Subtitles for "I have a really strong opinion about abortion, I don't like it."

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[woman] I have a really strong opinion about abortion. I don’t like it.
Do you think abortion is right or wrong?
Why do you think abortion is wrong?
Because it’s an innocent life.
Do you think it’s ever okay to have an abortion?
I think it’s okay if you’re raped, or if you're forced upon it.
Why do you think it's okay in those areas?
If you’re forced upon what?
If it's like,
you know how sometimes it's physically forcing somebody on another--
mentally forcing somebody to do something they don’t want to do,
then, then that’s okay to have an abortion.
Because you don’t want to have a baby, and you shouldn’t bring a life into a world like that
or into something that’s that cruel.
Why do you think it’s okay during those instances?
I just said why.
Just because it’s cruel?
If a--
It’s not right.
If a child is,
if a child is a product of a rape and he’s already born,
does his life deserve to be respected?
Yes, definitely.
What’s the difference between a born and a pre-born child?
A born and a what?
And a pre-born child.
What’s the difference between a baby who was born out of rape that’s already born,
or one that is still in the womb?
Oh, the difference is, if somebody chose to give them a life,
then you, you know, just do what you can with it.
So it’s all about the choice.
So, one last question.
If the baby who was born out of rape, her mom chose to keep him,
but then she changed her mind after he was three years old, and she’s like,
“This is too hard, I can’t bear it,” is it okay for her to kill that baby?
No, it’s definitely not.
Why not?
Because it’s murder.
So what’s the difference between the born and the pre-born?
The pre-born is, just like you said, it’s all about the choice.
You can make a choice.
After you’ve made a choice that’s right or wrong.
If after you’ve already made a good choice
and then you’re gonna go and kill an already human being,
then that’s just murder and it’s not about feelings or emotions
or what you think is right or wrong, it’s just cruel.
Good point. So before, you said that abortion was wrong.
Why did you think abortion was wrong?
Because abortion, just because you can’t handle it,
or just because you slipped up and got drunk and got pregnant or whatnot,
stupid things that why you got pregnant, it’s not right.
You should take your consequences as they come with anything in life, not just abortion.
Thank you very much for your opinion today.
I have a really strong opinion about abortion. I don’t like it.

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Perspectives on Abortion is an exclusive project of Live Action that attempts to capture the true position of individuals and how they respond to logic and reason that challenges their views.

The interviews were taken during the summer of 2009 in downtown San Jose, California outside of a local music festival called "Music in the Park". The interviews are presented without special section.

Interview recorded 7/23/2009 in San Jose, CA
Interviews conducted by Ana Benderas and Ignacio Reyes
Produced by David Schmidt
Music by Nick Tancraitor,