah i'm just going to grab that
tool and automate it it's gonna look
ugly because if you're not systematic
about it you just automated chaos so
before you even get into it you need to
have have mindset of a system building
you know myself so it's like if i do
this then I'm going to need to do this
and if I do that I'm gonna need to do
this and lawyers are very systematic we
just don't stop to think about
let's write it all out what we do but we
are inherently systematic you sweat a
half not good at is being disciplined
about writing the steps down we know
like when I want you working today
firm they would say go find a case we
going to do this and say will you know
can you give me some background what
kind of cases i'm likely to find they
wouldn't tell you because they were busy
lawyers so you have to figure it out but
it's not a good idea to take people that
are new but people are not sufficiently
trained and just tell them to figure it
out that's not systematic you want to
say right okay let me think through how
did it work for me and then try to
describe the steps and so if you want to
learn about how to create systems you
know there's lots of books out there
this is one that has a lot of great
reviews on Amazon if it's not specific
to lawyers but it's it's helpful and
what I would do if I got it and I have
guidance and some can't tell you how to
make it even easier to skip over the
first part of the book where he tells
you about his struggles in life because
every self-help book always has to
describe for you how the person had the
problem and then how they solved it you
know to make it relevant and lots of
other reasons but you know he is his
story is not as interesting to lawyers
skip over that just read about how he
develops the systems but if you want to
read a lawyer specific 1i would get John
Fisher's book you can see here that you
get the hardcover on amazon its 294
dollars in reality if you would email
him he would send it to you for free the
hardcover because he's using a
generation think but this kindle app you
can get that one right away for 19 bucks
but this is a personal January
describing assistant is a hundred-dollar
book what is the great yeah it's not
he's you know that's he's creating on
its the Trump effect no I'm my brand is
expensive and it's clever and that smart
but he will send it to you for free a
really nice guy and a lot of lawyers
will talk to you that said well that's
great for personal injury lawyers let me
tell you something
it's eighty percent of it is relevant to
lawyers in any kind of practice any kind
of practice whatsoever and what's
interesting about the book that then I
think we should look at is the book
fulfill several functions one is the
marketing thing that's but mostly for
him it is actually the system that he
say when he hires a virtual system and
he has one full-time person that works
for him otherwise the outsourced is
everything or highers virtual lawyers he
gives them this book it says here here's
my system
read it and don't ask me any questions
because everything you need to know is
in this book so it's a really smart book
and I think it's really worthwhile for
every lawyer to look at and see this is
a guy who built these systems over many
years put it in a book
anybody can get it and study it and look
basically see a blueprint of how he did
it in his practice and I think even if
you were actually selling it for 294
dollars i would think it would be worth
that so good right yeah so that's that
system is systematization now it's
really important structures class you're
talking like a process his procedures by
step on how to build your own successful
law practice
well systems for anything you know
systems for like you know how do you go
deposit checks i mean really systematic
lawyers have systems for everything
they've written it down because they are
envisioning that they might might have
to you know hire a new person for that
role that they used to have in that role
because that person laughter got fired
got hit by a truck or whatever and
instead of them having to take time to
train the person every time or tell them
go figure it out which case it's gonna
be like chaos right down the present the
process and say here go look at it and
when I went to clerk for a federal judge
for two years and had a law school he
was very systematic he had a book which
he called the Bible that book had an
explanation how to do everything like
how often to water the plants for
attended sounds like really OCD but you
know that you know he didn't come out
and say hey welcome to the check in
Section H let me tell you how you do
your job is like you'd see this stack of
paper over here because it wasn't an
actual book it was like print out should
read this and if something is not in
there that should be in there figure out
how to do it and get the the word
processing file and update it so you
know that's what you want to do you want
to describe it and then tell whoever is
doing it to update the system so that
the next person comes along can do it so
that's what I mean right now
so basically always improving and so
when you put your firm invention does
grow you hire more people you don't need
to explain and single-step person just
here to read the word document you learn
how to do everything basically
yep exactly got it and then when you're
systematic you ready to start automating
because you know to be to take advantage
of automation you have to go about it in
a systematic way and so to leverage it
you know you want to think about the
different things you do and so there's a
really great podcast on lawyers it's the
one and it's episode 47 with Baron
Hanley and i recommend you you listen
that one because one of the things that
lawyers do a lot is create documents
memos briefs letters the client bills
whatever lots of different kinds of
documents within a small firm big firm
lawyers create documents and so what
Baron talk about in this so what this
webinar aside this podcast was how do
you go about automating the creation of
documents and step one if you want to be
systematic is going to think about which
ones are we going to automate first and
so he's got this matrix he describes
which I have you know create a graphic
to illustrate which he said you know on
one hand you want to look at how often
you create documents different kinds and
then how hard it is to create those
documents and any document that's in the
upper right of this matrix mainly hard
to create and you created often that's
where you want to start automating and
then you know you moved to well you know
you know create that often but it's hard
or you create it often and it's hard on
you ready
sorry it's a you created often but it's
not that hard either one of those would
be the next stage and then you know if
it's easy and you rarely created like
emails or like one off letters you know
you can't really automate those he said
but i would say you kind of can automate
those in the sense that you don't wanna
be typing them so i would recommend that
folks look at dragon software which is
dictation software
on the windows side it's super
inexpensive things like $59 you go to
amazon and check it out and the mac side
it's a hundred ninety-nine dollars but
if you get it when it first comes out
when they first upgrade its $99 I think
dragon for Mac is now it might still be
in a $99 face because they just upgraded
it to six so you might be able to buy it
for a limited time for 99 bucks but
which whichever one it is is the process
is the same basically you get the
software you install it is not not
really any training much anymore and
you're up and running right away and the
the challenge is that you have to learn
how to command this tool by giving voice
commands as opposed to typing you can
type some stuff if you want to but the
idea is you do to sit down you blast out
text and you do it really quickly and so
i recommend that what lawyers do is get
a copy this especially windows and
windows it's like mind-blowingly amazing
but they're both really good and then to
get up to speed quickly i would confine
yourself to one kind of document and
train yourself with that and the kind of
document the most lawyers have that are
annoying is emails you have a lot of
emails i'm sure
and of course you're trying to knock
them out on your smartphone but if
you're sitting in your office you have
emails where need to give a thoughtful
response and not appear her aid you know
yes you can type but there's a cognitive
load to typing even if you can type
superfast which disappears when you can
just black you blurt out the words you
want to say and you might go back and
edit them you know quickly but the the
ability to get through email that
requires some in a discussion is my this
is amazing right so like I used to hate
typing I hate type emails because it's
tragic i know what i'm going to say to
say this thing and get out of there but
now with with dragon I just you know I
just blurted out and hit set i might
edit edit it a little bit but it it
doesn't feel no frustration of having to
type i just say what I need to say but
the cool thing about doing it only with
email for
that's when you're learning it is you're
gonna learn it in a very confined
