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now that we showed them over
unique properties the Kangen
water but show everybody how the
machine works ok all right and
how we make the water so with a
touch of a button we can
transform ordinary tap water by
electrically charged in the
water so first of all where
filtering the water and we have
a unique double carbon anti
bacterial filter where the water
passes through first and then
inside of the machine we have
what's called an electrolysis
chamber and so there's seven
medical grade titanium plates
that are double dipped in
platinum for conductivity and
that's actually the most unique
part of this technology exactly
what makes this technology do
what it does and create those
seven unique properties to go
underwater so let me show you
how it kind of works we simply
as you and so we're going we're
running it through the machine
for electrically charging the
water and we actually split
notice there's two others
tonight at West yes so we're
separating the alkaline minerals
from the acidic minerals the
negative ions from the positive
I invented that process of
ionization is how we create all
those unique properties to come
get it that we showed everyone
just a little while ago so we're
talking about 90 those are the
three levels of the Kangen water
for drinking so we show them one
of them today which was the 925
yes so we can change that level
to a lower level 8.5 9 9.5 just
recommended people start at 8.5
as they get adjusted to the
water depending on how toxic
someone might be or acidic and
then move up the 9.0 and then
finally 9.5 so everybody's
bodies a little difference
they're kind of move at their
own pace to get to the
eventually to the night by five
just filtered water so if
someone's on prescription
medication that's recommended
they take the medication with
just filtered water hasn't been
because as everyone saw because
the micro clustering of the
molecules like the Tea came out
of there really quick so if
someone were to take
prescription medication in the
amplified exactly so it's going
to make whatever you take with
going one better faster stronger
in regards to light nutritional
supplements you may take a lot
of those are green drinks
vitamins are like spirulina or
even anything super foods
exactly a superfood you want to
take it with Kangen water cause
what do you what you want to
take you get all the nutrients
out of that as best possible and
get into your cell cell network
exactly what better absorption
so take that with the Congo to
those who work better the next
water water everybody especially
the ladies out there are more
beautiful right so women buy
toner some men do to have to
tighten tone in soften the skin
and guess what they don't have
to my children anymore with a
touch of a button we simply make
our own tony is with you to
instantly changes slightly
acidic it acts as an astringent
to tighten tone and stuff in
this game so people can make
their own donors right here from
the comfort of their kitchen so
remember that you always we just
showed little while ago to the
strong out of water for
sterilizing and disinfecting
which that's why they've been
used in hospitals in Japan for
over 30 years so that's how you
make the strong acid water just
touch that button right there in
here there's a little salt take
remember I said earlier to make
those two lawyers you add salt
electricity and water and that's
also how we make the eleventh
Five Guys remember we're
splitting making one alkaline
water one acidic water so when
you press the 2.5 but the
opposite is the 11.5 and that's
what we showed everyone how we
clean the produce so imagine you
can have those two waters and
you now can get rid of every
chemical cleaner in your home
you know the harmful chemical
toxins that are actually you
know harming people from
breathing those chemical Datsuns
so with those two waters you can
go green and just use those now
for cleaning your entire home
like I do my home I'm sure like
you do right you can make the
water that's exactly the same
time so the 2.5 comes out of the
windows and 11.5 comes out of
the top post exactly this is the
only machine to receive the gold
seal WQA Water Quality
Association under NSF standards
that's why you sad to see our
technology and restaurants and
spas in commercial use so I
think like you like me I want
the best for my health right for
sure and I think they do out
there to lobby thanks for that
demonstration it really helps
explain some of the special
properties of this water I'm
just glad I had an open mind and
was willing to try it now want
more people to learn about this
amazing machine what do you have
to lose yourself and your loved
ones a favor try to water just
try to water talk to the person
who gave you this video and
they'll help you get some free
water drink it share it with
your family
give some to your pet's read
doctor McKnight's book asked
see for yourself just have an
open mind and an open mouth it
really is the right thing to do
and now the National has offices
across the us- and for my
Canadian friends Vancouver and
the new office in trouble and
they keep opening offices in
other countries around the world
if you know people anywhere this
is the perfect time to try some
Kangen water this is Elvis
Stojko saying thanks Bobby Dr
McKnight stand Jason and thank

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