Subtitles for Case Western Reserve University Alumni House

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allow I'm Leon y their Alumni
House Manager
and I'll be escorted you through
the store when entering the for
your home
give you the grand staircase in
plaque honoring the bag Gamma
Delta fraternity
for their ongoing commitment to
the Alumni House good
here right in the floors down
matter may be rounded
this room is used as the common
area for alumni faculty
staff instant they can be
transformed into an event venue
to accommodate 50 to 75 guess
through French doors
the living room is the boardroom
this areas mainly used for
meetings and networking event
but can serve as an extension at
the living room for private
parties receptions
and make their to accommodate a
hundred-plus guess when the
greatest amenities in the Alumni
is the fully equipped kitchen
and pantry which provides guests
and carers with an area for food
preparation and storage
the library features vintage
Case Western Reserve University
as well as alumni in Stafford
literature this area the house
is used for the common space as
well as the time capsule for
case artifacts
ok you may also view rendering
that the mental at Alumni Center
in this room
which is scheduled for
groundbreaking the 2014 this
center will be located
adjacent to the house and will
provide an additional nine
thousand square feet for a bit
the partners occupied by the
Alumni House assistant during
business hours
in as the main contact broadcast
the coat room provides a large
area for guess coat them
event equipment in staging area
for caters this conclude your
toward the Case Western Reserve
University Alumni House
please come back and visit with

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Title: Case Western Reserve University Alumni House
Speaker: Kaliya Arnwine
Date: 2013
Location: campus, Case Western Reserve University