environment is going to make it easy for
you to learn the common commands for
certain things that are capitalized this
word or whatever so you know getting up
to speed with it is easier if you just
confine yourself to do an email once
you've got email down you know how to
use it for anything so so dragon is for
everything not just for document you do
that for me or what type on the computer
at all
yeah absolutely anywhere you need to
type in a text it can type texts for you
and how much editing are you doing a lot
of times I you serialize the chemos
wanna go i noticed that i have a lot of
mistakes a lot of editing to do with the
same like serious better than apple
um I don't really do that much editing i
don't have to and I will be honest like
there are certain times when for certain
types of writing i prefer to type you
know like you know if I'm writing a blog
post you know I'm not good i'm not
trying to crank it out really quickly
and trying to think of the best way I
say something and in those instances i
type and because speed is not helpful to
me it's more the thoughtfulness that
goes into it and sometimes for a brief
you know certain passages in a brief
that might be what you want to do too
but once you have this ability it's like
a Superman could fly but he didn't fly
everywhere sometimes he walked so you
know sometimes you're going to use your
basic you know non-super manpower to do
what you need to do because that's just
you know what's called for it's not like
you're going to always use this but once
you know how to use it you're going to
always know how to use it when it's
called for so that's gotta take away
hi so the next step is you know you want
to be paperless because as I mentioned
earlier you can automate things more
easily when it's digital
there's a lot to be said about how to
become paperless I have a whole website
devoted to this really what I would tell
you to do is go to paper chase com click
on the link that says you know get are
five keys to creating papers law office
and i will send you a one-page PDF
download because I don't overwhelm you
and say here are five things you can do
to get you started
you know which scanners the best one to
on you know so just five tips and then
I'll follow it up with ten emails that
come one a day that walk you through
some other processes and that's how you
learn to be paperless it's all free
I walk you through it i have if you know
if we're doing this as a separate talk
it's a whole hour long talk and even
that I still tell people go click on
this link and do this because i know
that you need to get this information
and small bite-sized chunks so you don't
get overwhelmed so you need to become
paperless you have to do it overnight as
a process and I explain it
oh and then went when your paperless you
know you will have your documents stored
locally on your computer in your office
but wouldn't it be cool if you could
access those documents from anywhere
anytime from any kind of device
no matter where you are in the world and
the answer is you can if you make those
documents available i take take
advantage of cloud storage so the time
has passed for lawyers to go i don't
understand the cloud it's horrible
somebody could steal my data things
could go wrong
yes things can go wrong in the cloud
because they can go wrong anywhere on
planet earth people conceal your papers
they can you blow up hurricanes can come
you know you just need to learn how to
secure your data in the cloud on and all
the stuff that was wondering about
rather than me go through this in TV
fashion because this again is a whole
how long talk if you go to paperchase
dot-com and click on the link that says
cloud storage forested mystified there's
a whole blog post about this including a
youtube video put on google with explain
how they do security and after you watch
it you'll understand that your data in
Google's hands is way more secure than
your data in your hands as long as
you're not foolish and give away your
password to a hacker and you let them
get into your data but you know this
their steps that will talk about that
later in the Security section but your
data in Google's hands you know they
won't lose it accidentally let's put it
that way they know how to backup and
then have it
security things so security is you know
the important
the thing about security is it's not you
know hackers are good at technology and
the good automation but the real weak
link with security is human psychology
and humans do certain things and very
predictable ways and so we're gonna talk
about psychology that's a picture of
Sigmund Freud one of the great pantheon
of founders of technology that sort of
psychology and so here's here's how a
basic hacker thing happens like hacker
will send to a lawyer an email
ok so let's say something like I can't
believe this picture of you and then it
will have taxes this is ridiculous and
you should be ashamed
so if you go click that link right away
because it came into your inbox and you
think oh my god this is a picture of me
out there and you click on that link as
soon as you click on that link
game over ok why why do we have access
to Hillary Clinton's emails because your
campaign manager did exactly this
something came to him and said oh my god
you should be clicked on it game over
access to all of his information it
installed a keylogger program there now
monitoring every key you type so every
passenger you anywhere they're tracking
it and they're gonna get everything you
own everywhere if you click on this link
and you say oh and another way they do
it is a of the shared PDF file there's
lots of different ployees that they use
they could say something like my god I
can't believe that Donald Trump would do
this and if it comes out and you're
gonna go what did he do next you click
on the link so you have to train
yourself you know not to click on links
that have surprising shocking
information especially if there's very
little text if it doesn't you know if
you're gonna send one of these things
your friends say hey you know Donald
Trump did some if you really did
something horrible say Donald Trump
something really horrible i read about
it here type out more stuff because if
your friends trained not to click on the
link they're not going to click on it so
you say well
oh but the email came from my friend you
know why can't I trust an email from my
friend and the answer is because your
friends computer guy
and then the hacker i was in contact
list and send emails to have to all the
people to contact list with this ploy
and he's going to get access to
everybody this is how they do it ok this
is the number one way there are other
ways but this is the number one way its
net rock-solid you can always count on
humans to click on links with
provocative steps and don't do that and
the other thing is don't have a password
that's super easy to guess because then
they don't even have to go through this
trouble they just go okay let's see
let's try to guess what the person's
password is and they're going to start
with the 25 most common passwords every
year there's a list you know and these
same things are always in there some
things we love something move down the
password is always up there at the top
123456 is always at the top and they
learn this because when hackers and then
whoever adobe here whoever got hack has
to say okay well here the passwords to
god they can see like what are people
using and people are using really easy
to guess passwords and so hackers have
programs that run through these things
plus some other things common words in
the dictionary and they quickly guess
password so that you can even get into
it you know like you clicking on a link
or they need that if you use a stupid
password i use a stupid password
definitely don't use password as any of
these other ones either
so what you want to do is use a really
strong passwords strong password is one
that has uppercase lowercase letters and
symbols as numbers and those are
impossible to guess to NSA computer it
would take a hundred years to get this
you know repeatedly just want to use a
strong password or you can use a
passphrase if you want to make your life
easier which is you use words that you
know with spaces between them because
passwords can contain spaces and you can
use uppercase lowercase if you need to
and so these kind of pass phrases are
also incredibly difficult to guess or to
brute-force attack gasps and but they're
easy for you to remember now the problem
is you don't want to use that one
password for all your accounts because
what happens and this is not a
hypothetical this is like it's going to
happen one of your accounts get hacked
by hackers they break into the chase or
Adobe's infamous for this linkedin had
an attack and so if a hacker says that
we have this person's email address and
we have this password let's go see if
they use across all their important
accounts and of course those people do
and it's especially important not to do
this with your email accounts because
what happens when you can't begin to
change because you can't remember if
they say well you know we'll set a
password reset we're going to send it to
your email address so you protecting
