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hi my name's ever hang in this
is Ray charen 1101 interview
marketing we're sorry
tell me about yourself well
I was born in Philadelphia
Pennsylvania a graduate Roman
Catholic High School
2011 annum presently a sophomore
at Temple University factual
and my major is a carry I'm I
think I can be successful
as any Karen because I have
strong analytical reasoning
and a good core values and X
Alysha as we can present
anchored understated
and do everything re-cap per as
a great preparations
arm I L I just recently obtained
a injured nine internship but a
part time job
with TRG Karen as a bookkeeper
Eric every Burke
are this case we could
experience and I think along
a strong GPA this will allow me
and hopefully
in the year together in the
church it with with the big
were carrying troops Cooper
I would like to work her I guess
there's a big were carried her
and read get max EPA a
gain couple years a very
notebooks period alright
later I would like to get where
she remarried and
which around 32 are
work with the business from the
inside out into all areas
financial rather than just the
county and
with that I would like that if
we start through construction
a for me well %uh a significant
your well I think a significant
accomplishment mind which we're
excited it Richard
back to college in it at 13 or
rejected at Lock Haven
upon graduation yet 11 and
are felt like it wasn't for me
in a cherished you know I want
at my email
Aaron where construction and
this is our
especially great that nineteen
years old making
rye and barley aired axis make
the same and I enjoyed it
where where large of stock there
so I needed to get back
it to learn but I wasn't sure
what I want where
or what I wanted it do it action
show up
I choosing attended community
Arabic of it
ATT September 2012 and in my
second semester the
I measure Erie County Fair air
Akbar this is what I would do it
very well only
can actually and act I know but
and no I consider this a
significant others who could
actor made an early release and
renew sorry for
pressure Wall Street Journal I
read-back only 20 per share
of people who draft drive at a
college return back
and then even if their issue
with her back more serious
so I think tornado my estimate a
significant challenge me is that
I return
alright in the future Murray no
significant experience will be
thing it learning place
for an early class that would be
used all track you sure my
well help me make right correct
senators is the BCG matrix and
the BCG Misick
tissue without market growth the
market share are
market share is different so as
and March
a portion of the market a
product it is a shareware
controls and very is
if the market is presently
rightly were airfares
sure your state to state but the
BCG matrix is made up are
short KL
question working at all you know
all be that show something to
you best in your
I'll be reviewing air good
market is very true
it other hand look like it's
going to grow
aired you don't eat so much for
the market so you back to
completed go you may wonder go
back and reevaluate
hey go about things because you
know united in 20
on exhale would be a company
that you control good portion of
the market
you you may contract it you're
doing well
what market Peregrine so your
no you know you're going to me
you you
tree if you're okay with that
that is great but if you wanna
make more
maybe event that in other areas
is and as the bread and butter
if you invest in a star
your doing well market's growing
already control good portion of
it you're making maury
with and potentially make a
whole lot more and a question
is it can be a own room we're
you commuter more you you don't
know which way to work with you
to grow your new
I was in the market you're going
to control your not sure your
you take a group chair
merit based in vector with this
company's a
take a very low her name hear
this I
bigger impact it would be
question were in the PCT me sick
arm this is all very helpful it
if your company here you have
shredded what do your homework
if you're looking
super-secret personal bastard
starting with do
%um came take the company here
and show and much
the market share rooted obtain
in a fight that a major
this I architecturally

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This is a mock interview assignment for Temple University HRM 1101 course.