Subtitles for Dust or Magic 12: Technology in Libraries and Schools -- a Panel at Mediatech

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going into classrooms with 33
user administrator like
1k I think yeah said that to you
take attendance and take that
lets get out of my head maybe
shows a couple things
to work with I in every two
years gap with the schools in
administration's are worried
about cyber-bullying
to worry about kids getting out
of here with me doing with the
and teachers taught no it was
kinda due process with that
I I in my class
my kids do that after you day
walk around the tabs
all the time they have a center
they know what they're doing
working with it
I work with teachers to help
senator questions dad
work with administrators to be
able to say okay visas and the
things that you can make sure it
a safe environment communicating
with parents being
prepared yeah it was
back-and-forth busy can you
coming to school 90's kids are
planted give you going to school
with these little devices
you know you these guys are
paired t-tests more cause for a
couple years
and so there very comfortable
with they do you want to share
and then put a show be getting
share with certain programs and
we're doing it won't have a
exposed to come into the
teachers I when he otherwise
we're at it was also
I haven't talked about unit and
he is using computer programs
when used speech rights
right now here's do Jersey that
is built with them
main role at as forward kids
game devices in the case and
have been
for the special ed criticism
special services
we're doing speech for doing
adaptive learning I
for classified students but its
you know slowly moving into
I going into the classroom I've
on a full-time basis
immunity from a prospective
teachers up
we have it we have a generation
teachers who have
seeing no trans everybody say
okay this is the next new things
the next big day I and I can
tell you many things you said to
be OK at they give you this
yes i sat over there unilateral
at at
they get by just using a laptop
they said don't have kids you
okay with it you know it's that
doesn't do me a lot of good how
to use my laptop
very much I use my laptop to do
added who issued
to do those administrative stuff
to do the attendance to
went into PowerSchool everything
rather than engage close down
where I might play again
I have an interactive way i
think is used to be on actually
text the keyword
was a laptop but now teachers
are Street SE
because everybody's getting
yelled at they're using a
and now they're you're getting
more and more open to okay
use this I can use in-camera I
can report the kids
I and they're seeing our up this
that is very simple I but they
don't have is all these
different programs we're trying
to track where you have to
one word ministry I is very much
if you can simply recorded his
making stories to so they can
hear your feedback City
in here the enunciation in as a
developing their speech
so they can slow down to what
that word is a breakdown in the
another way and it gets a little
to get letters relationships
so if you think Granite City I'm
here's a
that worst line technology is
Steve Jobs said
everything is products Google
and you they can t stop this for
and schools are going to start a
you think we're
where are we on that shit I
think we are at a tipping point
because I think it's the
very singers now we've been in
fashion for are starting to see
the value
this and see how simple it is to
to implement this technology
it's not like the other
technology ask where was it or
container was something that had
to be done in isolation
these devices in tatters walking
around always
and his teachers we're always
trying to teach kids that you
already getting
is ingested just last from 823
region tree very
and learning takes part all the
time these places allowing kids
to see that
and hours and teachers so the
advice maybe to get smarter and
arm school purchasing at
programs make sure
no you know how does business
began its were and you get very
schools I'll evermotion Maillet
that have sales a I toll on
you're basically you're in cell
at two
school because the teachers at
imagine a text book which
chapter 1
its the first pitch after two is
it's glued shut
you have to put a quarter in
together it's not going to work
teacher store
your credit card as well you
have to work with that
is a small I wanna shift or you
guys I
you better is a business for a
long time what it what advice
you can really see it
we're at right now this fall
chief I'm
I I actually think we're
probably for the perfect for you
just because I see I pay
everything about tabatha
you accessibility and usability
is all true
up go see a cohesive pattern
with schools and schools
administration so utilize the
will see this word the system
to do that so USB does a
both me we're getting closer and
this is really great
but I
mess we're gonna make that
important because first we get
mean a people just become I
think to endeavor
technology is me doubts
harharhar president house
okay Parker min because I love
me frankly we he said we've been
in this industry a long time we
see this before
I mean basically if I think
we're you know this
you are receptive of you it's
easier for
why look because there's
anything wrong with it but
because there was really no
no cohesive you know of
about how it was really good use
house supported
when something is wrong who's
going to actually answer the
just too busy having to teach
deal with techno
so something doesn't work you
know if my wife I was there was
a glass stock mean so he's at that
glass stock mean so he's at that
you'll also results that's why I
say it was hoped for
resso having to do with many
things worse for many years
for I think we're seeing a lot
more frustration this year
we were here from super
disagreed and directors about
how to curate content how to
keep it fresh for kid
and individualizing an outlet
would be a using
its really push that beat yet
time time time
