Subtitles for Suffolk PBA Gives Santa a Ride the Premm Learning Center in Oakdale

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since the National video journalist
welcome to my Long Island TV from an
asset to month off we've traveled our
communities to bring you the following
events i'm your host while the Cabrera
my Long Island TV starts now
Merry Christmas the sub county PA has
been doing this for a little 30 years
now actually started back Charles
hospital when they had a similar
facility there
when they close that one down most of
the children into the private garden
center so we actually went to our event
to this location as you conceal everyone
all the officers that here right now
this is something they look forward to
also then we have our direct connection
with Santa Claus the North Pole and we
bring him over on a emergency services
truck and don't forget
students get so excited because the one
thing that they all know I love Santa
they spend a lot of time making posters
Thank You posters for our for all the
guys and they're often they put the
level around as you can see and the PPA
is unbelievable
not only do they shop specifically for
each of the students but they wrap each
present if the kids need to be showing
how to play with a certain joy they do
that they're on the floor with the kids
they want a wonderful group of guys
this is great this is the Suffolk County
Police Department and the PVA coming
together and hosting this great event
and more children see our police
officers in situations that are positive
and not an emergency
the better for relationships with
yourself county police department but
most importantly today is just going to
have fun with the kids and I'm really
excited about
he has been so excited about this
four-week you know standard coming right
of working waiting patiently
she's very excited first christmas
Graham and we've been preparing the
books in the room
and be me and many it's an emotional day
was very emotional pain coming years i'm
here 25 years and he touches brings to
our eyes have been very generous in the
joshua tree so we can and we support and
the window
been working for the BBA probably here
now and I know it was thinking to come
here every year and I just here to help
kids and
I brought my children to make them
see how r to help them to feel good
about themselves and helping them
coming and
my dad works can be a so i started
working with them and i started
recognizing so I came and just like hang
out for the kids to some of his friends
like I was cool opportunity for you and
we just ask them are you ready Denise
and you got time for Christmas we take
pictures with nine of them smile
really Paul so very often the police
officers are in the paper for maybe the
wrong reason there's a lot of press the
this is something that should be in the
press they are an unbelievable bunch of
guys and they go above and beyond
they do it every single year and it gets
bigger and bigger and county be a thing
thank you
love you

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