Pause sub
me again
construction game
hello children
today the construction set we're
putting together is a fire truck
array a fire chance we'll begin
with the frame on on it will
attach the rest of the parts
on the front bumper will put two
loudspeakers of course our
vehicle not go anywhere without
let's put on the in front
of the frame will put seats for
the driver in the crew will also
put a dashboard now we need the
body on it sighs there are
different devices of the film's
embedded inside the body
our foam tank a water tank and a
and this is a crew cab we'll
attach the cab and the body to
the frame with now we will
attach the grab handles to help
farm and get into the cab and
quickly arrived at first sight
Wow a flashing more precisely
this is a light bar
and these are sirens
behind the cab we attach the
deluge gun or water cannon now
we need to put together the
tower ladder at the base of the
there's a control panel
the extending part of the ladder
is called a telescopic boom on
the end of the boom hangs the
all the important tools are held
in a special storage
compartments of the fire truck
which tools the firefighters
need fire extinguishers for
putting small fires
an axe to break through doors
and windows a crowbar for
breaking door locks to save
people quicker a shovel and
buckets to put the fire out with
water or sand and another
compartment will put the fire
hoses and this one
the fire hose reel will also
need pipe junction
so we can use several fire hoses
at once but closer compartments
with rollers charters
on the roof will put up a
handrail for safety
just a few more details the
the fire check is ready
fire truck
and here is the first emergency
call shall we go
oh no we have run out of water
and the fire still going
no worries the fire hoses and
the fire hydrant will help us a
hydrant always has water as it's
connected to underground water
hooray our mission is complete
the fire is our we can return to
the fire station
I will never play again I
and use your game no player fire
now choose another cartoon to

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Fire trucks for children kids. Fire trucks responding. Construction game." - In this educational cartoon for children we assemble a toy fire truck from our new virtual construction set. Children will learn the main parts of the fire engine such as crew cab, grab handles, tower ladder, water pump, deluge gun, and outriggers, etc. They will understand why the firefighters need such tools as fire extinguishers, a crow bar, a shovel, and buckets, and will see how the firemen use fire hoses and a fire hydrant to fight with fire. Hear the real fire engine siren and horn, enjoy energetic music, and watch our toy fire truck responding to the emergency call and rescuing a baby from a blazing house!"

In the end of the cartoon the baby tells children never to play with fire.

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