Subtitles for Dr. Lisa Assante Ph.D. Testimonial on KP Compass Culinary Arts

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high on doctor Lisa signed a
six-year professor and chairman
Department of Hospitality
and resort management at the
university US Florida I was an
early adopter
KP education systems for my
comedy thing production class
I was looking for products that
would help me
inspire students to learn beyond
the traditional classroom walls
when I switch to Katie campaigns
I employ the flight fashion
and I the reason I did this was
because I had a home economics
kitchen facility as opposed to a
commercial kitchen
to teach money defense which is
been a nightmare my hopes were
to have the students
actually teach themselves the
material prior to entering the
lamb leaving more time for us to
fabricate products and get that
actual hands-on experience
what actually occurred in the
clashing with unbelievable on
the students to take
responsibility and ownership
learning the material and the
entire learning process
near excited enthusiastic me
watch the videos
thing where inspired to go out
and buy food products and to
practice night handling skills
and to you make sauces and soups
and different things
and they wanted to come to lab
and challenge me which is
as an educator when you were
able to see that haha moment and
his students are connecting
and linking them to realize that
are provided in a text back to
a real environment missus
exciting that's what we all
strive for
and so I've never seen anything
like this in my entire higher
life and obviously I am a very
big fan what nine is currently
doing to change the face of
higher education
any his product really captures
all levels and students but
especially the lower level
achievers hey hand this system
adapts can create an
individualized learning
environment to help them learn
and retain the material
city dean at subject matter
mastery any
inspires them to go back and
reread the material because they
mastering so they're better
prepared for class
currently I'm doing research
with nine and with a graduate
and we're connecting learning
theories me
a.m. abundant assessments hands
item response theory and
adaptive learning and
in higher education for
hospitality specifically and
we're trying to connect the link
up our our hospitality education
truly learn we were ready to
move in with me
yet subject matter mastery has
and retention has it's
and retention has increased it's
because we combined experiential
based education
in creating a learning
environment where it was learner
century teaching
an I'm their content
it wasn't just about the content
and we're providing buy it was
the entire learning process
somewhere even students
personalities were support
in both the personalized online
environment as well as the live
environment which is pretty
I am thrilled to be working with
their newest technology which
is hand going to allow me to
author NU's
certain set of authorship tools
to create my own mastery modules
in the fall I'll be teaching a
strategic leadership class and I
have any intentions
and creating have an online
textbook to you re May 23 on
teaching for strategic
leadership I am
beyond enthusiastic about how
this is going to have a positive
impact on my students and the
content that they're going to
take with them
when I create care managers tool
box from their leaders
toolbox me leave at the end of
the semester I think it's gonna
have a significant impact on my
and on the students obviously
ultimately as an educator I am
seeking to find
ways to get students to learn
and master the material in a
different fashion
and if you can tell already
actually believing KP products
and am compelled to campaign for
what nine and his team are doing
working with him has
honestly been a huge benefit to
my students and to me personally
and I've learned a lot and
because in the relationship that
we have
with the products and with the
support systems and service
thanked AP education systems
provides I'm become a much more
effective educator

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Dr. Lisa Assante PhD at Department Chair at the University of West Florida Hospitality, Recreational & Resort Management talks about the effective learning outcomes experiences with her students using KP Compass Culinary Arts Educational System.

She and her MBA student assistant Lea Young took the contents of KP's Culinary Arts curriculum and selected the modules that are necessary to fulfill the goals of HRM 3110, Quantity Foods Production and further customized it using the KP Compass LMS. Students engage in this online learning system to master content through a series of knowledge checks using adaptive learning technology, abundant assessments and IRL (Item Response Theory). The system adapts and creates an individualized experience for every student.

They experience remarkable improvements in both retention and rich classroom experience, enabling them to employ the "flipped" classroom model of learning.