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sav digital board room allows
you to unify your entire
business all in three
interactive screens giving you
the chance to understand your
all in real time using live data
for CIOs and CTO s today s video
board room is revolutionary
something that traditionally was
reserved for power points and
spreadsheets is now live
the digital board room really is
quite an impressive combination
of technologies because what's
happening now is boards can have
the strategic view of their
entire operation in real time
and I think previously but we've
had our more combinations of
pockets of insight that had to
be cobbled together so digital
board room gives you this real
time perspective on what's
happening throughout the
organization and allows
executives to drill down as it
when they see fit
live in this really changes the
way the finance organization and
therefore the CFO operates
within the organization
so we see the CFO being boys as
having opportunity to change the
way the business works and to
change the way the finance marks
operating within the business to
solve real business problems
the type of data that we see is
part of the digital board room
and having all of that
information available in real
time really enables them to move
forward into that digital
finance Michelle
but the digital board room
presentation was great it lines
completely with where we want
the CFO to go and where we see
the CFO meeting to go in the
having data available in real
time being able to drill down
I mean just imagine being in a
board meeting and answering
questions in real time answering
questions that coordinators have
having them see the data really
changes the game and the virtual
reality i think is a great
opportunity for people to really
start to imagine what's possible
and what they should be thinking
about as they think about their
organization and bracing crystal
I think there are a few things
to think about as a CFO looks to
embrace digital and and move
their organization into the
the first is really think about
what do you want that
organization to be
what's your future vision of the
finance organization
what capabilities are you going
to need in order to meet that
objective of your finance
organization of the future a new
operating model and thinking
about how to fit your finance
function your finance people
into the business and working in
integrated business teams
providing more of an integrated
business service versus
reporting the past so we're
really looking at CFO's as being
able to now predict the future

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