so happy speech
big data for iPad's accurate the
meaningful way so say I'm
teaching second-graders
Matthew no got six different
secondary 625 miles
I don't provide this you know
the acid although than me
okay and so there
we see a lot of frustration
teachers because he was with
powerful devices
this p day because the app talk
to one another
so essentially if you look at a
dash for
its everything's reporting
individual units on apples to
oranges grapefruit
in over the summer for the
centralized system basically
uses the one constant dripping
out for them
to pull off another teacher in a
meaningful way its non-core
Tao a lot in its history yeah it
doesn't eat with us all that
yeah I like yeah he said
low it was unanimously you for
I everything tasks done you
a nice to see it your ball
education you know it for
you task workout
or and the government funded
consortiums states to develop
you online
assessment systems with those
yes winds
me were the biggest parts that
is to is their contracting
people to create
what they call
technology-enhanced I'm girls so
third now the icons on these
garry Wills yeah you with are
one since you were six
response to the same here bases
in washington state's actually
probably already implemented
this isn't David so North how
you you know I'm into
have teachers and students from
your technology he did
all well
at this gathering is was a lot
of attention moment's notice
saying that
no what Rizza that we have this
will spend more by
War II as an working hard the
fear is that it's just
the purchase comes before yes
play and answer
so me as if I were a good side
but the group II
belong to different audiences
are our resolve this was why
and you know it %uh that form
for business for many years
law said that there should be
you know try on the same trough
I heard school was a whole so
there should be ability of
Charles work should be there
regards very does should be able
to access and so in essence
the mobility platforms is
helpful and
no sorry we have the technology
for like many other technology
were it best to every terms or a
were germs that investments
through our products in terms of
being able to import
progress you know the lawyers
are products that
but rather seize we were really
hard to be here for the first
his users so we're not alone in
saying we are outside
mature to sell see that way but
but yeah truly education
is lot of people tensions in the
technology is a
that I actually think it will
bring us through were
earlier quarter much work it for
forward your say
were trying to get through
another second own
taylor's full res yes exactly I
think that is
yes by these guys that we're
sitting here
just a few minutes ago and I
think that virus solution that
if you asking Miami OK into
question is right over there
it's free public access to
powerful technology worry you
that anyone while of history sit
take the best software that you
more just thought of
liberian in purchases a and
gains that normally has a sixty
dollar price tag
let's see if the screen you know
there there's a supervisor
that's there to provide man's
support system so and then other
kids who come socialize so
that's a ride over there
you know to check out it is have
access to the
visual culture I think that's
critical from the
up got in the social perspective
because Rob moving through this
together is a big culture for
moving into the information
and so the idea that I'll today
the good news is we're good news
we're at it
North Dakota all the teachers
devices in their pockets and
they're familiar
back a nice teacher training you
to sit down and say this is a
looked it up you know that today
it's like oh yeah it will I at a
cost with every variables
screens interfaces its of Thomas
through that so
I think I think times are
changing I think it's
if you know I whether ready or
your wasn't the especially Chris
Conahan of I like you
up reviews book
as well he I like this last
thing that it's not replace it
for your time you get children
last and that's why worry about
that too much we we worry too
much about statistics
standardized testing and we have
to be at this point
display through the year yet we
the human interaction between
the teacher and a student
and with a teacher with their
values to learn
I think especially newer
teachers coming out there saying
okay I just need to file this
obvious lesson plans laid out
because this is proving to be
you know assessment class
because you make that I follow
this law and there's a
there's going to be an excuse
for where an academy allows
teachers that freedom to go back
were where at
to give them the support
information who
his so I am very miss
were and fluffy
very happens all the time and
the kids should be refined
somewhere to go to find
information teachers you
to somewhere information about
their subject is
and ask for it an academy I
choose you you know there was a
great resources words
you getting different
perspectives you
any here to stay station about
this is that matter figure it
which ones work for which age
group at a point things
respected and ASEAN ex-cop is
distance learning community
is pushing very hard space is
in particular for our age group
in his room for most service
and the social aspect ready for
school house is so critical
it business focuses gonna be
we don't go too far Irish funny
I we've actually two point for the
we've actually two point for the
kids have power
a the technology to process of
actually videotaping
actually videotaping measuring
measuring us
what we're doing yeah
because they have power and we
can stop
so I think it's awesome that
you're yeah yes is very
yes they you got are you with me
for it wasn't yeah
alright here so the agents are
you going of yeah
which for work OMG us movies
you are words yeah that's the
ski falling up got your list
sleeves be so yeah every reports
the today about progress reports
and I
think I'm you're not as
and I think I'm you're not as
much as
one for my answer questions
