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had me like to speak with you I
have something really cool tell
which anti until sometime next
year sound like a marketing
campaign you been involved in
wahines the don't
a.m. very coming out from the
social media agency in 1 I'm
talking about
is a marquee teams are many
brands are continuing to work
and this teenager social context
friend managers marketing
directors across the country
are making plans in reading
budgets for campaigns expect to
sometime next year I was
recently working with the
airline company
I was told that they would buy
this marketing plans were set
clue 2012 really sentenced
here we go again no matter how
much she's market people are
they just don't get it they are
creating these grandiose
marketing campaigns in planning
want to six to 12 months away
does it feel they have some
grassroots social media even
have ideas and plans
as how to integrate social media
into these campaigns a year away
what they're missing is a wall
doesn't work that way anymore
here's an exclusive marketing as
i cn and hi all my clients
because conventional wisdom
out the window futures realtime
marketing that is now flash
and relevant realtime Marketing
is engaging
realtime Marketing his
communicative it's alive and
that's what today's wired
consumer wats
I'm ask you something I want you
to tell me which is the
statement about the say
has been predicted plan for or
even spoken out
and more rooms across America a
year ago what
did anyone have any idea that
the saint louis cardinals will
make a miraculous turnaround
and win the World Series to with
anyone now the camper bashing we
get married
and the wars after just 79 days
that anyone now that wall street
would be occupied by a bunch of
kids who won the change the
I would venture with may be
getting ahead that the car crash
in marriage Woodworth
there was some and ohio saw them
any of the other things
when you're planning your 2012
marketing six months ago
but he's arguably the biggest
news stories of the past month
and people talking about the
stores all over the internet
more than likely
you want you're busy texting a
dusty marketing plan created
and you didn't have the
flexibility creativity or
ability to engage with
prospective customers
about stories that they are
interested in you were too busy
trying to get to know issue
as you completely miss the
opportunity to speak to them
about what matters to them
you miss the opportunity to
speak to people in real time
you missed them now moment you
missed a chance to be there when
they had something to say
this is not about moving proctor
pushing campaigns on people or
even watching products
it's about creating in Ford's
increasing engagement
and substantially enhancing your
relevance and you missed it
I suggest the brand managers and
marketing director start working
very closely
had a margin the perspective and
preparing themselves
the so she were often engaging
in real time
there's a lot going on in the
world right now and people are
when the about who won the big
game last night how much fun the
conference going to be tonight
when the NBA's gonna get their
act back together the only
question is what are you going
to do to be apart these
and how real time our printer
for you smack dab in the middle
what is relevant to your
customer best
remember this cardinal rule of
communication know your audience
and reach out to them where they
wahines the good

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Description | In this video we talk about how you can capitalize on the opportunities afforded you in real time.

Social media puts you in a position to speak directly to your customers about things that THEY are interested in when they are interested in them.

You can amplify your affinity and influence by being relevant and participating and engaging in the social media conversation.