your email account this is Fort Knox you
must protect your email account
above all things so that means having
different passwords for all these
different accounts and then you say oh
honey that's really great advice but
that seems like a lot of work
yes it would be you did it all manually
but we're going to automate this and so
use a password manager
I'll several of them out there is but
LastPass is one that i usually recommend
if you if you want to spend the least
amount of money it's 12 bucks a year
works across all your devices
it does everything that all the other
ones do you store credit cards in their
your dresses you it will generate
password for you that are hard to gas
and of course
so how do you get into this you use it
by logging in with a password and guess
what you don't want to do with the one
password you use to log into this right
you don't want to be password or 123456
make it a passphrase because that's easy
to remember and then you're logging into
that one really easy and then the rest
of them can be gobbledygook or whatever
because you don't care you're never
going to try to remember that you don't
have to remember so right there I you
know I think this is the security you
need to know if you know this every time
you see some account of some hacker did
something odds are eighty percent of
time it's going to be an attack just
like the one I described and it's gonna
involve psychology so don't click on
that come from people you know or don't
know that have a short bit attacks that
have some provocative thing that gets
you excited and train your staff that
didn't do that either right and you know
we also need to go a lot of practice
interviews last night as well it's
amazing I help me generate 25 character
auto auto logs you and daughter
remembers and it's amazing
so for all of us we have multiple
passwords for every single different
website go to you which is very
important and wonderful we touched here
if you're not going to touch on
two-factor authentication or hear you
know I don't have it in there but i'll
describe it briefly its kind of need a
lot of I think it's best if I had slides
to demonstrate it but here's
conceptually how it works ok so let's
consider the problem that it solves
let's say that a hacker gets your
password they actually get your real
password before you can go ahead and
change it you know you do the best thing
humanly possible but you're still gonna
take you time they have your password
and login to your gmail account so
what's going to happen is there going to
be logging in from Russia or China or
wherever the hell they are which is
going to be an IP address meaning a you
know a special address that the system
keep your package as it says oh we'll
only use to login from this IP address
that was the one at his house now we're
seeing for the first time login from a
computer that was not that trusted
well here's what we're going to do now
we're gonna make Ernie or whoever is
pretending to be Ernie tell us that it's
really already how are we going to do
this well we we know already has one
thing probably with him at all times
that's his cell phone and so when you
enable two-factor authentication what
you do is you say to google let's say
you're doing it in google and you single
I want to enable two-factor
authentication Google's going to say
what's your cell phone number and it's
going to say you put in is gonna send
you a text message immediately with six
characters and they enter these six
characters now so that will know that
you in fact are in possession of that
cell phone
you enter it goes okay good you are in
possession that cell phone that is your
cell phone you probably will have you
have it with you at all times and so
from now on whenever a login is
happening from the new IP address
it's gonna send a text message to that
IP to that cell phone and say here's
your code and it's gonna sit there and
it's not gonna let the person login
until they enter that code number so
even if a hacker had your password they
can't login because they don't have your
cell phone so two-factor authentication
is super secure and you should enable it
on every financial account every email
account everything that matters to you
because even if the hacker had your
they're not gonna be able to get in
unless they have that cut the locomotive
and that everything what has the ability
for this like GL k thanks for America
even practice maker you can able to back
replication but a lot of people don't
even know better do it all they have to
do is just pretty much google how to do
it I'll find it very simple stuff
everywhere from what i see ya
and it is a little annoying i mean let's
be happy let's be clear you know
security is annoy make but here's the
again it's a trade-off do you want a
little annoyance on a regular basis or
do you want your entire bank account
siphon off that you want the risk of
that you know so yeah my rule of thumb
is if your security practices aren't
mildly annoying on a regular basis you
don't have good security practices
that's how you if you're not being
annoyed on a regular basis then you're
you're sitting doc yeah i agree so i
will talk about marketing because this
is important for two reasons one because
it'll help you get better clients make
more money with less effort because you
can automate this and also because even
though you know the accreditation
authorities and so forth say well you
know we shouldn't give CLE for marketing
there's an ethics component to this
which they will give you credit for and
it's when you tell people had to avoid
being a professional and undignified I'm
about to tell you how to do both of
those things at the same time so here's
the deal you wanna you need to Gladney
people here
small firm you know you can't have
sources other people you have to meet
people in actual real-world space and
network to get clients that's part of
the job right that's how we marketed and
got new clients from day one from
Abraham Lincoln's day networking and you
know face-to-face is still important
I'm not saying you can automate
everything and just stop meeting people
and in the space and just become a
hermit inside your house that's not
going to work but you can automate
aspects of even that part of it
so here's how it works you know you want
a website because whether people are
looking for you looking for kind of
lawyer that you fit the bill of and they
wind up on your website or whether they
saw you speak at an event read an
article you wrote were mentioned your
name was mentioned to them by somebody
that they trust
however it works we saw that graphic
earlier over sixty percent of them and
probably increasing every year are gonna
go check you out where they going to
check you out online going to type your
name and type in your city type in
whatever they need to type in to see if
you have a website if you don't have a
website they might find your hollow page
or other things so you but you should
have a website so they find that because
you want to control your message for
those kind of people so the website is a
profit producer in essence because it
lets you reach entire world let's
establish your expertise you can target
the ideal clients you want you can get
them interested in you
prompting the email you do this all
automatically while you're doing other
things you know 24-7 if you want to know
how this works again it's like with the
papers thing there's a lot here to
explain and I would rather do it over
time and not overwhelm you
so if you can go to this link and i'll
tell you how to get all the stuff you
know afterwards but if you want to write
down a link
I mean you have to make the uppercase
proper so the D has to be uppercase and
WS to be upper case if you go to that
link i will sign up and i'll give you
all this information dripped out in
emails over time with links
I'll free you learn how to do it but
basically the system that you want to
use is called direct marketing direct
marketing is the kind of marketing
that's tasteful it's not annoying it's
not an eruptive and it helps you find
and then helps those people find you
who are your ideal clients so you want
to spend zero time screening out
unsatisfactory clients you want only the
best clients to say OG get a lawyer for
me and then contact you
now it is true that in some practice
areas this is easier to beat than others
but that doesn't matter how hard it is
you know to set it up once you set it up
its automated and trust me no matter how
hard it is it's worth it because this
system will work 24 hours a day 7 days a
week 365 days a year best book to learn
the principles for this I think is this
book called the no BS guide to direct
marketing and any and I know you and I
David have talked about that can do this
guy is that you can't i'm in and tell
folks what you think about Dan Kennedy
yeah I mean I think maybe two months ago
you introduce me to him and tell me
divided ok Nick relative incredible this
book i love the most because a lot of
attorneys get a lot of their business
from this referrals or mouth
they're not doing any direct marketing
they're not doing any promotional
material any ads online a lot of times
where we asked the Attorney they're
sending software or you get mostly from
