Subtitles for MSE - AQC-1 Multi Reticle Red Dot Sight

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right amount of my name is like
I'm lieutenant colonel from the
IDF I just retired about two
years ago
my job is really on this book
was to build a shooting war for
I wrote the really dr. on how to
train doing
I train about 500,000 soldiers
it's the only thing I know I i
was commander of that school for
17 years
my wife tells me every night the
only thing you know is shooting
and I don't know anything else
so i'll talk about what I know
which is shooting when I retired
we build a small company in
Israel that workout partners
with the coming of bread time
italy and the tried doing was
building a site that is very
different than everyone else's
it's totally different than the
other major competitors on the
why is it different and houses
one of the major differences
that we have here
almost everyone really exciting
the world has one radical that
it can be shaped differently but
they only have one
this site has three different
reticles one for quick shooting
but we got to qb1 for accurate
shooting and another one . we
have three different articles
that the shooter chooses which
radically watch depending on the
scenario is it at
secondly it has what we call a
sleep mode if you didn't use it
for 30 minutes
it turns off it has a motion
sensor if you touch it back on
it has a cable with a key that
you can actually turn on the
light activated change radically
change brightness levels without
having to disengage your hand
right now
you're not the company with the
button during battle again we
wanted to make it fighter
this is going to be moved
manually you don't need a corner
you'll need a screwdriver you
don't need a shell
you can do it by can't as a
night vision mode if you want to
put a nightscope behind it and
has a low battery indicator in
there but it's the two major
things that's so different
everyone else is the parallax
free site
everyone says they have a
parallax free site but very
people very few people have very
easy to check it doesn't you put
the site on the table
you may be right to the right to
left and you see that doesn't
move from the target and that's
very very important for reflex
sight because one of the reflex
I'd give you it gives you speed
you see a red dot and you don't
have to iron site you may have a
wreck . so it's easier to shoot
but unfortunately does not
improve your accuracy
we believe that this side
improve your accuracy by forty
percent i don't care who you are
and every one that shot today
sees it
I don't care how good of a sure
you are you can become a better
shooter shooting the site and
the reason being that the
radical was designed it took a
long time to design it
we made a very very clear
radical parallax free radical
we also made a radical it has
what we call balancing lights
most companies have a . . looks
like a . even if the gun is not
balance balancing lines on three
and nine o'clock so you're off
you can see your all and you can
figure stuff because it's not if
you're off you don't know you're
off get the circle of second
circle so you'll see it now in
dude you can't miss with the
site and it also comes with what
we call a training program
I want the doctor to the Israeli
army so we put those areas from
the day cities and knights
scenarios we put them in the
package of the site and when the
shooter back up retailer or with
when a customer buys the site
he doesn't just receive a site
using the training package the
training package comes with day
scenarios night scenarios
cheering target and the syllabus
on how to train with an
instructional video that comes
with the site every site that
you buy
so far so good we're good
questions oh ok so real real
quick here
middle button is an activation
by him I don't know if you guys
can see the radical can you
light it up
you see something
all that let's try to get look I
don't hurt your camera
no the other one cause i don't
want and I get the shot will go
so this is the activation butn
so this is the activation button
this changes the reticle and
this changes the brightness
levels but this all can be done
in the PT cable awesome
ok so let's go shoot right left
right left
well done left right
well done right left left right
left and I good shot good shot
get left left
hear it but I see the missing

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