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i know i don't know if this is
gonna focus on me but whatever
and I guess we're going to be
getting ready to go somewhere
not for sure yet
my sister's house right now but
I switched over to her for a
walk and talk
her phone because mine is broken
but up get you guys whatever
wherever we are planning to do
but yeah all my clothes is just
kind of stuff in here so i'm
gonna get ready
we just got everybody getting
ready in here
everybody getting ready yeah
something's happened to my mom's
neck and she's like seeing a
doctor and going to have some
physical therapy down but I
can't decide what I want to wear
and no possibly just like
t-shirts George because it is so
ok yeah I'm video going so well
all right well well you know
someone here to fix my sisters
all garage over
oh that's her dog si si si
there's a truck out there
there is a work truck out there
so get to work track genius
rapsi rock
honey don't do that
so I got to turn this into
something good
sort of side where you want to
chuckles and shorts in my
rafting shirt now see this is
where i work in the summer
so currently working right now
but I took off to take my test
it's gonna take me a while to
get used to doing this because
it's very awkward a blog in
front of people especially
people who don't understand what
I'm doing for my family but this
is for
okay here so you but ok so
probably check in my hair - that
was scary
try and entice you can special
can see that but let's find a oh
also my car tore up while I was
down here
it's just been a lot going on
lately huh
browse our past my nursing test
I was so excited to hear that
but I'm yeah my car tore up and
it's gonna cost about five
hundred dollars to fix
so that's just great news um
yeah I guess we're gonna go pick
up my garlic or some Dom but
this visit my sister coming here
to take my nursing test in
Nashville so my sister lives
with her boyfriend
but yeah not very exciting
- hey except for the fact that i
passed under sink this so I'll
just keep updating your
throughout the day it's going to
end at the bear with me just
starting to general bloch and
but i really just want to
capture my life because I
watched the Shaytards and be a
first-year block for forever
CTFxC I just love locks of love
looking into the people's lives
and seeing other day goes ups
and downs whatever I just want
to just share a lot a little bit
so I'm going to that training to
run to the car and rain
oh my gosh
yeah ok let's go
can help
cool I hope they fix my car and
didn't didn't you
let's go find out
my name i really keep it for
about 9 45
ok so what now did he do to it
alternator battery and a new
I'll take your battery well and
and lungs have a bright now the
show can i get a break down for
state senator and the good
ford is Romania cars mess
Bonnie crank
pulling into a parking lot
the car is working so for still
can't believe that it was the
most often dollars GE man
i'm back at my sister's house
now that it's not going some
goldfish gonna go hungry
I think we're gonna go out and
eat later
so and then I got to drop all
the way back home
lock up three hours away sorry I
keep looking at myself instead
of the camera
it's going to take some getting
used to but my car is fixed so
that's great and I'm just I'm
just so excited that I passed my
nursing test gel and we'll keep
talking about in this video but
i just found out today that i
did but um I will let you know
where we go and eat
I'm just I'm happy that the past
I'm glad my car's fixed
yeah now we're going to berries
which is if my poor car makes it
but have it's a really expensive
restaurant and we hope that we
have enough money to and take my
bra off day for it going to get
a stain
that's an old washer muscles you
told me to dress nice and
not all nice stuff so what
happened to your way out they
got a kids menu
hello ok so we gotta kill time
we actually got Tom and Donald
that no but look at all this is
what I chose to wear and not
I would
yeah that's so good to hear ok
so let's kill some time in
at present you have to have a
little bit yes i'm not one of my
head around it
no i think i presentable it's a
pretty good
and I want to make it open in
the bathroom
your hand under her but I don't
have any time I think he saw me
log in you know what to think so
this is my first experience
blogging out in public i hope i
would reduce it to go to a nice
wow I don't know what's
we got people on everywhere on
the side of the curb but that
make up um girl get it girl get
it right
I don't mind I shoulda had to
look at the Stars
you can you pick up outside i'm
ok i have a spaz Maria about the
specimen my rib
no I didn't they put it up we
have to get it when the pool
opens I don't like open to the
right to the right let's get in
the car we're gonna be like
was this like this
five years later by the fabulous
this is where we find a parking
here on way apartments gotta
walk down this heel
we have to be ready for all the
way up here and there's no
parking spots
she set up to pick up myself
I'm gonna kill myself that's
gonna be me know we can we know
to draw a girl
this crap oh my gosh no it's for
no it's from and we getting him
ok my country fealty
it's dark in here engine
our party's already seniors
thank you
probably really give you
something so strange
you're gonna make you better
than you know you gotta make
with Plato -
almost got a hold on you got to
take pictures and yes everybody
the other camera
rebel xt hardware level
well yeah thnkx about so much
like your picture
like your picture someone's in her it seriously
someone's in her it seriously
so no
senior we've got Josh Brown
fresh bread and wine
so we're finished done
um then I'll i ended up getting
like that for life's take it was
thanks to my sister and her
boyfriend now we're going to
drop back they want to stay
another not at her house are
this dark out here but i'm
blogging public
this is really awkward I don't
know how great this blog is
going to be I'm just trying to
edit it whenever I get home
there's some light and hopefully
I've enjoyed my day of
there's a bar I've had so much
I dread going back home josh
we'll see what the future holds
and as far as like jobs and
stuff goes from our nursing last
things but I've had amazing tom
there's a little kid playing
house that
yeah it's been great and fun
I'm so appreciative of the
support a half of my family and
yeah come on group
come on group come on
oh my gosh this here's the late
my car door open
get in the car what weapon
number will yell but with it
into the equipment to school
thank you thank you ever gonna
hmm how to go to kroger and get
my verizon card because my
verizon card is gonna go out by
midnight blue
starting to rain
well guys into the block and
enjoyed about to edit this video
just to see how it's coming
all right hey guys i hope you
enjoyed the video if it's not
the best blog in the world and
so sorry but i enjoyed today and
I hope you did too and subscribe
comment like whatever you want
to do - and i'll see you guys in
the next video
don't you love this insulate how
awesome is the slow mo
I know right

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