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mituna is a Swahili name for the trade
with secondhand clothing
this is big business and i will be alone
more than a hundred thousand tons are
traded by year even for it is look for a
snip of the big market take a look
what looks like a big flea market is in
fact big business the global secondhand
clothing trade has a volume of more than
200 billion dollars annually and can
yellow imports a hundred thousand
tongues of used clothes each year the
biggest market for these clothes in
nairobi in Thai market located in the
heart of Cabarrus lumps Peter Mueller
has been a traitor here for the last 10
years he has specialized in belt is just
about to check his pickles today for
which he paid about 15,000 feelings at a
wholesaler downtown this baby may loosen
or tighten his life because you never
know what exactly you get and whether
some valuable goods are to be found in
battle and yeah we spend 50 lines to
transport the bill from the combined
market to market here we struggle to
make a profit since we don't have
regular customers we only depend on
fossils by google as many when i open
the bill i sort of the belt so that I
knew which item self-conceited
mechanical can get rid of the broken
ones and so Paris anybody's in dramatic
as follows the inputs have created job
opportunities for many like Isaac mutata
whose businesses genes of all types and
what about any of the video formats
which are in high demand because they're
always questionable invalid by customers
of all sixes in ages
mo mo Chara geez i have decided to sell
teens because they are not jobs in kenya
so i decided to try out second-hand
that's why i started i completed my
o-levels but didn't get a job so getting
an occupation was a challenge
amazon myself because they do not really
not like that loads
amazon but it's not just the traders who
benefit from the second-hand business
numerous people quoted employment in
trades which are directly linked to it
just a few meters away from thai market
Elizabeth chain runs a small business
relies entirely on customers who visit
the market very need to have their
purchases repaired i made to fit a yam a
bio finds a clue too big and just them
to make them fit those that find it
short I Anson material if it's small or
8i equally just I also change men's
clothes both knew or repair the
second-hand reconocimiento EnCana's
aapne Nikola
nearly all of the floats in the
second-hand government's trade are
donated to charity organizations in
countries such as Canada UK and the USA
and those who donated them i'm not aware
that their clothes are sold to
secondhand margins and later shift to
african countries the friendly prizes in
the hope to find brands which are
expensive at home also attract foreign
as searching for a bargain beachwear an
evening dress or just for a halloween
costume I was here one time for months
ago I think everyone just has this is a
good place to go to find lots of cheap
clothing so there's definitely feeling a
need here so if we're looking for some
things and there's no place to find them
of course people are going to come but
it is probably distorted to certain
extent that containers are showing up in
Mombasa and flooding the market with
these kinds of clothes but you know you
probably get close for a good price so
that's good and of course the sellers
are making money off of it
I like coming here cause there
that thing's the clothes everything is
cheaper than everywhere
and even I like quality as well quality
is very good
that's why I came here as this point is
sharper the toy market nairobi global
trade displays a rest sense of irony
governments which were donated in the
industrialized world too close for
Africans are brought by Western tourists
and go back to the area of origin work

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Mitumba is the Swahili name for the trade with second hand clothing. This is big business, in Nairobi alone more than 100000 tons are traded per year. Even foreigners look for a snip on the big markets.

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