Subtitles for New sacroiliac joint procedure offers relief from pain

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halifa back in his channel 3
doctors at the gorgeous Brain &
Spine Institute have literally
written the book on a new
procedure in a tick tock tock
Marsico bigger tells us how is
offering pain relief that's
undiagnosed Sidney Jones is a
insider she helps out the cath
lab or just some was a pacemaker
specialist for years
but for years she also ignore
daily pain which isn't
it started very small minor it
was in the hip
didn't pay any attention to it
can continued to get worse
when her pain became too
overwhelming to sleep through
the night Jones returned to the
Borgia spine and brain
Institute or years earlier she
had back surgery
I finally had to go to the
doctor and
found out it was not for him or
or a
pain in the back it was coming
from the SI joint doctor sonya
even made the diagnosis one that
takes extensive imaging and
testing to make
because the injury can act MP
like so many different thanks
i ka the sick really enjoy the
great imitator because
a can cause pain that looks like
pain from nerve removing pension
your back
pain from arthritis in the hip
doctor aided and her colleagues
a new procedure on sandy where
she an incision
proxy about an inch and a half
or so after the site ever but I
can we go through that incision
and actually do a fusion across
the dry by
placing screws across a joint to
stabilize the joint
it's much less invasive than
traditional treatment which
required cutting through more
tissue to get to the joint
after years of suffering cindy
was pain-free after Justin
hour-long procedure I I felt so
I knew the minute I woke up from
surgery this is it
this did the trick and doctor
even along with a retired
colleague and a physical
therapist have just published a
book about sac really act
conditions in surgery
the ebook is available now and
will be made available in hard
if you'd like more information
call at
look for a link on our website
WWMT dot com

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Doctors at the Borgess Brain and Spine Institute have written the book on a new sacroiliac joint procedure that offers relief from pain that is often misdiagnosed.

Learn how it helped relieve Sandy's pain.