how do you track them how to track the
rest are white they don't they just must
be working out so that Kennedy's pretty
much telling everyone to go out there
try something new but hold yourself
accountable for spending money on a
magazine that or google ad you want to
track the results you want to track the
revenue generated from them so make sure
you do all that i love the Kennedy
yeah and he's been doing he's been doing
marketing since way before there was the
internet he didn't like the internet but
he understands these principles any
systematic about it and he understands
what doesn't work and he doesn't pull
any punches and attacking the types of
advertising they don't work and he
dismisses brand building
because that's just a waste of money you
know and so he tells you the things at
work and towns gonna really clear away
the great writers funny sarcastic is how
so i recommend that on like i said if
you if you want to go to the website
papal states that comment actually i
don't think i have this link up here
anymore that says how to create a
website 45 and less but you know if you
email me up i'll be happy to know send
you that campaign as well I so you've
automated as much as possible you're
automating your marketing you know you
get your practice going to wear you know
like you like John Fisher you have maybe
one full-time assistant or however many
full-time assistance you need you want
to leverage the power of being able to
hire people who are super expert at a
given skill people who can work for your
part time if you need two people who can
work for you you know between the hours
of six o'clock at night and six in the
morning if you need them to because they
look a little part of the world where
that's daylight for them to the power of
outsourcing is huge now it's not where
you start it's where you get to once you
understand how to be systematic when you
understand how to be in the cloud you
are you secure got all that stuff down
but you can get started quickly even
tomorrow with some things like like if
you have a receptionist who answers the
phone and other things i would say free
that person up to do other things
because first off they're not going to
be as good at just answering the phone
as a service like Ruby receptionist is I
can't say enough good things about
really receptions you know they need you
they solve so many problems they're
there they are the under-promise
over-deliver they make you look super
good people think that this receptionist
works for you full time it can be kind
of expensive it's um it's 250 dollars a
month 400 minutes of their time it's not
after the calls pass through how long
you talk on the call after that is just
how many minutes
the reception is engaged and but it's
actually one of being a lot less minutes
that they
are being used and you think because
what most people do at least this and
how much most people most muscle is
what's the client is good you know they
know you they will leave messages
happily or you give me the cell phone
number if you want to do that but it's
really for the client calls for the
first time you know that's checked you
out of the website you don't want that
person to think your answer your phone
all times number one you don't want to
be answering your phone number two if
the phones being answered you want to be
answered by somebody who sounds very
pleasant and it's always pleasant
cheerful because they've trained and
trained to be cheerful and pleasant and
they know what to do and they know if
you're in a meeting you know all the
stuff that really does is super amazing
you can try it for free for think 14 or
21 days they have a sign-up fee if you
click on this link or use this signup
thing i have an affiliate arrangement
with them where they knock off $75 or do
something I don't know what but using
don't use it but they'll give you 75
dollars off so i would get an affiliate
link from somebody if you want to try it
and I'm save yourself a little money
that's one kind of virtual system and
just to add as well we could be
everywhere a lot of eternity speak to
use Ruby I can't say enough good things
about them as well like you're always
present you always have a secretary
you're always answer the phone
people love it and it's a fraction of
the cost like they've actually America
all I'm not in the actual officer
psychedelic I'm just to add were doing
the webinar with Ruby the next time
series on Friday November left and two
weeks so giving protection like that
yep so Ruby's and then another
easy one to kind of dip your toes into
the shallow pool is a service called and there's a lot of stuff in
here is just goofy that you don't care
about but you can get people that is not
a business card you get people to put up
a wordpress site and the idea here is
everything class five dollars for some
kind of really basic thing somebody
would do but then if you want that the
additional features are no rapid service
or something you can pay a little more
but why this is good is because there's
no risk that you're going to
miscommunicate about what's supposed to
be done because one of the tricks with a
virtual assistant as you have to get
good at being very clear about what you
want done with the deliverable is how
much to have time in ages man but this
system kind of takes all that out
because it's so low cost
they're just going to say this is what
I'll do for five bucks and you say yes I
wanted no i don't and you click the
button and you get it so it kind of
starts to train you what it's like to
get stuff done by other humans on planet
earth their virtual assistants but doing
it in a way its low cost low risk but
can have some serious value if you find
like a column gigs
yeah that'll get you the flavor is great
and then fancy hands is a step up from
that and here's where you pay twenty
dollars a month and they'll do five
tasks where you per month and the first
month you know if you connect it to the
service doesn't do three doubt on social
media or how to give you some different
incentives they will give you an
additional 10 task for that that month
and that's great because the first month
you're gonna wonder what you should do
you don't want to feel like oh I want to
use up my five tasks except for
something super important just use the
tasks get used to it the kind of stuff
I've used them for is I'm doing research
for a blog post i asked to do that or
ask them to you know book or is buy
flowers for somebody to find the best
place to eat in a city does your
research stuff they're really great at
they can charge will charge your credit
card but they will charge the credit
card they have an account for you to
charge for your services up too like I
think $125 if you want them to buy
flowers or buy stuff they will ask you
to prove it before they purchase it
they if you connect their service to
your google email account they can set
up a calendar appointment so you can
forward an email from somebody says yeah
let's get together the statements for it
to them and then you have to tell me
to do they see Reed & Co this is about a
counterpoint houses put there at the
Chinese calendar so it's you know if you
think of it it's like basically five
dollars per task but you're committed to
paying twenty dollars a month that's
like 25,000 months and you get five
tasks for free
very cool you can check it out you don't
like it stopped paying for it but you'll
get a taste of what virtual assistants
is like then once the wake up your
personal efficient basically twenty
dollars a month if my past life free and
you can tell them if i'm correct firefly
by my wife flowers and spend up to a
hundred dollars know by four you do
everything for you
yep oh and then the last stage and this
is you know this is when you get to the
highest level where you have to hire
somebody and you have to negotiate
independently and you have to find them
and you have to work at how long they're
going to work for you it might be on a
continuing ongoing basis there might be
one big project might be several
different people
there's a cycle up work which is an
amalgamation of two sites one that used
to be called elance and what used to be
called odesk and so this is kind of like
this is it there's one place now there
might be others but this is the ebay of
hiring virtual assistants and I hired to
assistance through this place to set up
my website to help me with various
technical problems anything that's you
work that can be done remotely like
design were create a business card
design your website whatever you need
done if it can be done remotely by human
you could probably find somebody and
upward to do it now the challenges are
gonna have to vet the person and figure
out the best person is and you know
there's a challenge there and you have
to describe for that person how to do
the job and you can't just say go figure
it out
so there's a challenge to it but if
you're good at describing how to do
things to the people that work for you
now then up work won't be such a
challenge but if you're not going to tap
that i would recommend you know you go
through this other phases first and get
comfortable with assigning work to
somebody remotely but the power here
this is you know off the charts so
that's that is almighty thinking about
