Subtitles for Cutting Healthcare Cost for small and mid-size employers

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I michael Hart here this web
is for small and midsize
companies they're looking for
and field-tested solutions on
how to
cut their health care cost yes
you have your right
i'm talking about. cutting
health care cost
not shifting costs to employees
I would like to share with you
how some of your peers and
competitors have been able to
cut they health care costs by 25
and more in some cases even up
to 50 percent
without reducing benefits and
out shifting costs to employees
if I were you
I would be wondering is this
even possible
and you absolutely right to ask
this question
nope if I would not have cut my
employer's health care cost
by twenty 8.3 percent in just 30
I probably wouldn't believe it
either I cannot if you guarantee
that you can achieve the same
but just imagine you cut your
employer's health care costs by
five percentage points per year
you could save your company a
fortune I've been on the
receiving end
of double-digit health care cost
increases for years
I have tried columnist
traditional remedies
to contain health care cost even
implemented a comprehensive
wellness program
but nothing worked I know how
frustrating it is
if you don't know where to start
because nothing seems to be
so let me put your mind at ease
by pulling back the curtain
right now
and showing you exactly 1 I'm
talking about
I have created for you a free
expected summary that you can
accessed through this web page
in the executive summary I'm
going to share with you the
cost-cutting principles
that I have research and
thoroughly field-tested
over the last 10 years those are
the same principles
that I have used to cut my
employer's health care cost by
twenty 8.3 percent
in addition companies just like
that have followed these
principles have experienced
measurable increases in
at the same time they have seen
reductions in workers
compensation claims
reduced absenteeism present his
lower short term and long-term
disability claims
I would like to invite you to
find out
how this proven system works and
more importantly
how you can't put this proven
system to work for your company

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introduction video for Practical and field-tested solutions on how companies have been able to cut healthcare cost by 25% and more without reducing benefits or shifting costs to employees. Presented by Michael Puck, SPHR, Corporate Health Coach.