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I'm the
welcome to this this other areas
nature is adapting
coping inventing that you know
conservationist biatch can't
cope with this insane to be in
the know
let me give you an example these
little examples but at least
samples have something that I
is a fundamental title like that
is sweeping the plan inside my
gay as colonize the resolve
holes and how since it's not the
talks with this is early
and yes we can create guess it
also coming husbands fathers
cause I holes in it in sales
care industry for also said
colonize at basra
there in the loop the
whitewater sports frogs the book
when you flush
yeah pretty interesting talk but
I pay it back up
and I did the saw that how the
basra out so I saw this is the
debt to wade across at windows
to catch insects attracted by a
small this is incredible ah
small insectivorous birds
outlets have led to higher in
six did not around out of
croatia got lots two o'clock in
the morning
it with pop culture what they
want I'll 2 o'clock in the
morning we'll see the Harvard
around a lot same also attracted
to got lots
text or at least I'll we have
finches eating Arab like to
point out
intentionally planted gotten way
he eats
II was a rid inches 8 hail
Ross and getting grass we played
well as we head
I'll are hoping thousands of the
speeches around the area now
they were the hearing it all and
we're off
we have couples frogs and fish
balls when I this is the town of
place anyway you know theodore
good some hot stuff
conservationists iono
robustly the door they're all
than us how this conventional
wisdom was signed
kansai here is the that's a
terrible not see more culture
with toxic chemicals and saw
yet bus cloud has a silver and
other inches
with a whole how you think
how I could work this out
because it's called fast as far
as the eye and say
and when I searched out the area
though meeting in on
Guinea grass is not doing very
well this is a Wii
reckless it we'd is unbelievable
well same rate from proscar
what this all we just finished a
backyard bliss so yes that I
at the Children's Hospital at
Westmead in Sydney which is
pretty close to the polls on
and I thought through the middle
city that's pretty close and
the river of grass Paris in the
grounds the hospital aging
bridge stress and competing
against several
sparrows measures I would yeah
what's the future strike could
have its outer wall of the debts
to std's
southerners and fires
year when we help the wall of
hang on while I love the last
some environmental groups for
example while student while Joe
getting us CNN's but they've got
some sleep it's about
group likewise citation could
say the changes
for him %uh the total boxes have
enough time to cope with that
how else do they hang on to
their traditional territory
it we've heard a third-class all
night of the city hits from
class to class
hell like time to look at
conservation group doesn't seem
to be up to cut this at all
rifle or it's now exist in vast
numbers what up and down to the
east coast
striker in a negative light gots
the spa hotel is beautiful but
then when Captain Cook her I'll
I hear
show already table Isaacs ok
several future together every
on the salt Asia is the changing
face this trial
tough Tesco released
worst outcome excuse the bad
grab sometimes the best you can
do is to it she
a less worse outcome when I
realized today
health orbits the chemical
creating serious environmental
and human health issues
whitehurst the then Minister for
Primary Industries Songkran
to set up a national group to
better manage chemicals in
he did say River it's now
destroyed pesticides and
veterinary medicines authority
we did manage to get rid of the
okay Florida State a natural
netball why I accept the in a
strike it would get rid of him
because they they prove that the
store important effects in
ticketmaster gotta stay with up
like this things like lord I
have a half-life of about 15
years i'd give up tent
anybody in women are
particularly proud store
listings in a good bits that
balls this store in fact Hewitt
10 talks too much
importance at in 15 years
thought talks too much it's the
easiest to adopt Austin Russia
getting somewhat you're just
talk trial I don't %uh 69 balls
but if I was living in Africa
particularly resigns course
site will not but all the while
so we find their way trading
mosquitoes that spread awareness
drive we don't want that we
brought this group together
we managed to reduce a lot of
chemicals that we'll worry about
find better was also fun get
less use of for
squee also recognize however the
clearly agricultural chemicals
ensure high heels
in agriculture also necessary
for disease prevention
Thai spice point that struck me
about that
really Tate may of is that what
we're all in that group they
want to be a board member for
many years
Diddy the environmental groups
work with this that he the
officer corps
that help no sometimes the best
you can do this tonight
things less worse it hit the
Save the problem with chemicals
if you
think an idea well as well that
all these agricultural chemicals
surrealistic while process the
site will how we like it
a little bit less worse because
you have to have to ask and it
was everything has a downside
make you would come here in such
a motor vehicle oscar-winning
thank you
play because they hit you with
the whole class so
the fact that conservation
groups traditionally will get
involved in something like that
i think is tragic
because that's all I did the
equations know they put in that
that's unacceptable with me
today all together with those
things that just like the one
broken society
by then however the new era
where environmental groups say
themselves as part of a
community operation site plan
the key to all this
is compromising goodwill this is
the role of the strike gonna
Foundation which slot
in my view it then if you want
to challenge it I goalless
I don't know each other and
let's work it out once SL we're
concerned that scare tactics
around nuclear energy genetic
engineering and planning a yes
to all the public
sweeping statements such as with
the hair oceans
clad the real issue the
management operations both in
terms of the ecosystem
also sustainable fish house all
these emotionally-charged
tend to force environmentalists
camps war with industry's and
government's then nobody wins
we want to put together
environmentalists of his
father's developers minus the
representatives and all
stakeholders including as the
into a celebrity group to
address the issues rationally we
wish to use
accurate data research
information economic estates and
human issues
to create truly a sustainable
future for a but got everything
we don't have this is a critical
but if you wanna know who we are
about the on everything else we
do is all had
any beliefs or Gators be all
that shaving
the best possible collaborative
outcomes trash but
we don't have the religious si
lo these consultations chrysalis
we've done
have that background test this
out enough to make myself get
thank you very much a on

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Don Burke concludes his address in 2006 as chairman of the Australian Environment Foundation