we're not as much experts on
parents per se because we have
not been there
since our product base is not
been direct marketing to
and yes we will have more as we
go down this path will have more
work with parents but for every
focus has been more
schools and we're very definite
the you know and progress
tracking and things will help
the teacher
report progress against those
common core standards
raw about trying to make the
lives easier
work with our products as well
of course more effective which
for heritage corrected more
effective 'em
rico's parents a we also
every report for your were
already rohr ready
soon will be interest male and
take a good hard
free pre-k your observations
assessments that actually have
know those assessments mailed to
parents also for
so for us its kind in there so
it's kinda can give you a
direct answer from from
the fire good bus goes it was
good I think it's very expensive
for people to believe that and
their products
that he saw earlier today you
may or may not worthwhile
because I think we found
offensive actually thought to be
back whose
it's a very small percentage its
actually want that data
but for the school's
administration buyers people who
were gonna make this
gonna drive this in a big way
its the way
as a checkbook checklist but not
22 West Caicos said something
yet leaf social and ended
make the best parents and well
always got
whom you're more involved
parents are always good
unfortunately that's not a huge
over to install base for for any
product and it's a
from this cool you're saying
that there's actually a real
need for a standard system for
KRN is you gonna help develop
these levels this correlating
things isn't necessary but I
think it would help certainly so
the educations feature I think
yes another word
sport ministrations appropriate
for because it views
you can ask for FPS no knows
more attention
a you prove this is really
effective that's actually a good
but there's really not a whole
lot surprisingly their
godparents here
differently efficacy study today
really sup me particular word to
the nth degree
yes sir so yeah education well
as tax they're always been a
I mean thats i'm looking back
where thats taxpayer
so with Amanda consensus
thank otherwise whatever the
comes back swells a its
ace separately like giving your
I saying this is how to elevate
some game is how well they did
25-man grounds so you get
25-man grounds and so you get
the numbers indicate Seattle
good it is but when it comes
down to it yes
neck it's at really do you
it's ok and it's a catch-22 IT
line here's a post with their
his I do have this conversation
past two years you out wanna
make its gay
getting at is using the tabs
using this device
way you have to teach me
as to why this is a good day as
a parent or
directly to the teachers he
should have to be very happy
as well FBI said now we're we
provide more
at do that waiver our intention
is a well maybe tom is a 67
alright so up any answers
you not tired and I guy I'm
really happy to tell you I think
we might have a rockstar
here's another sack Rockstar I
actually Iraq Iraq
gonna drop in so exciting
try to sit next to somebody
different on the bus you come
and means when you share another
act he the Asher in going
I'll yet like that
interviews acid rock with the S
is one of our testers I
just here in the middle are I'll
he's wearing jeans and and
everything else who are writing
really writer the hero of
the friend for writer
right %uh yeah
does so much for and he is
active are
with our urban be nearly
probably both the so yeah
and as for the library in the
town everybody's got my
so appreciate year you're
if you wouldn't mind I'm
stacking your shares
on the way out outlets were a
service left for
10 I saw you yesterday talked
with us about it
you yeah for our stuff because
it also be healthy for the work
to those and other you re
we basically actually take and
repair products now move the
best free content
we've worked with many folks
here for many years
and though and over these were
requirements we come by since it
was any places where we can
yes for your code or props or
over the years I was a without
naming any names
a few years ago we saw really
really beautiful product
arm the developer chose not to
use your mouth
just mister keyword we actually
are was so beautiful said your
child sitting down and working
with you if you care
with the application is a
beautiful thing is wonderful
when it happened
the ground was to because who
you that they did a few years
ago what's using
words Arbeit your face is
important yeah
faces change in some remote does
not before her face
business just don't get them
fixed on hard
okay my messages notify you are
as a
mad is play way only versus
actually for
for 10 content providers here
yes for
hers but our fire
has I guess more forward and
for your word park somewhere do
you remember
yet that pretty got there there
that's the fun is the tonight
here I was just gonna say now is
that it's not a knife at
here is the monitor of computer
this we don't sell the stocks is
the basis
the high and the raises doubts
while so want this reactor
something later this
so I'm not interested so that
Wednesday or
where there is that Google's 13
products also riceville
palm buzz and there's been a
great a clever
whenever with us as well as some
other people
so apologise but in secular so
it and it is really easy lol
small publisher
who is being up your you guys
are helping
to get that you know into
schools and libraries
that's the way it's another
avenue we're getting
your as always I was never
or whatever say her so we have
real presence
and we are those last three
years of or
good workers as well with
said more so this
cool are things things for us
sharing your with their

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A panel of teachers and developers discusses technology implementation in schools and libraries. This panel took place on January 21 at Mediatech Foundation in Flemington, NJ