pork because that you know you basically
have to just filter people based on
expertise and review probably reduces
from up or more like notice he might be
truck you speak a little bit and then if
you're happy with what they can offer
you can give you a better than the be
used up working the past so it's very
powerful definitely agree well yeah and
then the last in phase of all this is
that you have to be keeping up with
training because things are always
changing the tech world and you want to
know how to connect the dots as quickly
as possible and not have to fumble
around and experiment on your own you
want to get guidance from people who are
doing it that you can trust so some of
the ways you can do this are listening
to podcast I'm a huge fan of podcast is
a lot of them out there but a couple
that i recommend for lawyers are the
lawyers podcast Sam Glover's a great
interviewer he gets its really great for
small firms and then the legal talk
network is like 16 different ones that
you can pick around and see which one
you're interested in is 14 security
there's 14 new tips is one for mobile
whatever you want it's in there in the
legal talk network great stuff there
there's a new podcast outcall the law
entrepreneur with Neil Tyra he's a Mac
user but it's not max centric but he's a
very good interviewer and it's more
about the practice management side every
day running of a law practice and he is
running a law practice so he's really
good at getting guests to talk about
things in ways that are relatable to
learn small firms and then another new
podcast is called building new law it's
a Canadian legal podcast they actually
got Seth Godin on there on it's just
getting going since not too
yes that's good is great I yeah yeah
so check that one out as well
and then besides podcast you can take
online courses with you to me or Linda
calm which got acquired by linkedin
which then got acquired by microsoft I'm
some online education is a huge thing I
had an online course I released to folks
which I'm going to release again in the
future the kind of covers all that stuff
more detail so online courses a really
powerful way to learn all this stuff
online but you know basically what you
want to do is learn how to use you know
your tool i keep the tools simple learn
how to use them on digitize automate
outsourced and I'm happy to help any of
you all on this journey because I know
what it was like to go from the world of
tedious frustrating paper to the world
of easy paperless automation so if you
want more information about this stuff
if you text the word mod firm all caps
no spaces to number 33 44 you could sign
up really easily and quickly and i will
send you a bunch more free information
that follows up on will be traveling
today so with that I'll say much
wow how much maybe give me the
information I preble with me well the
webinar is recorded so we will email to
everyone at the end very shortly
now we're a lot of people don't know
what you do full-time so complicated
that one little about yourself and your
opportunity worldwide know you have two
copies of people chasing small bouquet
right yeah but i mean really you know
the explanation is I try to help lawyer
is connected that's more quickly and I
do as much as i can for free because i
know you know you need to get this
information and I automated it so it
doesn't cost me anything to send most of
it out and so if you know if you text
mod firm 33333 444 you'll start to see
have automated the process of educating
people about what I do about you know
what they can do and that's the process
that Dan Kennedy recommend you use
it nurture clients and prospective
clients and so you basically beginning
you know training or you'll see have how
that plays out and then i will describe
for you how you can take advantage of it
as well so that's it pretty simple
pretty basic easy to do
awesome I you have to kind of question
we have absolutely yeah yeah sure okay
cool i like the first question that came
in my email is for dragon dictation
software you recommended specific
microphone for the computer you know
there's not there's not one that's
necessarily better than the others again
its trade us what features does it have
that you would want there's a site
called wire cutter calm which in the
past week got acquired by the new york
times because it was so good at you know
taking out the best thing in whatever
category and so if you go to wire cutter
calm and look for a best USB mic
whatever that Mike is you know read the
features that they have wonderful
comprehensive reviews and then you know
bookmark that because you can use it for
other things but that would be how I
would find the best USB mic because
whatever that Mike is it will be best
for dragon but it also be good if you
ever want to use skype and make phone
calls or road to the things with the USB
mics and that would be my recommendation
got it yeah well here that we purchased
it's called the bloom snowball my very
very good powerful Mike that we use for
webinars and training videos and have
anything that might be a good one as
well my next question comes from John
what gainer you recommend for going
paperless well this is easy one
the fujitsu scansnap ix500 cost 420
dollars roughly on amazon if you go to
the papers website and look
there's a thing that says best law firm
or best scanner for small law firm and
you click on that link
there's a comprehensive explanation of
why that's the best why the other ones
that some people think might be
equivalent is not in fact equivalent and
rather than before everybody just go to
people chase com find a sidebar
click on that link read everything there
and then if you want to buy it on Amazon
you can click the link there and go buy
it on Amazon and read the reviews on
Amazon reviews this trust me everyone
who has the scanner will Bend you're
here for like 15 minutes about that how
amazing it so that's the only scan you
can do multiple cropping we're here
yep does two sides of one x letter legal
color black and white mix master cole
slaw awesome and then the next question
comes in from Patrick Brady could you
comment on voice to text software other
than dragon gets looking for the
software than dragon
um yeah like so now i'm not a Windows
user so i don't know with Cortana does
you know but nowadays on the mac side
series starting to take this over and so
you can kind of start to predict that
one day both Microsoft and Apple will
basically in bed and include for free
and they're operating system something
that basically does everything that
dragon does so they're starting to do
that and you can try the latest
operating system for the mac series
enabled and i haven't played with too
much i will say it's not as good as
dragon so i'm not going to play with it
too much more i mean it's good but you
know I have something at the better
already so i'm going to keep using the
thing it's better and you probably have
the same experience with Cortana on the
windows side versus dragon over there so
if you have it and it's free you know
start with that American a lot of Oregon
that about dragons money for public very
good question
you know it's eerie for mac and the
noosphere operations work like dragon at
least for email so i guess you that you
really sure but Apple of all they will
be releasing probably more features
regarding Syria yeah and like some of
the things it doesn't do so for me this
is a lot of commands that you gonna
learn you want to hunt to use like you
know where to appear and I wanted that
to be capitalized you can with dragon
Yusei capitalize you say the word and
I'll just jump over and capitalize
that's not going to happen
serie you can also say you know bold and
described the tax little bold or
underline it whatever it says a lot of
things that you're doing with dragon
once you learn the commands where you
couldn't move the mouse fast enough to
make it in it to make those changes so
it's not just typing speed like we were
talking about earlier before we got on
data reset your pretty fast typist it's
like when you start to realize how you
can manipulate text with dragon it's
really powerful but you have to know the
commands and have to become second
nature and that takes time but that's
not going on in Syria or I'm sure
Cortana so you know if you can learn one
of them i would recommend you just pay
that $69 or sixty dollars in the windows
side with a 99 or even the two hundred
dollars on the map because whatever it
is it's worth it and then just commit to
learning it and I told you how to learn
it just do it with just email and then
and then you know that comes with a
little print out and actually i'll tell
you what i did i have am looking at
right now how does one this is dragon
commands and in all caps
it says equals all taps and then so what
I'm doing is I'm reminding myself
because I can never remember what is
title case what is what I want just the
first word capitalized what is it when I
want all the words capitalize I can't
remember the commands yet so I have a
little things that tapes to from a
one day I'll know that by heart then get
rid of that one and put up another one
that I need to learn so trying to learn
all the commands at once it's not gonna
