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hello again everybody is Joe and
my apologies again for taking so
long since my last entry like
secure balls and thanks for
hanging in there with me you
know it's kind of interesting
new chapter because it's been
nearly a year it's just shy of
years since I started this whole
project and you've been
following from the beginning you
know that that I had some pretty
grand ideas and what this is
going to be a mess and I think
perhaps I'm realistically i may
have had a slightly higher
expectation for myself after
year of this then has come to
pass for a lot lots of different
pieces not the least of which is
the fact that i have been
largely inconsistent in
following the protocols the
second myself but there was a
period where eyes on the Paleo
diet that wasn't the only on
Valentine's i'm kinda semi
Hillier diet mountain with some
girls i was taking the gilenya
early every day and I was often
seen you for a while back on it
so hard to say what kind of
effect plus or minus that may
have had on i was going to
physical therapy fairly
regularly and then stopped for a
while because then i still
haven't done yet because the
number of factors including
possibly some seasonal affective
disorder is a death in my family
every are not close to me and so
that sort of took a bite out of
things so that all in
I'm a huge weight loss last year
and then recently new
relationship which is fantastic
but has also been something
that's kind of fragmented my
focus here in there even though
the woman involved with TC
behind you Jody say hi
it's fantastic that in terms of
supporting my endeavors making
sure I'm getting appropriate
paleo foods and healthy fruits
and vegetables and so forth so
having spent a bumper year to
say the least
that said I'm happy and so let's
see if we can figure out why
necks so i started this
September's 15 2011 and about 90
days into it we had this episode
and physical therapy again seems
to be like less fatigue or do
something that supposed to burn
so as I said that was about
three months in and everything
was going to me I thought it was
a every reason to think that by
this point i would be walking
now after that initial episode
the Walker um I was not able to
reliably repeat that trick i was
able to do it again several
times but not in a way that i
can bank on it was kind of like
had a strike while the iron is
hot so there was this feeling
that the therapy was happening
happening very sawtooth
haphazard way that I really
never much control but I kept it
up now about a hundred and
eighty nine days into the
process we had this happen
that's much better
and so that was until recently
anybody the last real kind of
WoW moment where I can
concretely say that something is
changing and then what i was
doing whatever I was doing in
that time was having some sort
of positive effect that was day
1 89 I'm coming up on you know
take 340 and there haven't been
a plethora of other wow moments
like that they can point to and
say yeah until last year
how do you feel overall
serving everything
great dinner
Arians you every time he
personally waters he is going
now for the world fit
oh that's bad you will receive a
couple deductions but you gotta
bang comin
well right now this is on six
minutes and you were doing it
yeah it's like 10 minutes
fire that's okay though I mean
that didn't
the time
and so based on that i have to
say that while the progress
hasn't been as rapid as
consistent as i would have liked
there is nonetheless progress
happening and so there's every
reason to continue and i hope
that you take some encouragement
from what he just see reason and
I went into this that needs to
be addressed and that's the fact
that at six or seven weeks ago I
have been experimenting with
marijuana on additional grade
I can honestly say that after
about six or seven weeks of
experimenting with pot that
there does appear to be some
sort of benefits or heard me say
this thing is the sort of thing
before the other stuff so hang
in there with me have
information it's been a year and
I map as i said before seen
couple weeks

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This time I sum up the first year of the project, and show off some new remission video. Thanks for watching. Feel free to leave questions or comments, and I'll do my best to address them in the videos.

This is my diary of progress on the Multiple Sclerosis Recovery Diet, or Paleolithic Diet as it may otherwise be known. Refer to,, or for more information.