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a our last presentation for this
morning session
the application is from a
company called altruist a health
so we've been talking for a long
time in this setting about
the need to integrate at
administrative data claims data
things like that
and clinical data for all kinds
of quality improvement purposes
and today
I we r thrilled the future when
the first health data blues
that applies this convergence of
technology to meet the needs of
the new value-based care systems
that are coming up and this is
the guiding care ap bio tourist
out so please join me in
their chief executive officer a
shish ka true
to the stage good morning
I guess I have the distinct
pleasure today to be the only
thing between you guys in lunch
so I'll try to be brief my name
is I she's got true and I'm this
sea of all dressed held
at company echo founded a little
or six years ago
people often ask me about the
meaning of our company name all
dressed up
they do generally pick up tall
trees a minute and they are
right on track
all twist ties to ride from
Latin alter which means
unselfishly God our devotion
toward service of others
alright cue the jokes about the
techie trying to give you a
linguistic lessons
but this definition dust I am
very closely
meet the mission of all dressed
and our clients we finally
that to improve population
health outcomes you have to have
the ability
still impact patient care by
focusing on
one person at a time and
directing the right kerry
to the right patients at the
right time let me show you how
our care management platform
guiding care helped him till the
patient outcomes
for one of our patients Sally
first of all dot health care
organization responsible for
was able to collate data from
multiple different sources on
the sources included administer
dative sources such as medical
claims data
pharmacy from PBM's
pharmacy claims data from PBM's
clinical data such as
data from EMRs clinical data
warehouses health information
laps so that we can create a
and more unified and holistic
picture of patient health care
experiences for Sally
once we had this information
our guiding care predictive
modeling and gaps in care engine
meant right to work identifying
highest risk highest costs
patients that would be apt for
care management
during this analysis we found
out that
Sally actually has been
hospitalized three times
in the last six months and has
also been to the ER all five
more times
she's currently suffering from
heart failure also has diabetes
recently was diagnosed
with COPD and is currently being
evaluated for depression
we also stepped on this not get
that she has not picked on
picked up the prescription of
bronco dilators that was
prescribed to her
yet and last time she got
released from the hospital after
a heart attack
she did not get their
prescription of a side benefit
there's she has routinely been
regular check up appointments
such as getting her ex bf unseat
estoy I exam related to diabetes
test in with the doctor
Sally Jones my friends
is a prospective high-risk
high-cost patient
let me now introduce you to
michael is a key and management
notes employed by the health
care organization
Michael calls on Sally and
render also in the care
management program
the first thing he does after
that is runs and inbuilt
health risk assessment within
the guiding care platform
to find out for their areas of
Met Sally sport health outcomes
during the process he learns
that Sally
up is currently living with a
roommate who smokes
by the way does not have a
stable housing situation and
also does not have access to
many finishes entering this
information into guiding care
guiding care automatically
generates a series of
interventions for Sally
and a series of reminders for
Michael to follow up on
my collects on the very first
one and connects to the guiding
care communication foetal
red up a social worker social
worker receives the case
analyzes the case and is able to
identify a stable housing
for Sally so that she is no more
exposed to smokers and also some
church-based transportation
so that Sally can get to her
for doctors as well as pick up
unfortunately three weeks into
the care management program
Michael receives an elected the
guiding care platform that sally
has again been hospitalized
due to fluid imbalance levels
related to CHF
but this is also why did I dinky
S transition management program
using their any patient
guidelines built within the
michael has been able to keep in
constant touch
vid the case manager from the
hospital making sure that Sally
receives the right gear on the
right day
men shout sally is discharged to
the skilled nursing facility or
the sniff
Michael gets elected to run the
transitions of care assessment
so that he can identify the
right information that should
travel with Sally
that this nafta so that they
know what to do with her
men sally is fully recovered
keeps in touch with her and
keeps guiding her
fast for one 1-year sally has
been doing much better
she has been keeping out made
her medications
she has been keeping up with
most of our doctors appointments
she has not had a
hospitalization in the last six
she has not been to the ER room
in the last one year
her health has much better but
more importantly
she's much happier with the
healthcare experience that she
has received
Sally maybe a composite but
our transformation is a
present-day to:
of the find some outcomes our
clients are
I receiving throughout the
nation on at population of about
2.5 million patients
in a statewide medicaid
collaborative involving 130
thousand keratins
the results so far have been
very encouraging
at degrees of up to ten percent
in for hospital readmissions
and a total savings of about
thirty million dollars
improving health outcomes one
at that time that's how alt
Resta held
is driving population health
until meant and supporting you
are organizations
transformation to have more
proactive environment
if you'd like to see or demo
will be at their health data
flows up boot
between 4&5 p.m. tonight
or if you would like to schedule
a private demonstration for your
we have a link here at up on the
slide that will allow you to
and will be very happy to
schedule that demonstration for
you so that we can show you how
we do all of this
thank you very much and have a
wonderful real
and rest of the conference
alright guys one more big round
of applause for this morning
what an awesome day

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