happen just learned the ones that are
most important to you by taping a little
cheat sheet on to your monitor and learn
that once you got that one committed and
learn the next one
got it also and a terrible things still
is a lot of people here you can actually
use the GoToWebinar slide out for to ask
any questions you want to myself or any
and that Walden common plane yet the
Yeti next life and he also had a
question community already have you been
able to find competent help through
outsourcing for email marketing campaign
so i'll just quickly into the i
personally have found I'm help through
outsourcing even enough work i think we
have someone design our email newsletter
at the convent just the design of it
that's my answer I get you
Bernie yeah so two things one about the
blue Yeti Michael actually have
mentioned this one consideration going
back to trade us is a microphone that's
it's physically on your desk like the
like the like the blue
yeah we got it yeah or the blue snowball
whatever what that one goes sit on your
desk that means it's going to take up
space and you might not get over and you
might at the position or your head to be
close to it that the reason why the USB
mic it is really good is because the
little Mike part is sitting right next
to your mouth at the same level all the
time and it's got a cord so if you can
stick it under your desk around your
desk and it's not taking up space on
your desk and if you turn to get
something when you're talking something
the phone if you're using it for that
purpose it's going to still pick up your
voice the same way so that's just a
consideration that same ones better the
other because the trade-offs and factor
that's a good that's the mike thing as
to email marketing
yes i have i use people for every aspect
of this because here are the things you
need to do with your marketing one you
need a website
ok that's up work I heard somebody set
up the website just put it up
that's one person then I said later on I
want to design some stuff tweak it
that's a different person that same
person is a design person could do my
business cards okay do my business cards
that simple same person can also create
a one-page handout that looks pretty in
a PDF it's a good download which you
know on your website you will say to
whatever prospective client you have to
learn from dan kennedy you have to give
somebody something of value for free in
exchange for their email address because
they're not just going to give you their
email address on excited for our
newsletter please that is the lamest
thing in the world nobody signing up for
any newsletters that clear understanding
of why it matters why it's useful
because you're already too much email
and it's coming from annoying people so
but if you say you know i can send you
my free died on you know 15 things to
look for when you hire a lawyer who does
X which is what you do and of course all
those 15 things will be things you do
but maybe some things
and other people don't so you say you
don't get this is a curiosity factor
though yeah I want to get that but you
wanted to look nice you don't want to
just be the word document that you
printed up and tight you hire somebody
and hopper can say look could you make
this look nice
put my logo on it put my colors just
make it look nice making a PDF they'll
do that 4-year my gosh like 40 bucks you
got a lead magnet and then they unloaded
it's going to go to your email account
which is whatever let's say it's a weber
or i use Infusionsoft which is more
expensive but there's more stuff
how do you send the emails out how do
you sequences out you could figure this
out on your own if you want to and if
you're fairly tech-savvy or even got
that text that you can figure out it's
gonna take you a lot of time
why not just pay somebody to do it for
you because they're gonna know all the
latest things do get you know not flip
the switch that needs to be flipped
they're gonna do it right the first time
and if you needed updated later on you
like to have them in up work and can't
tell you how that person way back when
we hire him again
so every aspect of my marketing other
than the emails I write I write those
myself everything else out sourced
throughout her got it awesome and just
act as well so you can actually find
your marketing template for the website
called for spot net which has a bunch of
stuff not only even marketing template
so for Walden I just need that message
back with the link and hot after
question if you use apple products in
the building speakers and microphones
tradition for dragon
yeah in the latest versions of dragon
with my laptop I can just like speak
into my laptop and the little Mike
that's in the laptop will pick it up
the thing is I have to put my head
fairly close to where that is and
maintain it there so I look like I'm
looks like a weird of wherein the park i
would look very weird but you know that
if that's what you got to do that's what
you gotta do
so it is you can do it i would recommend
if you're going to really try to get the
most out of it you invest in a USB mic
got it and Joe brought up the question
which dragon version you use
specifically idea of a conversion i use
on the mac they just upgraded to 6i have
great mystics it's pretty good
Ziggler named David Sparkes he's got a
website called max Sparky and he is a
big user of the magnification software
so whenever he doesn't review and talks
about how great it is
once he says it's okay i plunge and go
after him and he also has tips and
tutorials i think about how to use it
he's got a great podcast that's one of
the podcast i should have recommended
for Mac users called down Mac power
users so his website called mad sex
party but he's got a bike accident
lawyer in Florida inning and katie Floyd
who is super smart and savvy on and they
do this podcast about how to use your
mac it's not for lawyers but since they
are both lawyers it's of value to any
lawyer who's using a map that's a lot of
that software do they use and why they
like it and what the problems are and
stuff like that so Mac users check out
Mac power users podcast awesome and next
question comes from Greg I think we can
get a little bit of it but he wanted to
know already what are you outsource so
now you have everything but is there
anything specific that you would be
outsourced all the time
um yeah I like well I use Infusionsoft
and have a guy who just does my fusion
stuff stuff for me full-time
actually he and ir r because
Infusionsoft is expensive but it does a
lot of different things and I guess I'll
take this opportunity to say that we are
going to collaborate together to make it
easier for lawyers who want to use
Infusionsoft but don't want to have to
go through the trial by fire that
Infusionsoft makes you go through
because Infusionsoft isn't built
specifically for any one type of
business on when you if you want to use
Infusionsoft cost 200 hours a month
minimum they will force you to go
through a training which cost $15
because what they don't want to do it
is have people sign up for it and they
get confused about how to use it so
they're basically saying look you know
it's like it would if you're a pilot you
know they're not gonna let you get into
playing without training you you know
you can be contrasted with a bicycle but
look talking about the plane you're
gonna have to have training and that's
how Infusionsoft is and the problem with
Infusionsoft that i found is have great
power but really what anybody who's
going to use it like especially lawyers
are gonna want it's just like hey just
create the campaigns for me that I'm
gonna need and so Jason my guys found
through up work and I just decided what
do we create the basic campaigns and
lawyers would probably want to use
namely the sequence of emails because
that after you download your lead magnet
after they hire you and then coming in
for the first appointment you know
sequence of emails it says you know your
little girl said in the morning of the
appointment it a reminder here's where
you park and then when you know you've
finished doing a great job for them send
them a thing that says here are you know
here's a review and give us some
feedback let us know how we did but well
it's also feedback for you could be a
testimonial if they say really glowing
things about you and then there's an
automated thing that gets them to give
you permission or if they want to get
permission the can and at the end of it
you know you'll have a testimonial or at
least have feedback and you'll have
permission all that's automated all
those campaigns are built-in
Infusionsoft and Jason because he's an
intrusion soft certified guide now he
can just drop that into your account set
up for you if you want to keep hiring
into doing stuff you can but i just
think if you're going to use infusions
obviously not not many lawyers are going
to want to spend 200 dollars to do it
for months but i can tell you it's worth
it on if you have a website your
sophisticated about your marketing you
can use it to do other things besides
just the email marketing so that's what
i use outsourcing for the most is
marketing because there's a lot of
elements to automated marketing you know
and I do not want to sit there and
