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I bet the right place at the
right time for many years I mean
I've been in education
fifty-three years for crying out
48 a.m. in higher ed as a long
and by that I mean he should
have done something
I hope readiness pick up their
paychecks here
which it at that i my dad was
not a whole lot but you know I
wish I was very fortunate i hope
i helped established from that
women higher
and I established
I cofounded the higher education
in and
administration program at the
graduate level he said program
at the University of Vermont
it's a master's level
programming to your program is
now in its 38-year
I cofounded that and it's one of
the top three programs in the
and I just finished with it last
year you know I find the side
can't do this anymore a
cofounded the President's
Commission citizen living at the
I'm I've been at the bottom at
the core
not just the loan obviously but
I've been at the core a lot of
but a lot of people who wanted
to make a difference
if you were entering higher
education they are a few are
currently in higher ed
on just a couple things really
come to mind for me
on don't be afraid to take
the risk whatever it is and do
your homework don't be an idiot
I step out for my car
but don't be afraid to take the
know what it is you need know
what it is you want
those things have to be clear
you take the right breast
learn from other people you know
we only mine on occasion even
think we know all it is we need
to know but we really don't know
all the rest
that we need to know see you
need to be open to learning from
other people
if you are contemplating a
career in higher ed is a woman
need to be persistent and
need to be persistent
and patient need to learn how to
take care of yourself
because your number one and if
you can take care of yourself
the work that you do without
within for others is not the
calling at work
that it should be if you were
taking care of yourself and I
think the last thing I would
women to do is to take yourself
have a lot of fun
but to take your work seriously
and that's that's
some other of the tap and I said
I would give I'll much more
specific advice that there were
issues the those are the kinds
of things and i think im help to
serve me well
%uh the
%uh m

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Jackie Gribbons is a Professor Emerita at the University of Vermont. Her most recent position was the Coordinator of Graduate Student Internships in the Department of Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration. She served as a mentor and role model to many graduate students and young professionals around the nation.

The Jackie Gribbons Leadership Award, given annually by Vermont Women in Higher Education, is presented to a woman who has demonstrated leadership ability, served as a model and mentor, developed innovative programs, and contributed significantly to the institution and profession.