connect those dots even though i can't
even though i have it's frustrating i'm
not a detail person when it comes to
that stuff I forget
to dad and I across the tea which in the
world of technology means you've got to
put a comma whole thing crashes so I'm
you know that because you're a developer
date yeah yeah so don't go down that
path hire somebody to do it for you
that's really where i get the most value
out of up work is with the marketing got
it and solve my question Barry verde and
you offer five tips and then follow
emails on your website you recommended
attorneys do the same type of email drip
campaign are you allowed to do it for
prospects so I guess yes but as you know
and you need your permission first
yes and you get their permission because
he you know inherently when you say i
will send you this if you give me
permission to send it to my email the
same well yes of course i'm going to
give you permission since you will send
it to me by email now the permission
part of it let me just need to break
this out when lawyers start thinking
about this they think OMI ethically
allowed to do this trust me
ethically allowed to do it in every
state because you have permission and
once you have permission for one thing
you have permission for other things now
at this point
your problem isn't ethics your problem
is the email service provider even after
you've gotten permission from them if
you annoy the hell out of people by
sending them lots more emails begging
and pleading and being the annoying
overzealous cars used car salesman
person then know they will unsubscribe
or they'll click the link that says your
spam or even though you're not because
you got permission you know so you don't
want to do that so the whole trick to
direct marketing is and this is why it's
very intricate I can't explain it all in
one fell swoop you need to get the in
Kennedy's book and even then you know I
can explain to you how to apply some
lawyers but the point of it is you need
to always be giving incredibly valuable
information and you need to be targeting
your marketing to the most select person
that you most want to work with which is
counter-intuitive to most people like
the way I don't want to you know not
market to other people that might want
to hire me because until I get good
enough and hire you
and getting only the people will pay the
most amount of money that I most liked
working with I need to take these other
cases from it yes I understand that but
here's what you don't understand and you
will understand very quickly once we
start doing it is when you're speaking
only to the most select group the other
people are listening they see this and
the attitude is no you're not talking to
me that is oh my god you're incredibly
selective so even so they become even
more inclined to want a hot yet to hire
you and but by speaking to the most
select people you're going to get all of
those people as humanly possible because
you know it's like writing a love letter
right to somebody this is essentially
what this analogy I like now you know if
you write a love letter to somebody you
care deeply about you know they're gonna
go my god you care so much about me
now some people won't care about you and
that's unfortunate but you know you've
automated this letter you know writing
thing to a lot of people are all getting
it but they think it's just to them
guess what you don't want to do you have
written it's wonderful love letter
how are you going to address it dear to
whom it may concern right because
they're not they don't feel special
well your whole marketing is to whom it
may concern like that's like when you
saying i do everything for everybody
using to whom it may concern
I do everything for everybody and guess
how special people feel when you say
not at all they're not gonna let
anything else and not gonna download
your stuff and even if you say I do
three different kinds of law i do
personal injury i do estate planning and
I do a you know criminal law somebody
who finds you he says oh you do criminal
and then they compared you to somebody
only does criminal law do you not see
how that's like if you're going to go
higher doctor who says I do brain
surgery I do infectious disease i do
geriatric care of your hair transplants
are you going to hire the person there
to do your brain surgery when you can
find a brain surgeon know inherently you
trust people who specialize
so either specialized or find ways to
market your different quote unquote
specialties which aren't actually
specialties because you're doing three
things are four things try to find ways
and you can do this I can explain
you know in detail has done but it's
done where when they show up at your
website the ones who are looking for you
for one thing don't tend to see the
other stuff because that's going to be
erode the trust that they might have
so there are ways to do this it's more
complicated it's more expensive and it's
also more burdensome for you as a
practitioner to keep up with set the
developments in several different
practice areas is also more more
burdensome to come up with systems that
are different and different practice
areas and then write them all down and
then give those things to different
kinds of people that work with you know
you can do that if you want to but
you're multiplying the amount of work
and expense that you have to do this so
what I tell people is what practice area
to you most enjoy doing it produces the
clients you most like figure out how to
market in that one as though that's the
only one you're going to do because odds
are it is going to be the one you only
want to do once you're good at it
because you like it already and then if
you really want to circle back into
those other ones go go ahead go for it
but I wish you now know what's involved
you know the expense you know how much
effort it is and it's not any less
effort or if it is it's like five
percent less effort i'm at five percent
less money it's just as much work to do
each single one and then you know
managing those different practice areas
also heart so everything works against
you when you don't specialize everything
worked for you including the power of
marketing automation when you do
specialize you just need to learn how to
connect the dots not that hard to get
people to help you who can help you
connect the dots awesome for you and one
of the last question comes from a Don do
you recommend the wordpress wix4 godaddy
for Bill hi recommend your past start
reading list wordpress skills and here's
one that's why nothing is why i have
used every conceivable blog software
website software how i started i use
blogger typepad i use google type if
anybody remembers that 1 i've used them
all Squarespace I've even
tried two weeks just for laughs here's
why you don't want to do that first off
if you're gonna use this for marketing
your gonna want that the one that's most
optimized or has the tools at their most
optimized for marketing and that's
wordpress secondly you're not going to
want to set this up yourself and you
there are more people who know wordpress
because it's the dominant platform and
so it's going to be cheaper and easier
and you going to get that are people
more easily if you use WordPress because
remember you're not gonna do it yourself
and you want to design it you pick a
theme there's lots of different themes
that what if you text you know if you
get 25 and our website thing that I
talked about that's basically me
explaining like look here's how you
going up work
here's what you say to somebody and up
worked and say just put up a wordpress
site it's actually two hundred dollars
or less that it will cost you then you
have to pay for hosting that's really
the only you know question is do you
want to pay a little bit for hosting or
get more robust hosting you can change
easily later but it's wordpress and I
don't know how many websites out there
powered by wordpress but it's in a godly
numbers that New York Times uses
wordpress David you use WordPress right
yep yep that helped in a what did I miss
my wordpress the only choice ah well
okay so we love working for a number of
reasons number one similar abuse as
we're going everything else or we can
try and drop elevated tax if you ever
want to edit a page on your website just
click Edit Page it opens up
ah Oh what do they call it out with you
with you are just like work for the bold
underline whatever you want so it's very
easy to edit they have amazing plug-in
refusing to if you're looking to
increase your ranking on Google you want
to make it faster you want to add like
chat whatever you want to do there's a
plugin for basically it's probably the
most popular CMS life or my kids could
pick up right now I'm also like you said
it's very easy if you know how to set up
a wordpress site you'll be doing very
quickly so obviously not be here before
but Ernie you said that I thought that
you had
a one-pager pretty much swing everyone
how to do it correct
I don't I I'd like you know hi i have i
have apathy for lawyers
unless you want to prove something you
know enter the science fair and you know
something should prove that you were
able to set up your own wordpress site i
wouldn't do it I can do it and I don't
do it anymore why because I got better
things to do with my time and while it
is pretty easy you know there are things
you could screw up you know and you
don't want to screw up so just pay
somebody there's a guy I found on up
workers in st. Louis or noise include
one on and he is he's Rojas media Rob
Rojas are Oh Jas mass media
I just pay him and he does stuff like
you know I needed something setup for
friend hired hands like a hundred blocks
it was like maybe 60 every time I need
something done I just hey rob i jump on
that would you
he's a really fast he's awesome
I found through up work but now hiring
directly it's easy to find people to
help you with wordpress don't do it
yourself what you do want to do yourself
is once you learn when you have it set
up posting content to it like David said
it's easy it's like typing into work
this you know the WYSIWYG editor you
bold stuff that part you know you can do
and you want to do and that you don't
need outsource that although you could
but you don't want to you want to know
write your own stuff if you can but
everything else setting it up
oh my god no don't waste your time yep
exactly so one of the things that the
trust me for this website competing for
start networking to actually find really
nice wordpress themes you can buy for
fifty bucks into up worker he find while
freelance work for maybe a few hundred
bucks a beautiful website Donald cheeks
oh so that's the way to go i think as
well I'm last question comes from
something our company from units to the
chapel or doing it asking what is the
small for bootcamp somewhat understand
this is a weekend training that you do
your attorney that want to learn how to
do everything you're talking about
basically right yeah well so what
happened was ahead of cyclic papers and still habit
and it's all about paperless and then as
I learned thatmore lawyers want to learn
more than just paperless like how to use
the cloud at it
automate all except that it you know the
word paper this doesn't convey that to
them and so what do these seminars and I
call them bootcamps i call them small
firm bootcamps alive today events that
happen in New Orleans the next one is
going to be an end of march i have the
day but i can't remember what is off the
top of my head and it's two days and so
that I created that site for that but
then the people would come to the two
days we like what you know some people
could come and see can't you do it
online so i created an online course
it's called the modern law firm course
and it's got like 60 lessons in there
and I opened it up for registration back
in March last year and a bunch of people
went through and now I don't openly sell
it but if you know if you text my law
firm 3344 one of the things that happens
you get three videos there are the first
three lessons in that course for free
and then if you go through that then you
can buy the course at the currently low
price that it's at its going to jump the
next time I release it by a lot so on so
if you want to do that I'm gonna get
that unlike what you can do that and if
you're in the system in my email system
then when i do the two-day live event i
will for sure tell everybody about it
and let you know when you get the low
price on that this year it's gonna be a
lot of fun we're going to do it on the
weekend we do thursday and friday before
the weekend on which New Orleans has
something called Bayou Boogaloo which is
like a music festival so food crafts
music kinda like jazz fest except mostly
it's only local so the hotel prices will
be reasonable and not off the charts
like that would be for jazz fast and so
we want to make it so that folks have
been in New Orleans can or who had been
there before we want to say it has
something else to do and extend this day
over a fun weekend so that's why we can
that weekend
that's what we're going to do it we are
looking forward to it's gonna be a lot
of fun
awesome and hopefully all
negative here and say hi the there's one
last question that you have walled an
actual with the last recommendation made
regarding getting a new website within
two weeks so basically well they're not
you basically go to feeling you
click or try to kind of wordpress theme
that you like me by four fifty dollars
then you go to upward comic and he said
you find a freelancer specialize in
building wordpress website you send a
message for you post a job and say I
want to spend three hundred dollars i
have a theme already can you build me
the site and you hire them to give the
theme they put on your website
all you do is give me a contact the text
images and the link that you want and
that's it again one or two weeks you can
avoid it completely girls when you can
have a class into that you can have it
fast in two weeks like that so that
five-hundred-dollar you know length
thing what I explain to people as like
here's what you need to do is explain
all in detail and then I say okay so
when you go to up work
copy and paste this text into the box
that says this and the screenshots that
describes everything as far as the
themes i also limit your number of
choices because it's overwhelming the
number of teams you could pick and thing
is what do you want with themes are
gonna give you three things that you can
immediately forget what you want them
mobile responsive you want the site to
look good on a mobile device so that's
mobile responsive you wanted it to be
html5 you know ready you want to be
optimized for SEO
so there's a company called on
studiopress that is owned by a lawyer
named brian clark no longer practices
law to figure this stuff all out he has
a cycle Copyblogger highly recommend it
it's it's the 1i used to learn what the
best platforms where their themes are
all those things if you pick any studio
pristine by definition it will comply
with all that stuff that i just
mentioned you can go look elsewhere but
that seems like a hundred bucks a pop so
the extra fifty bucks you know you know
works again what you want that you know
i'm sure you would agree right those
three things are things you need and
then you just you know now you know what
you what you want to say okay I want
this team
hey mr. up work guy and actually the
upper chi-hi for the first time when I
hired and he said by the way I own all
those themes and I can give it to you
for free so if you even put that into
your upward request probably people out
there that have bought all the themes
from studiopress and if you tell them
you want to do press team don't think
that included as part of the cost their
costs and no just you know use it as a
lead generator and not charging more for
it also
yeah I certainly don't want her to do
frontline over there were made at very
high quality your website or you want
your press
yep well now they're on rain maker which
is their platform but there you know
it's yes they're all using studiopress
teams because by definition that's all
you get to choose from so they're all
good i mean not all of them are
applicable to lawyer so one of the
things I tell you is like if i were you
i would be no can find your search to
among you know they have 30-something
themes to your process and say here 45
and probably would want to start with
the thing is a designer later on you can
you can make the team looked completely
different but what you're doing with the
team's your ballpark like it's got this
look I'm happy with this on so I'm
saying is you can have it up in like a
day if you if you got the theme going up
or going i want this team
I've got hosting setup over here here in
my passwords goal of that baby up you
can have it up in an in an hour but you
know right
the day is reasonable cool and forever
looking to have any more questions that
you have to email me my directing out
David at practice and a bob or you can
also tweet to us on twitter at practice
banter and or you fall you can touch
learning how are you how good are you
well if you type in mind for this
species will be no yes I'll be in touch
and it automatically but if you want to
Ernie the attorney and a pretty easy to
I can't hide on the internet off of ya
your which is awesome so what you want
to thank everyone for joining us today
this webinar once again was recorded so
we will email to you all shortly and put
it on youtube and last night of the
thank you so much
once again for taking the time to be
with us today absolutely you're very
welcome happy to do the right thing is I
want to have a great we can take care

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Webinar recorded on October 27, 2016 with Ernest Svenson, AKA Ernie the Attorney. Ernie spent 20 years doing commercial litigation in a big New Orleans firm. Along the way he learned the keys to paperless lawyering, which in turn inspired him to start a Ninja-efficient solo practice. Now, as the founder of, he shows other lawyers how to "put their practice on autopilot." Ernie is a nationally recognized speaker and author and he also runs a website called

Hosted by David Bitton, CEO at

Ernie discussed:
Learn how to run your firm efficiently with low overhead.
Draft briefs, memos, and emails at least 200% faster.
Harness the amazing power of virtual assistants.

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